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  1. 3.5 perhaps? About the second question, perhaps half point.
  2. 4.5 or 5.0. Back cover has quite a significant amount of wear.
  3. 5.5 for both, supposing the back cover only has minor defects. Would like to see closer the upper right corner of the FF49
  4. From what I remember, I also go with "A Christmas for Shacktown". Despite the cover, it's really a Uncle Scrooge history, especially after the first couple of pages.. It's an excellent overall history, however the last 4-5 pages could better, definitelly one level bellow the rest of it. If they were on the same level, "A Christmas for Shacktown" would be on tier 1 of the best Barks stories.
  5. Hi, I have a Batman 232 whose grade was considered on the average 3.5 on a post that I opened here: One comment believes in 3.0, the other in 3.5 and one in 4.0 (with a slim chance of 4.5). So I will go with 3.5 on the average List of problems: "First there is writing on the lower right corner of the cover, as can be seen in details on images 3. There is a hole made by an insect close to one of Batman's ear. It's not that big on the cover, but on the front cover is quite noticeable (image 2). The back cover has two big folding marks, something printed on it (don't remember how it's called in English), some stains and some small pieces missing, especially on it's bottom and on the superior left corner There is creases around the lower staple and another one close to the bottom of the spine (image 4). There is smaller creases around the middle of the spine (image 5). On the superior part of the spine, there is small creases close to the staple and a small piece of the cover missing, slight above Batman's hand. Besides that, the spine is rolled and the staples are somewhat rusty. Plus the spine is "dirty" I want $185 plus $15 for shipping (with insurance). So $200 on total. I can do cheaper shipping (can be as low as $3) but I do not recommend it, since it will not have insurance. I can do Ebay, as long as one is willing to pay the extra 10% and ship with insurance. If anyone is interest, please post here or send me a private message. High resolution images, bellow:
  6. From older to new (approximately). The three Shadow Strikes are from week before last though. The rest came from the same place. From 1991: The old left one was missing two pages. From 84 From 76. High quality edition with "book" like paper, high quality coloring and square bound. From 1963. Older than all my previous comics outside one. Only one edition available on our main marketplace! Also from 63 Also from 1962. 0 editions available on our main marketplace! Never saw a copy of this available on online marketplaces. Did not read yet, but seems to be one of best superman stories. Also from 62. Last from 62. Only one edition available in the main Brazilian marketplace! Also from 59. A former owner putted a double cover/back-cover. And I like it!) And to close it: For someone who only had two comics from before 1964, this was simply the second best "collecting" week of my life, especially given how scarce our comics start to became around 62-63.
  7. Selling on Ebay can be a pain in the , but one can sell swiftly due to the smaller competition than on Ebay.
  8. Hi, I am Brazilian. I already sold a couple of Brazilian books to Americans, so there is definitely a Market for them. First I think we should classify the comic books in four categories. 1) The ones that reprint stories or covers that are key from a US perspective but are not from the local country origin. 2) Then there are the ones that are keys from both perspectives. 3) Finally there are the ones that are keys from the local country perspective but are not from a US perspective. 4) Of course there are ones that are not key from both POV (and these are obviously the vast majority of the comic books) The ones that belongs to the first category definitely are the best option. And the good news is that the amount of keys from a US perspective is vastly bigger than the amount of keys from a local country POV. For instance, practically no one here is going to pay tons of money for the first Octopus appearance. Although they might pay a decent amount of money because its one of the first editions. But with the tax exchange rate heavily shifted in favor of dollar, I have been experimenting a really big proportional gain selling international versions of US keys. However keys from the a US perspective from late 60's and latter used to be fairly easy from the our standards to find. They are becoming harder and harder, so I am not the only one aware of this. The ones that belong to category number 2, might be able to be sold by higher prices. For instance Brazilian's first Daredevil is usually sold between 100-200R$ or a quarter of that value in dollars. It's definitely something I would bet in selling to an American at a higher value and perhaps faster than to someone from my country. Now, the first Brazilian ASM is usually sold between 700-1000R$ or again a quarter of that value in dollars. There are definitely people from the US that would pay that value or even higher if in good condition, but the amount is likely smaller than the first Daredevil. Number 3 is a lost cause, or in another words, as one would lost money selling to an American compared to someone from the local country. For instance this Brazilian Iron Man edition: was published by small publisher that had far smaller print runs than most Brazilian Marvel editions. End result: there is only one copy available and Brazil's biggest online MarketPlace. And it's price is above all the US editions that I saw on a quick look in Ebay (outside a signed series one) 4)This one at first does not seem like a winner, but it might be. I sold a couple of Brazilian's Batman for US consumers at a higher value than I would to a Brazilian. Most importantly I sold them likely much, but much faster than I would by a comparable price on the biggest Brazilian MarketPlace (there are other places I could have sold faster of course, but likely at lower prices) simply because the US used comic book market is much bigger than ours and likely from anywhere else. And of course the current tax exchange rate helps a lot. However with Disney stuff that would never happen. I look at the price of most US stuff and outside stuff from around 1945 and before, high grade editions (that you have decent chances of never find a comparable foreign edition, especially on mint level) and the few key editions that exist in the Disney world, I found most of the stuff fairly cheap. As a curiosity its also possible to sell US stuff to foreigners at higher price than US consumer would likely pay. That happens specially with modern stuff in mid grade, perhaps on VF as well. Talking about your specific Brazilian editions, I definitely think there is a market for them. All depends on how much do you expect to get from it. If you expect anything remotely close to the US price range, it might never sell or take years. Now to sell them above the average Brazilian price, definitely. Might even be easy. Forgot to add that you have higher grade editions that are always rare to find in material bellow the 80's, so that's definitely a big advantage to selling to the US market, specially because the vast majority of the local consumers will be happy with a middle grade version. By the way, there is an user here, called Komic Kaze that is an American whose family lives here at many decades and has a world class level collection of foreign editions. He posted a lot about Brazilian and international editions. Might be a interesting read even though its focused in early 40's material.
  9. That's a big range. You don't think is possible to be more precise?
  10. I will put it on an auction and so I would appreciate any guesses about its grade. Thank you very much.
  11. Hello to all. A House of Mystery 8 came up into an auction site. It's a low grade copy and I was wondering by how much I could potentially resell it, and so, if I could have some profit. Current bid is about $10. I would need to do at least a $13 bid to get it. No back cover image.
  12. Before reading your description.... 8.5 or 9.0. After reading your description, 7.5-8.0. I cannot really see most of the issues that you listed, the photo is not good enough unfortunately.
  13. Hello, I have two editions available. Number one: It is a Brazilian Edition of Action Comics 266. $8 Description: This Bi monthly issue of 1968 reprints the cover and the classic story from ac n°266. Also reprints other AC 266 story, one from AC 320, one from Adventure Comics 308 and another Superman's one that I was not able to identify the origin. Probably around ten times scarcer than the US version. Condition: This is definitely a low grade item. Besides the multiple hand writing, the cover and back cover are attached to the inner through tape, since the staples are not present. Plus the spine is with several large pieces missing. Cover presents wear on the paint, specially close to the right border where is also a couple of minimal tears. On the back cover the wear is stronger,very strong close to the spine. Minimal coloring in some internal pages. I estimate it at 1.8, a little higher (2.0) and a little lower (1.5) seems also decent guesses. Number two: The second is a single issue that comprises Amazing Spider-Man 59 to 61. $17. Description: It ts Brazilian "Almanaque do Homem Aranha 1972" which used to be the equivalent of US annual. Original artwork on the cover. Condition: The Edition is in quite good condition. There are some bend marks in the lower right corner and some very small creases around the spine. However, the thick, plasticized cover make it quite hard to see. First page has an small pen writing. I grade it quite conservatively at 6.0, but can easily be 6.5 or 7.0, with a visual appearance even superior. Shipping of any of these can be as low as $3 through an economic shipping (no tracking) or $8 with tracking. I ship it in five business days, starting to count from the day after the payment. Payment is through Pay-Pal (but if someone knows a better way, one with lower feeds, I am all hears) I accept returns, but the buyer shall then pay the shipping costs.