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  1. 4 hours ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

    lol I'd be tempted too! WE're Cretins! 2c BUT you handled it right! Good for you!


    5 hours ago, alexanderjk said:

    When I worked at Eddie Bauer while in graduate school (circa Heroes Reborn), a familiar face approached the register to purchase a sweater. He pulled out the first Platinum AMEX I'd ever seen. "Rob Liefeld" it read. Played it cool and rang him up like any other customer, but immediately regretted that I didn't get a sig, sketch, or even chat him up for a minute because I was a huge fan of his work at the time. (Don't judge me!)

    Did he buy a xxxxxxxL shirt, 28x36 pants, and shoes size 4 extra narrow?

  2. I can’t believe I’m quoting a Wilson Phillips song but hold on for one more day. It’s amazing how life changes minute to minute.

    Relax, breathe, rest, and recharge. Something different is always around the corner you just need to keep your eyes open. If anything.....go listen to the song, hard to be in a funk after that!

  3. 4 minutes ago, Canadiancomics said:

    The latest addition to my Amazing Spider-Man 100 jam piece is Sandman, sketched by Mark Bagley. Full artist list below.

    JSC - Lizard 

    Adam Hughes - Gwen Stacy 

    Adam Kubert - Kingpin 

    Ron Frenz - Spider-Man 

    Humberto Ramos - Green Goblin 

    Mike Zeck - Punisher 

    Mark Bagley - Sandman 

    Tyler Kirkham - Rhino 

    Joe Sinnott - Dr. Doom 

    Erik Larsen - Doc Ock 

    Clayton Crain - Carnage 

    Adi Granov - Venom 

    Bob McLeod - Kraven 

    Ed McGuinness - Mysterio 

    Keith Pollard - Black Cat 

    Joe Jusko - Electro


    Will you get this inked when finished?