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  1. Hello again! Can I interest you in any of these? I have a "How to Draw" Simpsons guide, two Simpsons Episode guides, a hardcover copy of "The Comic Book Guy's Guide to Life", and that ultra-cool Krusty touch-tone phone! Take a look and let me know:
  2. Hello, I have a few things from Bongo - I have two copies of the Radioactive Man comic that was only sold in 7-11 stores to promote the movie, I have a 9.8 (CBCS) copy of Radioactive Man #1 (with the glow-in-the-dark cover) and I have five other issues of Radioactive Man (volume 1). They're all in VF/NM condition. If you're interested, look at the pics below. I also have a lot of miscellaneous Simpsons stuff, like a still working Krusty the Klown phone (really works if you have a landline, comes with six different sound buttons that play character phrases from the show), I have straws
  3. Hello, I have the French portfolio with the signed plate - the signed plate is in mint condition, but the portfolio itself has issues. The folder it was stored in has a lot of foxing on the inside and some of the prints have light foxing on the bottom. I could let it go at a serious discount if you'd like. I also have the Watchmen RPG module paperback (1st printing) for sale. I also have the original pin/button set (mint in package), the original Graphitti t-shirts (Rohrshach face and team photo), and the Rohrshach ski mask that was released to promote the movie, and a first printin
  4. Hello, I've got an ASM #300 CGC signature series signed by Todd McFarlane in a 9.4. I can't let it go for less than $900. I have two Justice League Dark #1s, one is a 9.4 ($85) and one is a 9.6 ($135). Let me know if you're interested.
  5. Super fast shipping, excellent packaging. Flawless transaction - would deal with arexcrooke anytime!!
  6. Jeff was awesome - great packaging, fast shipping and a fair deal. Would buy from Jeff anytime!!
  7. I have no problem matching that FeeBay offer....$350 but you'll have to include the same $13.90 shipping charge.
  8. I have this in 9.8, it's the Dennis Calero variant cover (you can easily Google it or search to see it). I can accept PayPal or check/money order. If you pay by check/money order, you'll have to wait until my bank confirms the funds are cleared before I ship it to you. PayPal gets immediate or next day shipping. I can let it go for $500 shipped.
  9. Gene takes care of his customers!! Excellent packaging, books were exactly as pictured, everything was as smooth as you want it to be.
  10. sorry to be such a problem, but with no returns on slabs I just want to be absolutely sure...could I get another pic of the ASM 361 at a more level angle so I can see the centering? sorry...
  11. vader2001 asked me if I had one of these, so here it is...:) I want to have an impeccable reputation on this forum.
  12. Sorry if I'm seems like you are into "good girl" or "cheesecake" art/covers. Are you interested in Budd Root's "Cavewoman" character? If so, I have something you might like. Also, do you know about/interested in "Rags"? Or "Fearless Dawn"?
  13.'s more complicated than that; I paid for a Kaluta signature and got a Kaluta signature. My suspicion is that Denny was sitting next to him at the con and he just (thinking correctly that it would be a nice thing for a fan but not understanding the business of signature witnessing) took the book and spontaneously put his signature on it. The marker ink is exactly the same color and I know I sent an unsigned book in. I just feel like if the witness was standing there watching this happen, the witness could have reached out to me (my contact info is on the form, after all) and asked
  14. They only replied that they would get back to me and it could be "fixed". More details to come later. I don't know if I'm being a baby about this or not...
  15. Update: Desert Wind/Celestial Comics has replied that they're able to fix it. Does anyone else agree that they should have given me the option BEFORE handing the book over to CGC? I don't know if I want to pay the shipping and re-holder charge to get this fixed because of this reason....