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  1. Could be worth it if they are high enough grade and given the utter common dreck that some people waste their money slabbing, these certainly aren't the worst choice, again given high enough grade..
  2. When people talk about reprints in the X-Men run they are usually referring to issues 67-93. Yes, issues 67-93 contain stories reprinted from earlier X-Men comics.
  3. And he wasn't the only one guilty of that. Several well regarded 90s comic artists did the same thing unfortunately
  4. Double boxing (type 1092 + type 1095) helps a great deal but yes use extra cardboard as well.
  5. I think that crease tells you all you need to know. The impact that caused that crease could easily be what caused the crack in the slab.
  6. That's pretty much all the early Image stuff. Flashy art on slick paper with vibrant covers and stories that are whatever. Pretty to look at it (perhaps) but not much of a read.
  7. And or taking several pictures and contacting Cgc customer service, they have actual paid employees whose job it is to help you Well yeah, that too
  8. How about several pictures that detail what you're talking about?
  9. That's all well and good until a customer wants a refund because of said issues. As long as people tolerate this stuff and keep sending them submissions, they will never make changes and why should they when the gravy train keeps rolling in? As soon as it starts to affect their bottom line then you betcha they will make changes. I keep hearing that the primary competition has better slab quality and I'm starting to believe that.
  10. At least that's a legitimate power, unlike pouches and laughingly huge and wildly unrealistic guns.
  11. Now that you say this, do we know for sure that Norman's father is dead? Who the hell knows who is alive and who is dead in comics anymore? The way they reboot and retcon and ignore decades of established continuity and change things for the movies and change who the person is behind the mask, I'm not sure how anyone can follow any of it anymore.