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  1. BAT MAN


    Greetings. Can you please create a #201-300 run for Incredible Hulk? There is already a 301-400 and the only other option is #102-474. Thank you!
  2. Thank you!!! I have been looking for a sealed DV bop bag.
  3. "Kylo Ren..I am going to get you with my light saber ........ OR Leave it in the box" "Storm Troopers attack!!!!!!.... OR Leave them in the box and never touch them" Display cabinet at the end =
  4. This one -- the Collector "deluxe" size series. Just Han and Luke. I picked up a jedi Luke and Ben that day too.
  5. Tonight is Rum night and just wanted to share a quick story that came up recently. I want to say it was winter/early spring of 1996. I attended one of the larger collectible toy themed conventions on the East coast. It was nearing the end of a very long day. I had amassed a large haul of what would eventually amount to the comic equivalent of 90's drek in the form of POTF orange card Star Wars, etc. I actually would end up blowing a decent amount of coin at this show. So remember that large deluxe set of Han/Luke in stormtrooper disguise? You could actually not really find it much in toy stores in real time. I had that put aside for me for $50 plus a bunch of other c r a p for what would amount to close to $200. So as I am walking out I head in a direction that I did not scope out and run across a table with the absolute most insane gorgeous mint sealed pre-rub Megatron. Just sitting there and looking at me. I ask the vendor how much is he looking for that. He says $150 and its yours..... I actually paused. I picked it up ever so carefully and looked it over. I contemplated and recalled how much fun I had about a decade ago with TFs. Absolutely my fav run of all-time. I seriously paused at the possibility but then like i d i o t thought wow think of all the other stuff I could buy with that instead of just getting one thing. So I did not buy it. Fast forward less than a decade later. That Megs got slabbed an AFA 90 and sold for $20K. I think present day it would fetch double that. Oh well. At least I got that Han/Luke set that I could probably not even get $20 for now
  6. BAT MAN

    13 years ago today...

    Just curious and no worries if you don't want to disclose. Could you ever guess as to how many books you have pressed in your career? Cheers and congrats.
  7. This was the only "version" spelling available.
  8. Batman 255 CGC 9.6 OW/W $350
  9. Batman 240 CGC 9.6 White Pages $175
  10. Pics = Exact slab you will receive Shipping = USPS 2 day shipping with delivery tracking confirmation. Cost will be exact amount and I will ship anywhere. Secure Packaging = Double thick padded bubble wrap / Double boxed Payment = Paypal Return Policy = No returns on CGC graded comics. Winner = 1st Take it time stamped either in thread or PM
  11. The other thing I wish they would have done is matched the quality/calibration to the original molds, packaging etc. similar to MOTU. When I got my hands on those remakes at Toys R Us it was literally like taking a time machine back to the 80s as the remake run looked so similar.
  12. On the biggest one you could fit approximately 19 slabs. But then 7"X21" or so is being wasted. It's too bad its not 26" because then you could run two stacks. Since a slab is 13" tall you are not going to able to stand them up.
  13. BAT MAN

    Advice: Selling Over $10,000 Comic

    I would recommend Absolutely no upside to selling this price point on eBay solo to a potential low feedback stranger with that kind of risk and losing 13% vig to boot between PP and eBay fees. Go with MCS or CL. If you want I can put you in direct contact with Conan @ MCS or Ross @ CL. Additionally there a bunch of legit entities/dealers on these boards as well that could help.
  14. I would not know the answer to that. I have not interacted with Rand in quite awhile. He is a swell chap and to say he has a passion for comics, in particular Batman comics is an understatement. Years ago I helped him find some of the slabs in his runs and actually sold him a bunch of BA/CA 9.8 Bat slabs. This must be absolutely devastating for him.