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  1. I'm in. All 1 gift - 15 cool stories or art from Zenescope (assume reader copies, if they're better, happy surprise). Graphic novel: No Tomorrow. Graphic novel: The Chronicles of Doctor Death (great read and excellent art, illustrated by the board's very own @kav ). Graphic novel: Doctor Who: Endless Song (10th Doctor)(Because Tennant era Doctor Who is the greatest superhero in the universe and this is a great story). $25 Amazon gift card cuz why not, you guys are awesome Will ship to US or Canada. (Sorry for the out of focus pics, photography is not my thing, but if you want better pics PM me and I'll see what I can do). Happy Holidays!
  2. It's easy, post random numbers and GIFs, @DR.X makes fun of you, and at the end someone might win something, or something.
  3. I haven't been home in about a week, but when I got back, my gift had arrived! Also, recently sent out the box to my person. I'm not very familiar with the era requested, so it was fun searching around for something cool that I do really hope they enjoy. Thanks again @HollyJollyOne
  4. Are you going to allow kinda-noob lurkers (with references if needed) who just want to enjoy fun things on these most amazing boards? We aren't permitted here (If not, is it okay to haunt and lurk? )
  5. ::whispers to @Cocomonkey:: I'll be happy to take your place, but shhh don't tell anyone.
  6. At least the grading contest was fun. Maybe next year I'll be able to get in on this. Note to lurkers, post more if you want to do cool things.
  7. Only the End of the World Again NM+ $10 (Gaiman) -
  8. There is an interesting discussion about it here.
  9. Hooray, my first CGC order finally came in! Here is the timeline: Modern (slow) - 1 Book Submitted via LCS at a Con (no CGC presence) - 5/26 Received by CGC - 7/6 (really LCS, over a month to ship to CGC....not cool) Charged by CGC - 7/10 (no warning, just popped up) Verified by CGC - 7/23 Scheduled for grading - 8/3 Graded - 8/6 Grading QC - 8/9 Shipped - 8/10 Arrived - 8/16 Modern SS (slow) - 4 Books Submitted via LCS at a Con - 5/26 Received by CGC - 7/6 Charged by CGC - 7/10 Verified by CGC - 7/24 Scheduled for grading - 8/6 Graded - 8/7 Grading QC - 8/9 Shipped - 8/10 Arrived - 8/16 My roommate signed for it so I haven't seen them yet. Also haven't checked the grades online. Additional relevant information: Watching and waiting and checking the status every day gets expensive if you detour to the sales threads.
  10. UXM 287 @ 1.50 UXM 291 @ 1.50 UXM 298 @ 1.50 UXM 316 @ 2.50 UXM 318 @ 1.50 UXM 332 @ 1.00 Thanks!
  11. Greetings, Looking for reader copy, not concerned with cover condition so long as the full story is there and can be easily read. No kudos page but I can probably supply a couple of board references if needed. Looking to pay no more than $20 including shipping (continental US). I pay via PayPal only. No HOS/probation list folks, please. Thanks!
  12. Coming to theatres soon Super Troopers 3: Bored Border Patrol
  13. These guys are popular on my local rock station. Had the opportunity to see them live a couple of times. They kind of sound/perform like a weird mesh of Slipknot and Primus (in a good way), so...80s new wave?