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  1. Please remember this one important tidbit. Fed Ex limits/permits the maximum declared value of up to only $1K for collectibles. If you are shipping high dollar slabs especially via international route you really need 3rd party collectibles insurance coverage. As far as I know the only shipping entity that will insure up to $50K on a package is USPS registered mail. For USPS Priority or Priority Express the max insurable coverage is $5K.
  2. **If anyone comes across a BAT 302, 306, 309, 310, 330, 334, 336 or 380 slabbed in universal or SS 9.8 please PM me. Thanks!
  3. FYI 8% ebay bucks promo hitting today for orders >$25. Everything else is 6%. Picked up some sweet Hulk comics.
  4. Please help me complete my run. Looking only for CGC 9.8s either blue or yellow label is fine. BATMAN 302 306 309 310 330 334 336 380
  5. For select customers only. Check my eBay to verify eligibility.
  6. Another promo going on today: Welcome! Here’s $5.00 Off.* Tap to copy coupon code: FIVEDOLLARS Save $5.00 when you spend $5.01 or more. Applies to entire order.Expires 03/31/19 23:59 PDT.*See Details How to redeem your coupon Find an item Add items to your cart, buy it now, or win an auction. This coupon applies to your entire order. Copy code Tap to copy the code above. Pay for your order Simply pay with your preferred payment method. Redeem coupon at checkout with your eBay account.
  7. Everyone should have gotten the 15% yesterday. The 10% today is selective as well as the 8% ebay bucks promo that is going on today.
  8. Call eBay customer service and explain to them you were having technical problems (i.e. the code would not work and let you checkout) but you were in before the expiration time. They will more than likely issue you a redemption coupon for the amount of credit applicable to your attempted purchase(s) that will populate within your account in less than 24 hours. Just make sure the items are still in your cart when you call.
  9. Right. I activated through the banner.
  10. If this coupon code works for me; I would stack the eBay bucks for a total savings of 18% !!
  11. Yes. When I actually logged in, no email message.
  12. I just checked and got this: Boost Your Bucks! Earn 8% and take your shopping game to the next level. No min. Ends 3/15, 11:59pm PT.
  13. This happened to me. Took nearly 15-20 minutes for the BINd purchased item to populate in the cart.
  14. You are right on 10% or less all the time. But with 15% off depends on the price point. I buy from MCS frequently by the way directly but today I am getting a MCS slab on ebay for $200 with free shipping @%15 off or $170. When you factor in the 3% consignment fee you have to pay plus the $5 shipping, 15% off is gonna be better on eBay. You will save $14 more. From ebay = $170 (free shipping) From MCS = slab there is listed at $174 + 3% + $5 shipping = $184