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  1. Jeffro.

    1st Smurfs 1958 Spirou 1071/1072 Club

    I wonder if the episode below is an adaption of this story? With purple smurfs of course
  2. Not sure how "rare" it is. A cursory look on ebay shows many, many Spawn 1 newsstand copies for sale.
  3. Aaaaaaand 154 9.0-9.2 $7.00 158 VF/VF+ $ 4.00 159 VF $3.00
  4. Also take FF 143 VF/VF+ 8.00 FF 155 VF $10.00 FF 179 NM Minus $ 5.00
  5. Jeffro.

    Nominating Asteroid-Comix

    He's got a current WTB thread
  6. I received and opened Doc's box. It was wonderful. Two Essential books, Rawhide Kid and Defenders. Thanks Tim!
  7. Jeffro.

    Twelve Years of BlowingUpTheMoon

    Slow news day?
  8. Probably a long shot but why not ask, right? Will consider any grades. Looking for raw only (however, none are slabbed according to the census) Willing to buy and/or trade for. If you have some or all and want to try to work out a trade, let me know. Covers shown here -
  9. Unless you want a '74 Pinto that's been sitting in a junk yard for 35 years. If so, then go for it.
  10. Part of the problem is that there is no consensus on a hard and fast date for the start of the Copper Age. Ask many people and you'll get many different answers. There are even some batpoopy crazy ideas out there that the Copper age didn't begin until 1986.
  11. Watch this "classic" while you're getting stuff ready
  12. A big old Hoot(er) to Ron!