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  1. Hey all, I have about 500 book collection and growing. A few years ago I went in search of a catalogue/data base software to keep track of the details of each issue. Didn't really find anything I liked- stuff was either too simple or too professional, or the image management wasn't what I wanted. Then I stumbled up an app called Recollector. I'm in no way affiliated with the software or receive any reimbursement or even acknowledgement for this review- I'm just digging it so I wanted to share. It works on PC or Mac- I use Mac. You can totally customize your records with windows and drop down menus for numbers dates and text. You can add photos. Your collection will be sortable by any of your defined values. The app will download a file of your entire collection to your smart phone, pictures and all, so you can carry your entire collection with you, which has been very handy at conventions and other buying situations. You can even specify photos to appear on your phone as full screen thumbnails (to save memory space) or hi-res images that you can zoom into. Jeremy- the owner/developer- is amazing. In fact I'm writing this now because I'm so excited about an upgrade he made at my suggestion. I emailed him about a week ago and I just got an email notifying me that the upgrade was available. I downloaded the upgrade and reinstalled the software and presto! A new feature has been added that makes the software fit my needs even more than it already had. I've never had this kind of customer support ever. Theres a ton of other features and video demos- check out the Recollector web page at I've included a snapshot of a blank "index card" that I designed for my collection- in fact I redesigned it last night and all the changes rippled through my entire collection with no problems.
  2. Two things. 1. When I board and bag the books They must be perfectly centered with even amounts of the white backing board showing around the edges. It’s like straightening pictures on the wall. Sometimes I’ll go through entire boxes just to make sure. 2. I use an inventory database software called Recollector (highly recommended), each book gets its own inventory page, and you can totally customize your own template by creating data fields for things like publisher, publication date, amount paid, seller, grade, date purchased etc etc. Anyway I have about 500 books logged. But every once in a while I’ll notice a new detail I want to list that’s not on my current template. So I am compelled to create a new field, which ripples through my entire collection, requiring me go re-examine each book. Right now it’s paper quality. So I’m in the process of going back through my entire collection to assign PQ. I already have PQ listed in a field called “Overall Description”, but the template would be so much cooler with a drop down menu with all the different PQs, giving PQ it’s own little box. It takes forever but it’s fun to go through the books. Burn out inevitably sets in but I can’t stop till it’s done.
  3. This is a PCH book- what page quality to you thing it would receive? Tan/OW? Cream/OW? OW? Thanks!
  4. It's the Cream PQ glaze! I swear the colors on books with cream pages often get that sort of glossy ceramic finish, just like firing a glazed ceramic in a kiln. Maybe they've been baked in a box in someone's garage or attic for years, emerging with a rich, polished patina.
  5. I'll always go the the sight without the 20% buyers premium first, especially since everyone has to charge sales tax now (10% in California). That's a significant above bid chunk.
  6. What is that like 40 something books? Thats quite a run. I've got a bunch, but none from 1-10, just can't find any desireable reader copies that don't look like they're on the verge of disintegration!