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  1. Damn this batch is even more bad than the first! Satan! Dr. Horror! And perhaps the first appearance of the walking dead???? There's some pretty heavy stuff here- surprised so much precedes the PCH era.
  2. Wow Gene thanks for all the great info!
  3. Definitely not as cool as the killer clowns but a compelling cover none the less edit: Woah! I pulled this out of it's bag to photo and post it, then took the dogs on a walk. Got home, open the door and the whole house reeks! This book smells like ammonia and rotten cardboard! Never had a book smell like this! Looks great though.... gonna hose it down with some lysol.
  4. Yeah I just had to return a total high grade Cole key I've been chasing for years because of unnoticed restoration. I prefer raw also. The seller was totally embarrassed and offered a substantial discount, but I knew I couldn't look at the book the same ever again. Ha ha. But its true. So I returned it. Odd thing is, had I come across the book offered at his reduced price, with the restoration advertised, I probably would have bought it. go figure. But yeah, send it back and wait for another. Also, hold that corner up to the light, you should be able to see the glue if it's a tear seal.
  5. What a beautiful copy! Especially sweet with the PQ. Some of these Star books have colors/inks that are so rich and dense that they appear silkscreened. Major keeper!
  6. Love this book- got 2 completely ragged copies, been looking for an upgrade. Come to daddy! ha ha...
  7. Thats a great book and some great detective work. But I'm not following the outrage. So it seems that he pressed and cleaned it and taped the cover back on? So the issue that he is claiming no repairs while simultaneously pointing out that there's tape? I'd totally buy that book for $38- except I don't buy books with rust on the staples- which he doesn't show in his photos. That's one of the standard questions I ask all sellers- is there any rust or staining on the staples.
  8. Been wanting this book for a while-didn't expect it to be so good inside- great Hollingsworth stuff.
  9. New shirt and book- not from same place. Dig’em both!