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  1. But I really really want a Kirby! I do believe once I get a desired page it will mean that much more to me. Working toward a Kamandi page that is within reach.
  2. Also it seems that most of the larger collectors out there are from the NY area. Makes sense as that is where most of the raw artwork was floating around when first available.
  3. I just feel like I am going to go broke trying to get to where I want to be. I think unless you started years ago new collectors may have missed the boat.
  4. Did you amass most of your collection in the 70's and 80's? With prices today and just starting this passion a couple years ago I feel like I am stuck in the low to mid range of what is available, nice pieces that I enjoy, but nothing I could eventually turn into gold and go for something bigger. I guess my direct question is by collecting early on did that allow you to end up with high value pieces that you were able to leverage for other high value pieces....or are you all just filthy rich ? As much as I want it I just don't see myself with a couple Kirby's and covers from some of my favorite artist...and that makes me sad.
  5. Not to discuss specifics on sketch/commission pricing but is he the type of artist at a con that enjoys giving back if you are there at the right time or is he priced as expected for an A lister?
  6. I missed the boat on these. Were they popular in their time? Is there a market for them today?
  7. New page I got. Seems like a so so page but why "I" love it is because... Sucker for a page #1 splash Fast Car Fantastic Four Salvador Larroca pencils under ink. (pretty sure he gave up the graphite 10 years ago)
  8. Yikes. That’s like the spoilage amount for most runs.
  9. Wonder what the monthly units sold look like on modern Savage Dragons? I don't think I have seen someone have an issue in hand since maybe the late 90's.
  10. Not trying to take anything away from Perez, just if we are looking at say the top 5 or maybe 10 important/impactful living artist he is closer to #10 than #1.
  11. Todd was successful in launching the third largest comic book publisher in the industry. No Todd, no Image. Plus McFarlane Toys and Entertainment.
  12. An argument I would like to see is who was/is more impactful to the industry Neal Adams or Todd McFarlane?
  13. IMO. The thing with Perez is that he is very workmanlike. He is the definition of a comic book artist. Solid at everything but does he excel at anything that would make him one of the most important or impactful artist living. Has he pushed the industry forward in anyway or inspired others to take on his style? Now if you are taking into account his body of work then he is without question a Mount Rushmore figure....but his art falls just a bit short.
  14. Mystery Batman page. Any idea what series and issue? No artist listed...maybe early 2000's, page 16.
  15. Love me some Ernie Chan. Was eyeing this one for a while and decided to make the move. Such an underrated and underappreciated talent.
  16. Post went on to have a solid career with cartoon strips and then some "kid" licenses later in life but I sure wish this had a longer run. Great fun and adventure, no clue why it didn't catch fire? Wish he would have stayed with DC a while longer.
  17. Picked up some original art from Anthro and ended up going back and reading the series. Only ran six issues? Great art, fun stories, what gives? Also surprised he never had a relaunch.
  18. Don't see these very often. DC's Anthro #5 Howie Post oops posted wrong pic. Here is the one I just picked up.
  19. For those.....seasoned....collectors out there. Was this page always a show stopper or did it build in popularity over time?
  20. This is a comic bucket list of mine. I can pull the trigger on a bust now or save up for a cover commission, which is what I really want. General idea of the difference between the two when it comes to price, think 5-10x one of his traditional 11x17 one figure commissions for a cover recreation. Most artist tend to maybe double commission prices for a cover redo, this just seems awful high. Anyone have experience getting cover commissions with Neal, I'm sure they are fantastic like all his work, was it worth it to go all out? Feel free to post any Neal commissions below.
  21. There should be a rescue shelter for battered books.