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  1. I wish my 3 was in that shape. I bet mine is no higher then a 3 if I was lucky/had it slab any time soon.
  2. Pencils prelim shredder with green ranger powers from Dean Kotz. Just waiting for him to finish inking it and send it back to me. Finished inks
  3. Ya always sucks when you hear these horror stories from artists to us fans. One of the many reasons I prefer just doing con sketches at show. Sure I may set things up prior but I still rather do at show. Now sure this year with no cons I have been stuck doing mail out. But so far artists and I been in contact good I got progress pics and things been mail back safely in comic shipper or in case of a 9x12 piece I got it was packed very well. Plus also always good to know if person been a problem with folks or what not. Longest I waited on a piece was about 8 to 9 months. But I was in contact with artist fairly regularly. Plus he had variety of real life problems come up. Then me and him had trouble working on meeting up for piece as I didn't want to have it mail but I did get piece.
  4. Always sucks to hear of folks who are flakes, scams or are problem folks to use fans.
  5. I know Spencer his rep. I was just saying I don't know what character I would go this time with if I did pull on another.
  6. I am still so happy I scored one of his slots during his con retirement last year. And ironically I did it just to see if I could score slot and was super excited when I did. Been so tempted to get another piece with him doing home stuff this year. Just have a hard time deciding on a suitable character.
  7. Also best to get it straight from timm, or Albert moy. As there is tons of possible fakes floating around the web.
  8. Ya price of a lot of keys is preventing me for ever nabbing some. As I don't have that kind of cash to blow. And of course life got to pay the bills and what not. But I do try to grab a few book so I need for my run every so often. For me I need 4 in 400s era, around 80 in 300s and the rest of the 288 I need fall between 1-299 era. So really remaining 400s and 300s and most 200s are not breaking any bank. It's the 1 thru 100s Era that is what get me with prices going up and up on those keys. But I can say I have select big keys down like my 3, 25, 46, 238, 300 for examples. But it will be a great feeling if I do finish my run off even low grade to fine condition. As I am still young guy in 30s so can always upgrade down the road. Like I trying to do with my 25.
  9. Still wish covid didn't ruin all cons. As I had many plans for sketches this year. And so far have only done 2 sketches and sent out a book today that will be my 3rd of the year.
  10. I wish I could afford a af15. But I have to go with my few reprints of it I got. My earliest asm is #3. But I am shooting to complete my 1 to prese t run. Only need 288 to go.
  11. I have a 238 raw myself f to nm shape without the tats in it. So ya if it has tats shoot for 9.6 or better. If it doesn't have tats counting on shape I would be happy with over a 9.
  12. I am so glad I got a asm#300 like 3 or 4 years back from my lcs. He got a collection in that had multiple copies which he still has some left. And mine if I did get it slab I want to some day likely be a 9.6 to 9.8.
  13. Here my raw 23 also as its only pic in have on my phone 25 and 26 a few days early.
  14. So last month Joe St. Pierre was doing sale for full body sketches on sketch covers or 9x12 art boards. So I decided to take up his sale. And ordered a venom sketch. Sent payment on Aug 8th. He completed the sketch today and sent me a pic of it. And I hope to have it in hand in next few days.