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  1. Just added my third to my collection! Just waiting on it to arrive!
  2. Hello! I would like to request a set for: Marvel and Bandai Present: Manga Realization There are currently 19 graded copies, I just want to register mine. Thanks! There is only one book in this series. Please keep in mind that there must be at least two issues to build a set. Here are the guidelines: EDIT: Also, can you add Scout Comics "The Source"?
  3. Okie dokie, smarta$$. You are literally the only person out of hundreds who have looked at it and have said this, but whatever.
  4. Exactly! Not sure how anyone can look at this signature and say it doesn't say Stanley, it's clear as day
  5. Oh I plan on keeping it, the whole reason I bought it was because of the unique signature. As far as the book itself goes, I wasn't aware of the rarity of it until someone told me, so the combination of the two make this a personal treasure of mine. Actually, it's my favorite of all I own!
  6. Hello guys & gals! I'm new here, been collecting a few slabs for about a year now, and I have a question. Please forgive me if I placed this in the wrong category. If I need to move it, please let me know. I purchased a slab recently, a CGC SS SDCC exclusive Marvel/Bandai Manga Realization, signed by Stan Lee.....except he signed it Stanley. This was signed literally nine weeks before he passed away, so I feel like his age and condition likely caused him to slip up and do this. My question is, how does this book compare to the countless others he signed Stan Lee, and should I get with
  7. Hello, New ti the forums so not sure where to go. I'm looking for the correct category to add two of my books to my collection. The first is Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Omega #1 Unknown Comic Books exclusive virgin signed by Todd McFarlane. The other is Marvel and Bandai Present: Manga Realization #1 SDCC exclusive signed by Stan Lee. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  8. I've been looking for a Black Bolt to go with my Medusa above with no luck. Came across an auction on the Hulk/Psyklop in excellent shape with very low bids, so I made a pretty low bid on it not really expecting to win it, and low & behold I won it. Got it in, and the condition was even better than I imagined. Rolled it back up and put it back in the tube until I can get the two in custom frames. (Picture for illustration).
  9. Just grabbed #4013 yesterday framed in immaculate condition.