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  1. Red it’s apparent you don’t ask questions or look at cgc’s youtube videos. Before you give your input do your homework. Have you ever used express drop off? Did you watch how they treated your comics?...I did! I watched cgc take all my comics out of my shipping box then out of the the cardboard protectors and then watched as they shoved all 22 of my comics into one small bubble wrap bag. Then they put them in a comic storage box stacked vertically on top of other people’s submissions. Not safe!!! Crushing mine in other people’s books! You think they would follow their own instructions on how to ship comics. I ASKED how long is the shipping time. They said 3 days. I submitted them at a convention on May 19. The comics were entered in the system 10 days later. It either took longer to get there or it sat in their warehouse before being open. And in the time of sitting there or travel the turnaround time Extended from 27 days to 37 days.... Like I said in the first post. Its safer and faster if you ship them your self! They will get there faster and they will open them up sooner.
  2. A warning about express drop off! CGC does not ship them in the safest way! The video that they put up that tells you how to ship to them they do not follow. It also takes twice as long for turnaround under any submission grade! It’s better to submit them yourself! All CGC onsite submissions are only good signature submissions!