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  1. Speaking of birthday book which is everyone? Mine is ASM# 265 which is first silver sable. Any one land on a key issue?
  2. Ya from what I asked from him when we do settle and he free. It was only like 125 for 2 characters and colors. So Ya he is very reasonable prices.
  3. Butler does great work. I been talking with him for awhile. Hope to get a sketch from him in near future he told me been slammed.
  4. Knocked off a few more issues in my 1 to 700 run. Only need 290 more issues.
  5. You could easily chalk it up as someone in editorial or what not goofed on spelling.
  6. I would love a real deal af#15. But I could never afford it. So my marvel tales and true believers reprints will do for now. And my goal is to get single issues of 1 to 700. Only 293 more to go.
  7. Ya doesn't hurt to make a copy another artist can make into blue link and ink that. And you have both then.
  8. Only thing I hated from early green goblin was his glider looking like a broom. Once we get to romita and later I like that glider.
  9. Which makes it so hard for folks to buy earlier books now boo. Only need 293 more issues for my 1 to 700 run.
  10. Ah sucks when folks only doing lottery and low numbers of sketches.
  11. Some day I would like to slab my first sa asm. Which was issue 55 it's in good shape and sharp colors. And one I always find st cons and other shops whiped.
  12. Man always Hate seeing folks who only need a handful of issues to finish what ever runs you are looking for. For me I hope some day to fill my asm 1 to 700/present run. As my 1 to 700 I just need 295 to go. And ya really only issues will be major keys and the early issues. As I can afford decent grade shape ones of rest.
  13. Silly question does cgc rehold/re grade books from other grader companies.