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  1. What slab is that guy peering into in the background?
  2. Just try to stop him from posting. Just try.
  3. Do it. Not me. Statistical analysis and I don't get along
  4. It would be interesting for someone with a statistical background to go through and tally all the results in that crossover thread in CG. Could be eye opening
  5. I'm confused. 1950s Atlas (which would become Marvel) was not the same company as 1970s Atlas/Seaboard.
  6. Some great ones posted in this thread. I love Avengers Annual 10, ASM Annual 14, and 15. And then there's Easy's First Tiger in Our Army At War 244
  7. By the way, even though the 'message' button has been removed as Deadone says, you can still create a PM link for your VCC booth. There is a work around. It's not as straightforward as his "How to create a PM link" instructions but it can still be done. Let's see if I can explain it somewhat coherently You have to know your own user number. Mine is 5158. I find that by going to my profile >> Go to anyone's profile page. Their number is in the URL. So, if I follow Deadone's instructions and hover over his avatar, right click and then choose copy link, to get his message link >> I see that his user number is 12756 I remove his number and replace it with mine (5158) and it creates a link to my messenger. >> I can then continue to follow his instructions and create the PM me link for my VCC booth.
  8. Yes? No? Maybe? At various times in its existence, CGC has been looser on grading and tighter on grading. There have been more threads on this board than I can remember talking about that very thing.
  9. This. Just because the census numbers are low on a particular book that doesn't necessarily mean that the comic is rare/scarce. I have a couple CGC slabbed bronze DC war and horror comics. The census numbers for those books are low but there are many mnay copies available. If you want to talk about rare/scarce in grade that's a different discussion. One way that I get a handle on rarity is to track stuff on ebay. Certain comics just don't show up very often for sale on ebay and that's telling to me. It's not the be all and end all of determining rarity. No one source is, not the CGC census, not Overstreet, etc, but at the very least, it's a starting point.