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  1. I can't wait until Spawn 306 when we get an #inception homage of an homage. You have some really awesome covers leading up to this, like 292 and 295, and then we get 4 homage covers in a row? There's something ironic about a creator proclaiming how great it is to be independent and then pulling 4 covers in three months from Marvel. 5 if you include his February Infinity Gauntlet homage on Spawn Kills Everyone Too.
  2. According to McFarlane, this is only the second independent title to hit 300. 301 will then surpass Cerebus and then be the first to hit 301. Sorry, I quoted Todd incorrectly. He has said that 301 will be the "longest running, creator-owned comic book" as @ygogolak mentioned.
  3. Someone who watched the actual full Instagram video said that this is only a variant cover and they would be releasing the full cover later on? Can anyone confirm/ I love Todd but I can't sit through 30 minutes of hearing him talk about how historic this issue is.
  4. Could there have been a more predictable cover? And you're just going to re-use art from issue 227? I would be fine with this as a variant, but it is boring as the main cover. I'm sure there will be a lot of spec buys but I'll be passing on this issue.
  5. Well that explains why I see it being sold in a pack. Most people asking around $400 for it. Crazy.
  6. Only two ebay sales of that D Le Chat Noir cover since sales opened up. Figured there would be a lot more. How much did he offer it for on his site?
  7. Assuming Desert Winds doesn't mess it up in handling, I would lose faith in CGC if it got a 9.4.
  8. That is a very common printing defect on this book and CGC doesn't count it against the book at all when grading this issue.
  9. Yes, it has pretty significant Newton Rings. Every book I have from CGC has Newton Rings. I just live with them. Sending it off to Desert Winds now to get Michelini. I'm selling my original ASM 300 6.5 to pay for the sig and submission. Hoping for a gift 9.8. Will let you guys know results in a few months.
  10. Why do so many people have Romita Sr sign this book? I have checked all over the databases and he doesn't appear to have had anything to do with it. I realize he was a popular illustrator on silver age spideys, but he's not a creator and I don't get why he is added to this book so often.
  11. Thanks all. I think I'm going to press and resubmit and see what happens. I'll probably add Michelinie too since Desert Winds has an upcoming signing with him and today is the submission deadline. Too bad there is no word on McFarlane this year.
  12. I'm trying to figure out if my book has any potential for a 9.8 with a press. The only grader notes are "very light spine stress lines break color." The book was graded in June 2018. I see from the CGC scale a 9.6 has "several minor...handling defects" and a 9.8 has "negligible handling defects." I know a press won't help with stress lines that break color, but I'm wondering if the fact that they are very light (I can't even see them at all when looking at the book) means I could possibly improve the book slightly with a press and then get lucky with another grader to get a 9.8. Also, as shown in the cover picture, there does appear to be a 1mm length tear on the top left corner spine. I'm also considering having it signed by McFarlane and Michelinie and then pressed. Unfortunately my scanner added a bunch of dust artifacts or something, which makes it look like the book is covered in scratches, but the pictures should at least give a good view of the spine. Thanks for any help!
  13. Unrelated but does anyone know of an upcoming appearance by him? Been trying to get a book signed for awhile and haven't been able to find any appearances the last couple months I've been checking.
  14. Wow, even the Overstreet guide has variants?!
  15. There are many instances in ASM where Parker is a complete jerk. I know he's upset in this scene, but I can't imagine ever saying this to someone even in grief. Not as bad though as the time he hit a pregnant MJ during the clone saga. Great panel for showing MJ's true character though.
  16. Thanks for the replies. I must have just coincidentally been looking at the exceptions and not realized that the quotes was the rule.
  17. I wasn't really sure what forum to put this in, but on the Amazing Spider-Man CGC Label they list the note as: "Death" of Gwen Stacy What is up with the quotes? They don't appear to use this on other character death notes. I have read through most of the Spider-Man series and, as far as I know, this was the actual death of the character. She was never brought back to life or discovered not to have died. There have been clones of her, but that shouldn't affect the status of the actual Gwen Stacy. Am I wrong on my Spidey history and ASM 121 wasn't her actual death? Or is this just something weird CGC did on this label?
  18. Can you not use media mail for comics anymore?
  19. Is that mycomicshop company an option? I would love to sell my 90s and 80s commons if I could get fifty cents a piece.
  20. I have never been to FCBD. It looks like it was designed to get kids into comics. Since I am a long time collector, would it not be appropriate for me to go and ask for free comics? Should I save those for the people it was designed for? Or will my LCS not care?
  21. I go mainly for charity. I like the owner and I want his store to succeed and for him to do well, and he's a really nice guy. But I have been going less and less. Retailer incentive variants are always priced at the ratio, so a 1:100 incentive will be in his shop for $100 that I can get on ebay for $70. He offers a discount on new issues, but it's not as much as Midtown. Keys are pretty expensive too. I paid $80 for an old issue of ASM in mediocre condition because I wanted to buy something, then some it was half that price on ebay.
  22. Since you mentioned you were new to slabbing, I just wanted to warn you to not be surprised when your "looks like 9.8" book comes back as a 9.0, especially if it has been stored in a polybag. This is a hard realization that many first time submitters, including me, face on their first submission. My 4.0. GI Joe 21 is testament to that. Feel free to post high quality images of it in the Please Grade My forum if you would like some opinions before sending it in.
  23. All that white space and good ol' Stan just goes right across the crotch. Classic. no one will want this book with a purple label so I wouldnt do any restoration. I can't get a good look at the stain. Campbell has a huge signature. I wonder if you could window pane to the stain area and have him "cover up" the stain with his sig. I don't know if cgc frowns on something like that though. What were the other defects listed in the grader notes?