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  1. My originals question was really just surface level. What to do with canvas? Seems odd to have glass over it, just the frame around it looks nice, canvas only looks clean.
  2. Would argue that Batman and Wolverine splashes are easier to come by. Not so much Silver Surfer, Thanos, Ghost Rider, Punisher with logo..ect
  3. despite artist or issue? I know that's hard not to factor in but what character tends to be the most expensive if presented as a splash? I will say it is extremely difficult to find a full bodied Punisher splash at a reasonable price.
  4. My original post and reason for bringing it up was that he is a local guy here in my city (Kansas City) and his work shows up around comic shops, plus I also have contacts that have access to his work. That being said it was more of a I don't necessarily care for his work but if I can get a stockpile for say 60% of what you might see in the wild would it be worth throwing some money at and sitting on for 5 or so years?
  5. Not my best by a stretch but can’t store it in a portfolio.
  6. I have a 16x20 canvas piece. Do I... Hang as is Frame with no glass Frame with glass
  7. Scot Eaton does solid work. Nothing fantastic, nothing bad. He is the Honda Accord of artists.
  8. Selling since 1999? Funny thing is the Pinball machine listed is probably legit.
  9. FantastuFour #1 Becumca Original Comic Art Cover To FF1 Comic Art
  10. Pretty good deal. Can’t tell. Any stats involved?
  11. Wishing you a strong recovery. Can’t imagine what your are dealing with. Did you ask the doctor if they can insert an arc reactor?