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  1. That is a seriously killer Cole horror book- rare in that condition and white pages??? a trophy book to me- so I get the disappointment/frustration/rage.
  2. Wow- what an eye! Great catch! Such an obvious, direct swipe. I wonder if Cole used it intentionally, expecting people to recognize it? Increase sales? Or just lazy...ha ha.
  3. It's actually on my watchlist. I would say $340 plus tax is near the top range of a book in this condition, but the cover is complete with nice colors, PQ seems decent- nice filler book/reader of a cool, very collectable/desirable book. Colors are tricky on this book- the green in the title tends go towards an ugly yellow, this one has a nice solid green.
  4. Dang! Nice book- I'm at work and cant follow the thread "competitively" ha ha
  5. Take again, another beauty and I don't even collect war! "Death March" close enough to pch!
  6. Take- what a great cover! Corpses fire smoke barbed wire red sky and tears- what more do you want?
  7. Is that eastern or estimated....
  8. take! Been waiting for a clean colorful copy of this- love the weird eyeballs and demon faces hidden in the bg. bad acid trip!
  9. A slammin copy! The pinnacle of Cole’s insane color schemes. If I didn’t already have a beauty high grade I’d be pming the fire out of this. 😎