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  1. I was thinking around $40 sounded like a reasonable cut. 13,000 books is crazy. What is even crazier is that CGC has the staff to grade all of those so quickly. I have no idea how long it takes to grade but I would assume a minimum of 10 minutes. They must have prioritized these books over other submissions.
  2. I wonder how many submissions Todd ended up signing and what his cut was for each book.
  3. I should have mentioned I also had it pressed and signed by Michelinie before selling it, so i had an even bigger loss.
  4. Amazing Spider-Man #300 CGC 9.6 for around $800 last year, which I then sold last month for around $600.
  5. I have never considered the Punisher a "secondary character." In the 1990s he was just about as popular as Wolverine.
  6. Final bump for a price drop to $162 before moving to eBay. Will not be able to ship until 12/23 or 12/26.
  7. Price drop to $445. Final bump before moving to eBay. If anyone purchases, I will not be able to ship until 12/23 or 12/26 and after.
  8. Thanks. It's my favorite in my collection because the story is so good and I'm a big Gwen Stacy fan. My goal was to eventually get the other two in the story line, especially #33, but I can't really justify that when I have a new roof I need for my house!
  9. The slab has some small newton rings in the center of it over Spidey's head. First gets the book. You can PM me as well. Pricing: I've tried to price it at the low end of recent eBay sales. Payment: I accept paypal or bitcoin. Shipping: Free shipping within 24 hours by USPS Priority within the United States. Returns: I will accept a return if you notify me within 2-3 days of receipt. My Kudos Thread
  10. First gets the book. You can PM me as well. Pricing: $180. I've tried to price it at the low end of recent eBay sales. Payment: I accept paypal or bitcoin. Shipping: Free shipping within 24 hours by USPS Priority within the United States. Returns: I will accept a return if you notify me within 2-3 days of receipt. My Kudos Thread
  11. Apparently I've been a member of the PVC for over 30 years and never realized it until I decided to inventory my comics this year. I have no idea how I obtained mine, but probably bought it from my LCS in the mid 80s. Crazy that this random comic is the rarest in my collection now. Was going to put it on eBay but can't even figure what to price it at so I guess I'll just hold onto it.
  12. So many issues from Invincible to choose from...
  13. I think any book under 9.8 should have grader notes. Obviously the grader has identified some type of defect that detracts from a 9.8, and is the reasoning for the lower grade. I am assuming that defect is documented somewhere, so how much harder can it be to export that note to the grader notes? I don't know anything about their software so many it is more time-consuming than I realize, but if it is, they should update their software. It cant be difficult to type a single sentence in one system and have that mirrored to another report. And it is a feature every single one of their members would appreciate.
  14. Yeah, and the thing is you can't do it the other way around - sign up for membership when you see the books marked received and then get the discount when invoiced. You have to be a member on the day you submit and the day you invoice. If you have a membership now that you solely use for grading, it doesn't make any sense to renew until right before you plan to submit books. As I said I was going to do in another thread six months back, I let my premium membership expire until they fix the newton rings issue.
  15. 5 books submitted at Heroes Con for Grading Modern + Pressing Modern on 6/24/19. Marked Received by CGC on 10/11/19 and shipped to me on 10/23/19. My subscription renewal ran out before the books were received so I ended up having to pay full price. I think if you submit the books while a member you should be invoiced for the member discount based on date of submission.
  16. Truer words. Look at the /r/comics subreddit and all of the original art that people are posting there. Much of that stuff is from kids who aren't even out of college yet, and it blows away anything Liefeld has ever done. None of those kids will ever be published, even though they deserve to be. I had dreams of being a comic book artist in my youth and the first thing I learned from all of my courses was that you learn general form and perspective first. That is why those "how-to" guides always start out with a few connected circles and end with something amazing. I am convinced Liefeld starts out just drawing hundreds lines everywhere and then goes back and tries to connect everything. I was the biggest Liefeld fanboy growing up and still have about 100 of his books in my collection, and somehow never realized how terrible they all are until I was an adult. I'm sorry, I have to log out now and stay off CGC for at least a week or I will spend hours just railing on the guy in this thread. Maybe when I log back in Liefeld will have delivered on his six year old Brigade Kickstarter
  17. If I were to start drawing comics for Marvel, you could also describe my art as "unique." It would be the most "unique" of any Marvel artist in history. I disagree he had a huge impact on the art form. An impact on the industry - yes. On the art form? No, unless he showed artists what not to do. He absolutely should be, for the simple fact that he has had THIRTY YEARS to grow and develop as an artist and he still posts garbage. He gets work now because his name carries weight, not his art. Look at the awful art in Major X and the Action Comics variants from this year. He STILL has not learned perspective. How is it possible to get worse as an artist in thirty years? And he deserves to be crapped on more than ever for the way he acts on Twitter and his shady business tactics. Remember the Spider-Man/DeadPool 47 fit he threw? That was all because he wasn't hoarding 500 copies of that issue in his closet. All he cares about is money.
  18. Overstreet is wrong, because value is subjective and I can guarantee you that you will get significantly more on eBay with the tatooz than without.
  19. Results are in. Congrats on everyone who correctly predicted it. At least it didn't drop in grade. Was going to add McFarlane's sig but unfortunately an emergency roof repair is going to force me to part with it.
  20. Accept Paypal, Venmo, and Bitcoin. Free Priority Mail shipping within US for orders over $50. For orders under, shipping is $7. Will provide full refund if not satisfied with condition of book once received. My Kudos Thread If anyone wants to see the backs of any of these images just let me know and I'll update the thread. Batman 428 (Death of Robin) - CGC 9.0, White Pages - $ Buffy the Vampire Slayer #1 (2019), 1:50 Bartel Sketch Variant - CGC 9.8, Signature Series - Signed by Jen Bartel - $75.00 Carnage: It's a Wonderful Life - CGC 9.4, White Pages - $50.00 Batman: The Dark Knight Returns #4 - CGC 9.6, White Pages - $65.00 Infinity Gauntlet #1 - CGC 9.6 - $60.00 - Sold GI Joe #21 - CGC 4.5, White Pages - $20.00 (You can own one of the lowest graded issues in the census!) - Sold Magnus Robot Fighter #12 - CGC 9.6, White Pages (First Appearance of Turok) - $60.00 Spawn #1 - CGC 9.6, White Pages - $45.00 Spawn #1 - CGC 9.4, White Pages - $40.00 Spawn #9 - CGC 9.6, White Pages - $40.00 Symbiote Spider-Man #1 (2019), McFarlane 1:100 Variant - CGC 9.6, White Pages - $70.00 Wolverine #1 (1988) - CGC 9.6, White Pages - $70.00 Wolverine #1 (1988) - CGC 9.2, White Pages - $40.00 X-Force #11 - CGC 9.8, White Pages (First Appearance of Domino) - $60.00 X-Men #4 - CGC 9.6, White Pages (First appearance Omega Red) - $45.00 Uncanny X-Men #266 - CGC 9.0, White Pages (1st full appearance Gambit) - $160.00 Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 - CGC 9.6, White Pages (1st cameo appearance Gambit) - $80.00 Solar, Man of the Atom #3 - CGC 9.8, White Pages (1st appearance Toyo Harada) - $170.00
  21. Well that's disappointing. I have five books with them from 6/24 that are still marked as "Received." I also have a modern submitted through Desert Winds to CCS under Fast Track Press in May that I don't have back.