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  1. Ya just hard as I haven't decided of I want it boxed out or not.
  2. Can't wait for cobs I plan to go in my neck of the woods in mau, june, july, and aug. Already trying to get artists prices and setting some stuff up early with others. Also Def going to start my cover jam on marvel comics 1000 blank with head shots heroes on cover and villains on back. Still debating if I should have it box out or be open layout.
  3. Man I still want a Stan sign asm book. Never had the chance to get one before he died. So hopefully some day.
  4. Oh man if zeck is retiring soon glad I got a sketch from him 2 years back. Even though it's just a bust sketch. I would love another from him.
  5. Hopefully it's a real Lee auto. To bad if you sent it to cgc for slab you won't get sig series label.
  6. Wicked bagley piece. He is one if my top spidey artists too. And was lucky got a sketch from him 3 years ago.
  7. Wait there was a black blank for venom the end?
  8. Would be great to have first lizard. My first lizard is that yellow background one in the 40s.
  9. Also I would still say buy books in person at shows or local comic shops. So you can see how good or bad x copy looks. And then if it Warren price owner selling at. For me sure I love looking at comic venders when I go to cons. But I usually buy my silver and bronze spiderman from my local shop I go to. As the shop has good selection of old books and usually good shape copies. And owner gets a lot of collections in all the time. Right now I waiting for him to work on a asm collection he got in that goes as low as 8. But right now from that collection I want to upgrade my 25 and just waiting on shop owner to get to grading so I can know how much upgrade be.
  10. All welcome to asm collecting. I know the feeling of wanting to get a good run down. I myself am trying to get a full run myself. And currently have Vol 2, 3, 4, current 5th Vol totally. Vol one I am still working on that myself. With needing 322 issues between 1 to 441 era. Though I have chunks in the 400s, 300s, 200s, 100s, and pre 100s. Now with your budget I would suggest for one sticking towards the non key 300s thru 441 era. As it won't cost a lot to get. Same could be said for good grade 200s Era stuff too. The 100s and pre 100s is where it going to cost you the most. All bearing of course grade of books you want. If you are going for lower to mid grade stuff sure some could still be costly. But still reasonable price. Higher grade 100s and pre 100s is where books start cropping into the 1,000s of dollars range. I am glad I started collecting 20 years ago. For me I started my asm run with asm 30 vol.2 and gone from starting there through all present books to past 800. And in the last 5 to 6 years have started working on bronze and silver age amazing titles. For me been a slow go for silver in last few years as real life stuff money has to go to. But again it's all about what grade you want to get and work with your budget. Plus also where you getting books from ie ebay or a lcs and what you going after.
  11. Ya I just this past weekend got last comic I needed to finish my us run. Ironically it was issue 1 from first series. I do have a bagley sketch from 3 years ago.
  12. Ya I was just asking if there was a dedicated usm thread. Like silver, bronze, modern asm threads.