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  1. That's a terrible reason to send it in. If it's for preservation, then you have your answer, don't send it. There are archival materials to store your comic in that are better (like mylars or mylytes) and you won't risk any snafus during shipping. Exactly. One of the things that irritates me most about what the practice of slabbing has wrought is the misbelief that sticking it in a slab is the epitome of preservation. It isn't. Ideal paper storage environmental conditions will do far more for collectors in the long run than a plastic slab will.
  2. Me neither. And wouldn't an "Extraordinarily Exceptional example for the grade" suggest that the book was under graded? -bc No, well maybe no anyway The premise behind CVA was certain comics present better even though they are technically the same grade. It's supposed to reflect superior eye appeal. I think we've all seen examples of two slabbed comics with the same grade but one just looks better than the other one.
  3. This is what happens when you employ gorillas to pack the boxes
  4. Yeah, we've known about this for years. Lots of fun mocking threads about it.
  5. Life. Sorting through six boxes of junk books is pretty far down my list of things to do today, tomorrow and anytime soon. I've a business to get off the ground, and am perpetually short of help. Then maybe not starting inane, pointless, stream of consciousness threads would free up some time for you
  6. Not really. I have customers waiting on their orders. CGC needs to act like it's the year 2020, not 1995. But if CGC did away with fast track then your customers would be waiting even longer. I'm no CGC apologist. I think it's compostable_fertilizer that they can't get their act together with TaT, QC issues, slab quality issues, and charging people extra on old already paid invoices but nothing is going to change if people keep feeding the beast by sending in more comics. Should they be better than this? Yes, they should, but they aren't and yet people will still keep paying them for the honor of waiting months and months and months to get their comics back. If people stop submitting maybe it will start to affect their bottom line and maybe, just maybe they will start to listen.
  7. This is one of the greatest sentences I've ever read
  8. I was able to negotiate down to three pints of blood and the future promise of one of my kidneys.
  9. TaTs would get even longer and given the track record of inconsistencies of the information on the labels, I have little confidence that they would get it right most of the time. Perhaps it would be more fruitful for CGC to concentrate on improving QA and TaT.
  10. The Ostrander/Mandrake Spectre series is awesome. I'm sure it will never be worth much but it's a great read with some truly fantastic covers
  11. Bollocks. It's a British pedigree