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  2. Unsurprising that Beerbohm would have likely had some pretty good stuff in that stack. He was at the forefront of the market in those days.
  3. Perhaps I should rephrase this thread... Does anybody CARE that there could be all kinds of grail art that we may never see?
  4. It makes sense that we may only view the top of the iceberg when it comes to Original Comic Art. I'm considering about the rare, historical, A-grade pieces out there that are deliberately hidden by their owners, or pieces which still exist somewhere unseen. Some pieces we will only ever have one glimpse at - Fresh to auction and then they dissapear forever. Prime example number one, is the famous page from Batman #1 sold at Guernsey's auction house in 1986. Hasn't been seen since. Even pieces we assume are long gone - We have little evidence to suggest they really have been destroyed. You could fit the entire original art to Action Comics #1 in a draw. The world's a big place - with a lot of draws. And the scariest thing about this, is we will never know if this stuff is out there somewhere. Does that scare anybody else? What are your views?