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  1. How exactly is Godzilla undervalued? It's a $100 comic, because you think it should be? There are always examples of comics that some people think are undervalued. I can remember reading similar statements about this comic or that in Overstreet market reports from 25-30 years ago and in this super silly market we're seeing right now, who is to say he's wrong? I mean, I don't think Godzilla 1 is undervalued but who really knows? In any event, it's all opinion. And no, Herb Trimpe art is not a legitimate justification for a premium in any case.
  2. @Math Teacher If you're so concerned about the 3 or 4 percent (whatever it is these days) just build that cost into your asking price. As Pontoon said above, against Paypal terms of service and offers the buyer zero protection if there is a problem.
  3. True but just because it says white pages on the label that doesn't mean they're still white and you may not be able to tell without cracking it out. And let's not even get into page quality inconsistencies. There have been tons of threads here over the years (as you probably can remember) about how the assigned page quality can vary during the slabbing process
  4. But what is "better"? For some better means white pages over OW/W. For some better means paying less. For some better mean a 9.0. For some better means a whole host of other subjective variables.
  5. FYI... Maybe the meaning has changed over time. It seems like people use the term spine roll these days to encompass defects that don't match the definition of spine roll. Spine roll in the classic sense was caused by people reading comics and folding back the pages as they went. This is spine roll. You can see the fanning of the pages on the back of the comic. This is how you get spine roll. 1:04 in the video
  6. The spine roll can be fixed or greatly reduced. I’m in the vf + club. I don't see spine roll there. I see a book that was miscut and misaligned during production.
  7. Not to be snarky but I wouldn't have posted it in this thread if it wasn't magazine sized
  8. The magazine version seems to be a lot less common than the comic sized Charlton Bullseye
  9. Drucker was fantastic on DC war comics.
  10. You can ignore anyone regardless, instead of acting like a giant d-bag