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  1. I don’t know that spine’s a little crooked... now this on the other hand...
  2. These Matt Fox Chilling books first got me into pch. 15 is particularly tough- in any shape, but especially in higher grades. 13 is fairly common. My favorite part are the hand trees. Awesome. $9000? I would expect between 4-6, but you can’t argue when it comes to love.
  3. Been wanting one of these for a while, was waiting for a clean color-rich copy. Found one! If not for the chew on bottom corner would have significantly higher grade. One of my favorite Fantastics, love the simplicity and villain in the window. Tempted to de-slab to read the Fletcher Hanks story straight from the source (as opposed to the excellent reprint books which I have).
  4. I THOUGHT I'd seen a Daredevil graveyard before- it might of been this though, which is a bit of a stretch...