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  1. That's awesome. Yes great series, very Tomb of Dracula feel to it and Mike Perkins has a great style that defines his work.
  2. Let's see some Carnage and Venom OA. I was struggling between the two below last night and ended up picking up the transition into Carnage panel. The full splash is still available and one of the better Carnage pieces I have seen.
  3. I like the Youngblood #8 cover. Liefield was more in his element drawing those characters. Badrock's character design was awesome, would have been nice to see him become Image's Hulk and carry his own title.
  4. Several more I picked up this weekend..... I loved this splash from the cheesy Acclaim X-O run.
  5. You would think if you are asking for a couple grand you could take a decent photo of the art.
  6. Anyone else read this panel in their head using the voice of Clint Eastwood in Unforgivin?
  7. I posted about this a month ago. After getting verification from Jeremy Kirby that the signature on his limited edition pin set from the early 90's was legit (you can still find a couple on the bay) I picked one up, took it apart and put it in an awesome frame, pictured below. To me this is the best way to get a legit Kirby signature outside of a picture of him signing something or on a piece of art.
  8. Simple as the title suggest. Post a pic of your favorite piece of OA (sketch, splash, pg, etc..) that you own or owned at one time and a pic of what you would love to own if money or semantics wasn't a factor. Changed my favorite as it is now a cool transition into Carnage page from the awesome Mike Perkins Carnage run. My Holy Grail, any Kirby Machine Man OA!
  9. It's being shipped, should have it in a couple days. Seller assured me it was penciled, and you can vaguely see it run outside the border on Venom's arm.
  10. Well I can still count my collection on two hands.....I'm sure you need to borrow some feet and hands. What would you put your collection number at?
  11. So the options are digital, blue line, or pencils? And blue lines are still pencils...correct? It's just a blue pencil the artist uses that doesn't show up?
  12. Just bought a OA and it was described as ink on pencils. My question do they know? I attached another pic of OA for reference that shows someone selling both pencils and ink separately. How can I be sure a piece has both and not just the inks? Not sure what process each artist uses. Sorry if this has been brought up multiple times, new to the sight and not sure where to dig first.
  13. .....I lied. Pull the trigger on a Venom splash.....oh well I'll just need to start clearing off wall space. I mean how many pictures of your kids do you actually need???????? Leonard Kirk
  14. Thanks for the great advice. Think I'll take the advice and save up for a Walt Simonson Rampaging Hulk pg. Always loved that work and magazine (first 9 or so).
  15. Big fan of the silver and bronze like most everybody. Here is an example of what I have in my office. This is a Heck piece I recently acquired and put a nice frame around. Nothing terribly special about the page but it really looks good when framed. I have a soft spot for Heck as he was the workhorse for Marvel most of his life. Poor guy was still doing Kirby even in this panel.
  16. Thanks! Little new to collecting OA but I'm already hooked. Starting out modest and building up from there.
  17. I just had an artist refund a commission so I want to put it into a OA pg. Looking for something that would look nice framed as I hate stuffing art into a book or closet. It's not much too work with but for those pros who like to have fun looking for OA I would love to see what you can come up with. I am not picky at all. Spend for the artist name...sure, spend for the importance....sure, size of the splash...ok. Just would like to see cool options.
  18. I just alerted them, again got it cheap but was not aware of the error until I read your post. Funny I just got it last night.
  19. You are correct, this is a #36 reprint and not a number 8, the seller cut the pink out of the picture.
  20. Just won this in auction for $21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!