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  1. Wanted to get on page 900, here's a nice looking 4.0:
  2. I just want to un-bag these and hold them as one raw stack- is that weird???
  3. Well, according to the Overstreet guide, the highest grade a book can get with a detached cover is 2.5. The cover of this book is re-attached with tape all the way up the interior of both sides of the book. This I believe would qualify as amateur restoration, but I'm not sure to what degree. I estimate the rest of the book was at 7.5 - 8, although I didn't spend much time evaluating it. If a book is higher grade, with one extreme defect, sometimes CGC gives a qualified grade- coupons clipped out, centerfold missing, etc. So my guess would be a Qualified or Restored 7.5?
  4. Absolutely, and took a chance. I've taken chances before and had them pay off fine. Kinda feel I'm always taking a chance with raw books from eBay, win some lose some. But this was so ridiculously egregious.
  5. Here's a doozy. I saw this book on eBay, Witches Tales #8, one of my favorite Harvey covers, and one I've been looking to upgrade for awhile. So this was listed as an "extremely high grade" copy, and looked very nice in the pictures. But I noticed what looked like a piece of tape sticking out from the lower spine. I asked the seller if it was tape and he replied "no tape at all". It obviously looked like tape to me, so I asked him again. He replied something like "Oh I do see tape, not sure why that's there. Its still clear so it seems like it's new." So since he didn't know why it was there, I hoped it was perhaps a small tear or something, maybe i could even remove the tape. Nope. When the book came it was obvious that the entire cover had been separated from the book and reattached with multiple pieces of tape! I immediately sent in a refund request, which the seller responded to immediately, granting my refund- like he was waiting by the computer with crossed fingers. The kicker? The original piece of tape I saw protruding from the bottom of the spine was gone when the book arrived! Busted! So sleazy. Sucks because otherwise its a super sweet book, and I could have lived with a small taped tear.
  6. Thanks- great stuff in there- the Evans story/art is great!
  7. yeah, I was the under bidder on that Mysterious Adventures. I saw that it was the book from the recent CL auction that I also bid on. I was only willing to bid up to the CL sales price because I didn't want to play into his quick-flip. Sorry you didn't get the Beware, such great book.
  8. Arrived today from Heritage. I never really paid much attention to this cover until I saw it in this auction. The color scheme is unique. The weird stiff brutish way the screaming man is drawn, death sprinting after him in that fantastic red cape and the corpses laying on the mountainside. Definitely glad I shelled out the cash. Now I need to find a digitized copy so I can read it!
  9. So well put. I will add the tangible feeling of holding and shifting through them. Also they retain their "mystery" while stacked in our boxes. You have to search the box to find the right one, and along the way you're seeing a bunch of other books too... unlike slabs which have labels on the top edge, making rifling through the box unnecessary.
  10. Exactly my point. And perhaps Mr. Saurez just wanted a thicker book...