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  1. This is interesting. Still not as good as buyers browsing thumbnails all in one single thread but definitely worth checking out. I created a gallery and I'll be playing around with it. At first glance it seems like this would be less work than the traditional method of saving scans to a third party image hosting site and then copy/pasting code here.
  2. Yes, it's you. You've been here long enough to know where the VCCs are held and where to go to find information. Seriously. I'm not trying to be a jerk here. Anyone who has spent literally years on this board and claims ignorance of the VCC is just not trying. And it's not hard to keep informed.
  3. I agree. Only one is not enough. Lately, it seems like the June show is the weakest of the three. That's the one to eliminate I think
  4. He'd scramble right under your legs, up your back and dunk before you even knew what happened.
  5. A boardie once said, "read more, post less" I've taken that to heart. It's an idea that more people should consider embracing.

    1. porcupine48
    2. Marwood & I

      Marwood & I

      Never +1. If we all did that there'd be nothing to read :wink:

  6. My copy has nice centering. Too bad about the spine tics though
  7. The top two panels on this page look decidedly not like Heath. Not sure who drew those two panels but it sure doesn't like like Russ' work, even at this early stage in his career
  8. It does and it doesn't. You won't find a 10 with a miswrap for example. For the things not taken into account, I think using one's own eyes is sufficient. I'm probably in the minority here, but I also think that the grade is enough. If you want a perfect book, buy a 10 or wait to save up for a 10. It boggles the mind that a 10pt scale with 10ths needs to be escalated by a fourth party. I think it's probably inevitable that CGC will carry out to the hundredths, at which point i'll be happy to be out of collecting. That works for you and that's great. For some, the technical grade is enough. For some it isn't. Not all 9.6s (for example) are created equal but that's a matter of personal preference.
  9. Only have a couple GA books on Myslabbedcomics but I like em
  10. If it was trimmed, it must have been done by this guy
  11. Nice list. I noticed that ASM 316 jumping too. Been on the lookout for NM copies but they are hard to come by for anything less than $30. Guess even that's a good deal now. ?? What's going on with ASM 316? Why the demand?
  12. No. Funny or cool has been censured. Also, you can't joke around or you run the risk of having your post removed because this crop of mods don't understand the flow and banter of the boards.
  13. What is that?
  14. That's pretty cool