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  1. Ya I asked before for spidey in general what issues fell in each comic age, silver, bronze, modern.
  2. Beats me I only have one issue I'm first 20 my whammy #3.
  3. Where that I don't often venture to other areas of the boards beyond a few I go to daily. Could you pass the link along.
  4. Ya with not knowing how things will go once enough folks are vaccinated and countries say it's over. Now Ya older stuff rarely go down and your right that prices been going up I don't see that stopping. Since your looking for lower grade stuff. I would suggest going for as many later ones now which shouldn't break the bank. And leave the earlier ones to later.
  5. Your 25 better then mine. I have image pull off around spiderman shoulder in mine. From past owner got cover snag on some tape.
  6. Was curious is there a thread to post oa pages like we do for sketch covers and commission pieces threads. If so what's the link to it?
  7. Congrats I need 281 issues to finish my 1 to present run. And the missing issues are mostly 1 to 300s era.
  8. I can at least say I have a 3 myself which is my earliest. I likely won't be able to afford a 1 or 2 unless they are low grade copies. Let alone the other pricey books I need left in my 281 issues I need. At least bulk of those are cheaper books in 300s, 200s, 100s. Just keys and pre 100s are what going to kill me on price. I hope to some day get all issues. But slow going. Plus haven't really bought any older books in awhile.
  9. Nice what type of bookcase do you use them on. I recently moved and wanted to get some bookcases for some nick nacks and storage of games/movies and extra space for my comics. But I don't want any flimsy fake wood type bookcase like you see at Walmart or what not.
  10. Where do you get that storage thing man. And how much space it takes up.
  11. That one thing that sucks being a spidey fan. With prices going up all the time for books. Sure makes it hard to even get low grade of x books. And curse I still have 281 issues to go to have my full run. And that 281 issues are mostly 1 thru 399 range give or take books I do have in that range already.
  12. I would Def say get a goblin from someone like Scott Hanna.