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  1. The speculation has been going on for a couple years now.
  2. Nooooooo. Don't Marwood & I the boards!!
  3. Rom will be collected one day By me, custom bound
  4. Timeouts seem much better today
  5. Maybe they should get rid of those creators and clean house? Let Shooter find a new bunch of creators like he did when he had to start over again with Valiant. Can be done. They just need a strong leader with a vision of what Marvel Comics is just like Keven Feinge's vision has in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We don't see Keven Feinge caving in or trying to please the media like Alonso now do we? Keven Feinge has a long-term plan,while Alonso is all about the flavor of the month. They could clean house but what happens when Shooter goes all bonkers again like he did at the end of his Marvel tenure?
  6. Torso was pretty good I really like Manhattan Projects but I wish Hickman was a little more patient and paced his books more. He moves way too fast and doesn't seem to know how to (or perhaps he doesn't want to) draw things out for effect.
  7. I'm not sure that would work anymore. Established creators wouldn't put up with Shooter level control.
  8. Now that makes me happy!
  9. Kubert's Hawkman (silver age) is great. I was just looking at some of the covers he did in the Bronze age though (Flash, Superman, etc) and it just doesn't look good to me.
  10. Or have they become flesh eating zombies and they are about to chew on some Jughead? I prefer to think that Betty and Ronnie are about to.... you know
  11. What is going on here? Are Betty and Veronica trying to kiss Jughead or are they trying to kiss each other and Juggy just got in the way?
  12. I wouldn't say the 7.0 has "far superior colors". Just not seeing that. Yes, the colors do look better than the Curator but as stated above, it could be the scanner. I sure wouldn't let that stop me if I wanted the comic.
  13. Just doing some poking around in the sales forums, it seems like some images load and some don't. The last time something like this happened was during a VCC last year and it was a photobucket issue. I guess Arch will have to tell us if it's also a new boards problem
  14. I feel that same way about Joe Kubert's bronze superhero work. I don't feel like his style worked in that context. DC war books? Absolutely. Tarzan? Hell yeah! Superheroes though, not so much.