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  1. I have the same books like ExNihilo. Bought from Cape & Cowl - Black Panther # 1 (Variant). I'm sending mine off now and see what happens. I have the same marks on my books.
  2. Any CGC witnesses attending SW Celebration Chicago 2019, please post here so we can get your assistance. Thank you!
  3. That's an awesome offer Dale Roberts.
  4. Thank you to spidermanbeyond for pressing my comics before the event! All came out amazing and he has my recommendation! See you at the show this Saturday!
  5. Question for those going to the event. How much do you expect the following creators to charge for autographs (signatures): Jim Starlin Ron Lim Mike Mayhem David Yakanama Michael Golden Gerry Conway Greg Horn Tom Raney Paolo Rivera I plan on having CGC witness a group of my personal books to be graded. The other group of comics for gifts. Yes, I plan on bringing cash on hand. When I attended SDCC and SVCC it was always free or wait to see what they post at their tables. I appreciate your input. Thank you!
  6. Looking forward to submiting my first group of comics to the onsite CGC people. This should be a fun event! I'm already an official CGC member and ready to have spidermanbeyond to witness my stack of comics.
  7. Thanks for the announcement. Saves me the headache from googling all day! Email sent!
  8. Yes, Stan did sign on Sunday. My family and I were able to get some comics signed and then submitted them to Celestial Comics (Las Vegas CGC witnesses) onsite. Still waiting to get our first Stan Lee SS books back. Stan looked very very tired and I think this might have been his last autograph signing. Thank you Stan for visiting the city of San Jose and the Bay Area!
  9. Looking forward to SW2019! Does anyone have some advice on getting signatures at Celebration and CGC being onsite? The last two Celebrations (2015 & 2017), I was totally un-prepared. I had tons of SW comics at home and didn't think to bring them. I don't recall seeing CGC at either event.
  10. Decades ago, I worked in a high end luxury apartment complex. During the day, I was the suit and tie worker bee. At night, I was a ninja dumpster diver (living onsite had its privileges). Tons of free stuff like clothes, art work, furniture, a galore of mens magazines and VHS tapes. I scored about four moments of rich comics from the 70's and 80's along with tons of sports cards. Yes, this was before the eBay and internet. Cash them out at the small local cons when my college buddy I ran had our small comic book business from our apartment. Kept all the X-Men and SpiderMan key issues. I have to admit, I missed dumpster diving. Divorce moves were the best. You can find all kinds of expensive stuff.