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  1. That's all Folks! I may have one or two more stragglers I'll post later. Let this thread sit here till about the end of the week. If you see something you like, feel free to message me privately. Sure we can work something out. Thanks!
  2. Weird Tales, not sure of the date and do not want to scroll through mycomicshop to figure it out.. VF $50
  3. Weird Tales Dec. 1939 GD, Front cover is half detached from the spine. $20
  4. Air War Summer 1944 GD+ This So underrated in my opinion. Such a classic. $400 priced because I wouldn’t mind keeping this.
  5. Thrilling Mystery Mar. 1937 GD+ piece of tape on the bottom spine Such a rad cover $250
  6. Ten Detective Aces Aug. 1933 FN+/VF, such a cool one. Great shape for the year. SOLD
  7. Detective Fiction (Formerly Flynn’s) Nov. 1941 VF, good gloss on this one. Could be pressed and make it look even better. SOLD
  8. Yo check out some of these books I’m selling. I don’t really want to sell them because I’m in love with them. However house stuff is important too. The Books: - Mostly horror/detective pulps. Majority with some sort of skeleton on the cover. I hate to see them go but I have to move them. Priced fair as the market for these has been gradually climbing. Make me an offer via PM’s. Some Rules:   No PL/HOS members The first "take it" posted in the sales thread wins. If we reach a deal via PM, I'll mark books SOLD in the thread as soo
  9. I mean just look at it! How do you not jump all over this classic cover? This will go great with the rest of my skull pulps!