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  1. Given that when I was six, I went to a school gathering dressed as Scrooge and with a mask of him, I doubt this would have remained intact in my hands!
  2. I just got a bunch of high grade stuff on auction at low prices (2-4x cheaper than usual). These first two are from a series inspired by the "WALT DISNEY COMICS DIGEST" (the cover from the first edition has the same main illustration of WDCD) . It is a underestimate book by most local Disney collectors, with only the very first editions reaching middle prices and only the first one being expensive. Yet, I got these at lower than usual prices and in HIGH grade! Finding high grade stuff of non US stuff is seldonly easy, especially for stuff prior to the 2000s, or perhaps the 90's (being optimistic) Finding a copy that seems to be in NM as is the case of the 28 is just amazing! It was quite successful at the 70's and 80's, averaging between 300000-350000 printed copies by month in the 70's, which likely places it in 4° place among the most sold Disney books in 75,76. These copies are from 72 and 73 . And if the above title is currently underappreciated, the same cannot be said about the following title! The sales champion of its time, is also the current's day number one title among local collectors! At its prime, it was so successful that got a simultaneous reprint, starting from number one. They keep being alternated on a monthly basis. This is the most easy Disney title to find in High grade due to the high quality material (thick, plasticized cover). Yet, never easy in HG! I just love the covers especially the ones between editions 1-60, ESPECIALLY the ones from 25-45. Luckily, editions after number 20 are not very expensive, and since I got them by prices 2-4x lower than on average, it was a bargain! I first read "Christmas for Shacktown" on the Christmas issue bellow. A few copies I already had in LG, so I couldn't be more satisfied with these findings! Number 26 from 1976: 27 from the same year: n°35 from 78 n°36 (This I already had in low grade) N°37: n°38: n°39: This I already had in Middle Grade. From 79 From the same year: The last one, from 1980. Stained (and with a blurred photo!) but I still like it!
  3. They arrived atone month or so........but better latter than never I guess:
  4. This forum section can also be used to grade trading cards?
  5. I was reading and simultaneously comparing the coloring of the first story of WDCS 85 with the Fantagraphics recent restauration, with Gladstone's one and with a modern one from my country (apparently loosely based on Gladstone's one). Incredible how poor Fantagraphics was compared to the other three. By far the worst one.
  6. From what I saw, they are all from a single seller? If so, that's definitely not a good metric. Go to the Argentinean MercadoLibre. There, I only found TWO copies of El Pato Donald from before 1950, in the last few months.
  7. I have to say: WHERE did you get these gadzukes? They are among the rarest Disney comic books in the world, specially if they are from the 40's. They are also are some of the more influential and important Disney material in the world. Also, If I am not mistake, Argentina was the second country to publish Disney material in a modern comic book format and the first to officially produce Disney stories (with Disney permission). Plus, they are pretty much responsible for development of the Brazilian industry (the founder of the main Disney's publisher in Brazil is the younger brother of the founder of the Argentine publisher) which would became one the biggest producers of Disney stories in the world, and that perhaps reached reached the highest absolute printing numbers of all time.
  8. Yes, but what I do not understand it is... why file copIES. Why not a single file copy? Ok, perhaps two, having one as a backup makes sense, but several....
  9. Some silver age Barks: N°10 N°12 N°13 N°14 N°17 All from 1966
  10. Reading through the topic. Currently on page 112. Fun how some four color covers nearly never show up (and when it does, it is together with many), while others shows up frequently. Also people underestimated the number of mint copies of earlier books.
  11. Thanks dikran1. So the left column has data of the regular edition I suppose. Great condition drwente. Here some covers that were likely done by Napoleão Figueiredo did for the "The Great Duckburg Frog-Jumping Contest" and also for the "The Waltz King". Both from 1981. Some where used in some disney comics from another countries: From Greece and Colombia, 1982 and 93 respectively. There also was three strange, black and white spanish editions of the second cover:
  12. Congrats 50Yrs! It's definitely an astounding book (even though I never read this particular story). And your copy looks particularly taste for its grade. Someone would care to clarify this for me? From WDCS number 4: How is that even possible? Shouldn't always to be more stuff in the right column?