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  1. I got down to the last 10 issues of the last box and found these two copies. It was just amazing, especially as I had no recollection of buying either one of them! I have heard a lot of stories like this, and that makes collecting fun. But this is the first time anything like that has happened to me! That second copy looks really high grade after a press . 8.5 or better , anyone ?
  2. Well , I am going by real estate rates which are like 6-7% . Altogether , would be paying 35% on HA . No way I am doing that . Anyway , I am unfollowing this thread as I am not interested in getting into a debate with you guys . Bye bye .
  3. Ok , so I guess the BP is never negotiated ? I heard this before of course , that the fee is negotiated . I was assuming it was the BP . Did not know there was a SP . Sounds like the seller is stuck with a 20% commission no matter what .
  4. Never sold anything on auction . There is a first time for learning everything .
  5. Whoa , this part I did not know ; that the seller is paying an additional "Seller's Premium" as well . That is just insane to me .
  6. The buyer is paying what he is willing to pay based on supply and demand . Everyone pays tax and shipping . This is fair market value . The seller is paying 20% commission . If the seller wants to go and now buy the same book back , he has lost his buying power . It is the seller that is getting hurt . I am just explaining the facts . I don't want to get into any argument here and I don't see the need for one, I have just tried to be helpful to let you understand the facts , that is all . P.S. When you bid at HA , what you will pay is already displayed . There are no surprises when you
  7. Buyers pay what they are willing to pay based on supply and demand . Seller pays commission .
  8. I always assume when people say FMV , they are talking about GoCollect or GPA data . On youtube channels that is what people mean at least . FMV is just what people are willing to currently pay . As for Overstreet guide , I have no idea what they are talking about . It seems to me those prices are what dealers would be willing to pay for a not slabbed comic . Again , I think gullible sellers are the target here .
  9. When I first started out , I had this confusion too . But is not correct . The buyer is buying at fair market value . The seller is the one getting burned . Let's say FMV is $500 ( as per GoCollect ) . You are likely to get the book at $500 . The seller however is only getting $417 ( 20% less for commission) . I don't know why they call it "buyer's premium" . I think it is a marketing gimmick to hide the fact that the seller is getting burned . It is just commission that seller has to pay .
  10. I was comparing this copy to others on the site ( sold items ) and the footnote area actually looks larger on this supposedly trimmed copy . I can't tell that it is trimmed .
  11. Well I am talking about long term and my feeling is that all the stuff I have will multiply in value due to strong legacy . Of course , it would be really disappointing if the comics market totally crashed one day and nobody cared about it anymore . I think I was interested in what other people think and if there is anything that really compelled me to sell . I think the answer is no . Anyway , thanks for the interesting discussion everyone .
  12. Good point . Basically I am fine either way but looking for some financial justification for going one way or the other . Even though I don't like selling my comics , I still want them to appreciate in value . So is there an investment advantage to holding AF 15 vs holding the ones I have . That part I am not clear on . If there is no advantage , I prefer holding what I have .
  13. I would really like to start putting some runs together but I keep getting distracted by keys and other opportunities . I wish I has some focus , so many choices out there .
  14. No I have a large collection , I was just giving example of some .