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  1. You just cannot loose buying from October!!! He always has the steak so he never needs to sale the sizzle.
  2. Fraud does happen. I wouldn't say that it never does but to automatically cry fraud is puzzling to me. As far as youtube is concerned, I've seen plenty of videos (comics or otherwise) of people who don't know what the fudge they're talking about and yet talk like they're experts.
  3. I've heard this complaint for 20 years. People always complain that their tiers shouldn't go by value. But what's a better way? A flat rate. The only reason why they do it by value is because they can get away with it. They know they're still really the only game in town. A flat rate results in A rate that goes by value results in and more
  4. No, and even if there were it still wouldn't tell you anything more than how many copies are currently slabbed, which could be a misleading and artificial number.
  5. No, no, no, it's not hype it's different strokes. C'mon man! Don't hassle variant collectors, man. By the way, no one cared about comics containing mark jewelers or national diamond inserts until some hucksters started hyping them up in an attempt to squeeze even more money out of collectors. I'm amazed that pence copies haven't suddenly become the latest variant hype frenzy.
  6. You make a lot of assumptions. If you want to call me smug go for it. I'm not sure how I'll get to sleep tonight knowing that an internet stranger thinks I'm smug. I'm a bit concerned about it. Maybe I'll need a sleeping pill. But to actually answer you I like variants. I collect some variants. I don't pay a premium for them. That's just my decision. My reason for calling it silly is because I remember a time when the idea of paying a premium for a barcode vs an image on a copper comic cover was unheard of. Now it's all the rage apparently. I remember a time when DC comics with a Whitman
  7. What is it with you guys and newsstands anyway? It seems like a few of you have addressed this topic before. If so, how about kindly referring me to a thread or site so I can catch up? I happen to have “only” a direct high grade ASM300, btw. if I shouldn’t regret missing the newsstand bandwagon, that would be nice to know! Well, we can talk about how it's tothemarketdownthestreetforsomeCRAZY to pay a premium for a comic book when the only thing different is a bar code versus an image? I mean when you get right down to it, it's pretty silly. It's the same damn comic book.
  8. Could you repeat this in English? It's amazing in that it reads not unlike one of those Lancashire Kitchen posts we used to get in the water cooler.
  9. Hopefully a primer on the proper use of "sell" and "sale". Just a heads up, I will not buy an expensive comic from someone who writes "lets make a sell!" Butchering basic English does not instil confidence. Here you go
  10. Deadpool because of the superior physical power. Have you ever read a Little Lotta comic? She'd eat Deadpool. End of story
  11. Aw, come on now. You might mislead a noob hanging on your every word for guidance. The charts are legit, as they essentially mirror the charts offered in a newsletter by milehighcomics and charts by rarecomics based on CBCS census data. Unless that info is also BS, here's a link with those charts (you'll need to scroll at least half the way down). All other articles on this issue say the same thing with their own charts, presumably based on the same population data. Responding to the