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  1. Jerkfro

    Stan Lee Stories

    Feels a bit more shilly in here all of a sudden. And you're correct, my behavior hasn't always been stellar but I acknowledge it and own it. Lately though, I've been thinking that we should aspire to something better? Shouldn't we?
  2. Jerkfro

    Having a hard time believing this is a 9.8

    I'm sorry, I must have missed something. Why are you reholdering this comic?
  3. Jerkfro

    Anyone here exclusively collect Bronze?

    I can't imagine collecting only Bronze. There are just too many cool comics from other eras to exclude them. I get the idea of collecting from the era that you like most, or prefer most but to exclude all else? That's just crazy talk
  4. Copy A for me. Looks like the cleaner copy all things considered and while dust/sun shadows aren't a bugaboo for me, I'll take a comparable copy without them than with them.
  5. Jerkfro

    Chuckles mourns Stan but needs your help

    Oh I don't know maybe claiming to be a victim of Hurricane Sandy?
  6. Jerkfro

    Stan Lee Stories

  7. Jerkfro

    Stan Lee Stories

    I do. And obviously you do, too, since you're here. I'm not the cause of any issues here. We don't need 50 Stan Lee topics, just like we don't need 50 eBay topics. That's not up to you or me to make that judgement. That's not how a message board works. Is it annoying to see 50 ebay threads? Yeah, it is but what's the solution? Do we need moderation to lock them down? That's way too draconian. We don't need that. You know what else we don't need? You popping into this thread (and others) and make an rear end of yourself.
  8. Jerkfro

    Stan Lee Stories

    You are not the arbiter what is or is not meaningful content on this board. I'm not either but I don't claim to be, unlike you. Get off your high horse.
  9. Jerkfro

    Stan Lee Stories

    Who cares? In the grand scheme, it doesn't mean anything except for you to use it as a reason to cause issues on this board, but you keep on keeping on with your crusade to rid humanity of stupidity. Good luck with all that.
  10. Jerkfro

    In praise of Paste Pot Pete

    I wonder if Petey ate paste as a kid.
  11. I think you can fit 100 jpegs into one post now, although the size matters as well. It's not the size of your jpeg, it's what you do with it that matters
  12. What's this show like? I've been following it on facebook for a couple years now. Is it primarily comics or are there people selling stuff like toys and bootleg dvds, etc.
  13. Jerkfro

    This Week Back From CGC

    I agree. These posts are really annoying. Between him and TwoPiece, it's like Looney Tunes on the boards lately.
  14. Jerkfro

    This Week Back From CGC

    I have all of them and they will give your new books a run for the money, pick one and i will post it!!!!! Anybody else getting a "What do you collect, Sonny" vibe from this guy?