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  1. I need a upgrade for my 25. As original owner when he sold it to shop I go to. Got part of cover around spidey left shoulder caught on "tape" and it pulled part of image off.
  2. So update on my spider-hulk sketch I commission earlier this summer. It almost finished. And I hope to get it in my hands soon. As there been delays on my end and artist end. But here is a peak at the nearly done piece.
  3. Thanks for that name any other names to also look into. Ideally on fb. As I don't use any other social media.
  4. Ya like I said I just need to settle on open jam or box out spaces. If I do boxes. I might have probably who ever I decide to do first sketch maybe do layout. If not maybe contact a few artists I am friends with to see if they do it. Or do you got a few names I could look into and seeing what they say?
  5. Well I am ideally probably just going with all head sketches to maybe bust level. But ya I thinking I may box it out so I know each area be for this character and what not. I was thinking going 9 per side. So then it gives me 18 characters to work on getting probably for awhile. Counting on budget and what artists will be attending shows I plan to go too. I was thinking if I do 9 per side maybe 8 boxes per side be the head/bust side. And 1 per side be a larger box for maybe a full body for 1 character. But like I said I have no other shows I am going to this year. So I got over 6 months to settle on my plans.
  6. It is odd though it' on the back. And coming from a signing only 2 years ago. I would think he would just do front. Unless original owner requested it on back?
  7. Weird Stan signed the back of annual and not front.
  8. Some nice stuff guys. Ya for my jam. I not starting it to probably first show I go to next year in april. For my marvel 1000 blank. I still trying to figure out do I want characters open or boxed out. If boxed out how many. I have a rough idea on heroes and villains I plan to get. Just would like to get idea fleshed out. As I have many months to go.
  9. Nice sketch there. I got a blank 1000 I plan to start getting Jame on front and back at next year's cons I go too. Still debating how many characters per side. Plus do I have it open or graph out. I plan to do heroes on cover villains on back.
  10. I may get finished version image of my spider hulk sketch this weekend I commissioned a few months back. If so I will be posting and then I just need to work with artist on pickup.
  11. Here is a better image of lex sketch I got from Kevin Conrad back on Saturday.
  12. Ya I like I said just looking for best options for storage in the closet space I have. I just decided to remeasure my space. I made incorrect measuring. Closet is 2 feet deep, and 5 ft 7ich width. Then I have 5ft 3 inch vertical space. To I hit bar clothes hang from. And above that shelf that I have other things stored on. So with that amount of space and dimensions I have. What would be the best options to go with.
  13. Well the drawer thing I mentioned in sked I asked if they had from there store or got it from somewhere else. Was pretty heavy duty. Not those usuall weak flimsy looking plastic bins/drawers.