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  1. You need to do a "perspective crop" - its not a regular crop, what it does it lets you choose the 4 corners of the book then straightens out the book so it looks perfectly flat. If you own photo shop it comes installed already. If not there is a free software called "PhotoScapeX" which has this feature. All my images are perfectly flat books even if the original angle was off by a lot.
  2. I use Photoscan every day - its the perfect solution for nice cover shots and of course resolves the whole - "how do i take pictures of my slabbed books" question. Never used a flatbed for a comic, I would never subject my precious books to be sandwiched like that on a flatbed.
  3. Question about selling cheaper books in bulk...I basically try not list any books on ebay if its worth less then $5, just not worth my time. So Ive build up about 500 books that I want to unload - a whole mix of stuff...Mostly Marvel /DC / Some Indie too.. all post 1982... Any advice how to unload these books in bulk? Is the CGC Marketplace good for selling Bulk Books? Aside from my LCS offering me 15 cents a book... Id like to get 50¢ a book.
  4. Thanks - of course i read the rules..thats what prompted me to ask these questions in the first place. Rule #14 states.. Threads may be bumped three times total AND only ONE FULL DAY AFTER falling off of the front page No hot water for me - I was simply asking the appropriate way to bump a thread..
  5. Hi Sellers! I plan to start selling on the forum soon but Im not clear on a few things so bear with me and my following questions. 1- when something is sold - do i need to go back and edit the post stating SOLD - ? 2- is NO returns frowned upon? 3a- do i have to keep checking this website to interact with the potential buyers, PM? or will they post on my thread? is there an app or other creative way to get a reminder? 3b- can i post a phone number to communicate by text in order to better communicate with my new potential customer? 4- what is HOS? 5- If I post 1 SA book and then a week later I want to post another SA book - do I have to add it to the original post - or can I create a new one? 6- Is it appropriate to Bump a post by simply saying "bumping this post"? 7- Is it ok to state "local pick-up" in addition to the shipping options. Any replies appreciated.
  6. 1-How in the world would I get the cash? unless they live in NYC where I am. 2-And check I would only take it if I can deposit it and wait until it clears. You mean to tell me buyers will do that?
  7. Thank you for all the helpful comments. To be honest I was always hesitant to sell on the boards just because dont know how it works on here and never had put the time into it. Questions: If I post on the boards, do I have to monitor my messages constantly? Will I be getting a bunch of PM's and such? It seems like its a lot of monitoring but correct me if Im wrong. And as far as payment Im guessing Paypal Invoice is the way to go? Is there a quick (emphasis on quick) read on the boards and how they work?. If its to cumbersome with all sorts of rules and what not, I may fall out of it, just being honest. Facebook marketplace seems easier and I may just try it too. Thanks.
  8. I plan to come into some higher value books of say $1000-5000. When I search Sold history on ebay I find auctions end up being much in many cases than "Buy It Now", not all of course. I based my research on recent sales of Hulk 181 My gut tells me just list it as "Buy it Now" with opening to receive offers. Is there a right or wrong here? Any particular strategy that has worked for any of you? .
  9. I know this is a few months old but I searched for variation listing and this came up. I have a lot of Bronze Age - not so popular - books, like runs of witching hour, worlds finest, etc I currently list them as Lots and I have some luck but Im thinking I can get a little more in a variation listing. Has anyone tried it?
  10. eBay Sellers - ever try a variation listing for comics?? Just saw this one - i didnt know it could be done in our category. Has 35+ images!