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  1. Take Robert Williams Malicious Resplendence for $21
  2. Hello again! Can I interest you in any of these? I have a "How to Draw" Simpsons guide, two Simpsons Episode guides, a hardcover copy of "The Comic Book Guy's Guide to Life", and that ultra-cool Krusty touch-tone phone! Take a look and let me know:
  3. Hello, I have a few things from Bongo - I have two copies of the Radioactive Man comic that was only sold in 7-11 stores to promote the movie, I have a 9.8 (CBCS) copy of Radioactive Man #1 (with the glow-in-the-dark cover) and I have five other issues of Radioactive Man (volume 1). They're all in VF/NM condition. If you're interested, look at the pics below. I also have a lot of miscellaneous Simpsons stuff, like a still working Krusty the Klown phone (really works if you have a landline, comes with six different sound buttons that play character phrases from the show), I have straws
  4. Hello, I have the French portfolio with the signed plate - the signed plate is in mint condition, but the portfolio itself has issues. The folder it was stored in has a lot of foxing on the inside and some of the prints have light foxing on the bottom. I could let it go at a serious discount if you'd like. I also have the Watchmen RPG module paperback (1st printing) for sale. I also have the original pin/button set (mint in package), the original Graphitti t-shirts (Rohrshach face and team photo), and the Rohrshach ski mask that was released to promote the movie, and a first printin
  5. Hello, I've got an ASM #300 CGC signature series signed by Todd McFarlane in a 9.4. I can't let it go for less than $900. I have two Justice League Dark #1s, one is a 9.4 ($85) and one is a 9.6 ($135). Let me know if you're interested.
  6. Super fast shipping, excellent packaging. Flawless transaction - would deal with arexcrooke anytime!!
  7. Jeff was awesome - great packaging, fast shipping and a fair deal. Would buy from Jeff anytime!!
  8. I have no problem matching that FeeBay offer....$350 but you'll have to include the same $13.90 shipping charge.
  9. I have this in 9.8, it's the Dennis Calero variant cover (you can easily Google it or search to see it). I can accept PayPal or check/money order. If you pay by check/money order, you'll have to wait until my bank confirms the funds are cleared before I ship it to you. PayPal gets immediate or next day shipping. I can let it go for $500 shipped.