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  1. Wonderful huge image of Captain Britain and Meggan ! 11x17 in excellent condition ,Original art drawn on official Marvel Comics cover paper , penciled by Alan Davis and inked by Mark Farmer. Publication date 1993. The Sale price is $6,500.00 Thank you very much for looking!
  2. From the very first appearance of Mary Jane on the cover of Amazing Spiderman! best page in the entire book! continues the story form the classic cover image! John Romita Sr., Don Heck, and Mike Esposito (as Mickey Demeo) Amazing Spider-Man #59 Page 19 Original Art (Marvel, 1968). The fantastic team of Romita Sr. (layouts)/Heck (pencils)/Esposito (inks) illustrates a scene that happens just after the cover image for this issue, in the story titled "The Brand of the Brainwasher!" Peter Parker saves Mary-Jane Watson (in that groovy mirrored Go-Go dress) in true Spider-Man style! She asks if he has any brothers... careful what you wish for MJ, there are spider-clones out there you know. Four big panels of action produced in ink over graphite on Bristol board with an image area of 10" x 15". The page is slightly tanned with top and bottom margin production hole-punches, and some production oil stains in the image area. Overall in Very Good condition. I am selling this page for $28,000.00
  3. Brian Bolland and Terry Austin Camelot 3000 #7 King Arthur Betrayed by Lancelot and Queen Guinevere ( consecutive pagers) Page 22 and 23 Original Art (DC, 1983). These pages show the betrayal of King Arthur... All members of the round table are featured . This sums up the entire mythology of King Arthur within the panels of 2 consecutive pages. Page 23 has one of the most iconic images from the book with King Arthur sitting on the throne. I am selling these 2 pages as a set for $13,500.00 thank you for your interest
  4. Fantastic Four issue #114 1971 All 4 members of the F.F. classic opening page splash. I am selling this page for $13,500.00 "Big" John Buscema full pencils on Bristol board 11" x 17" inks by Frank Giacoia . There is slight whiteout, with some slight tanning. Overall in Very Good condition. The last official writing credit on the original Fantastic Four run by Stan Lee issues #1-114 . After Stan left for "Hollywood" Roy Thomas took over the writing duties. So issue # 114 is Stan's official sendoff . To be clear this issue was the last fully credited Fantastic Four issue that Stan Lee wrote both the story and the dialogue( it's truly a part of marvel history.. Boldly proclaimed ...." Marvel Makes it Again".. pure Stan Lee magic!... #115 was written by Archie Goodwin based on Stan Lees loose outline. And F.F. #117 was the start of the run by ROY THOMAS . I was also told that John Romita Sr. inked some of the art as well . Thank you for your interest
  5. ebay link above Giant Size X-MEN #1 Gil Kane/John Byrne recreation cover art- Drawn by Marvel Comics artist Carlos Franco! after gil kane-dave cockrum and john byrne! Marvel Comics artist Carlos Franco ( worked for the both marvel and D.C. comics) original cover art recreation - drawn as a tribute to John Byrne and his style! ( also x-men double spread pages auction by carlos franco) Large art -twice up art approximately 18x12 inches fully pencils.. first laid out in non photo/ repro blue pencil than finished in traditional graphite pencil! (everything including the logo was drawn by hand , please understand that there will be slight blue pencil markings on the page )
  6. X-MEN SABRETOOTH MAGNETO JUGGERNAUT DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD -1995 -Marvel Comics ! X-MEN Battle SABRETOOTH MAGNETO JUGGERNAUT DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD X-MEN BATTLE SENTINEL X-MEN WOLVERINE BATTLES OMEGA RED AVENGERS #4 COVER RECREATION X-MEN WOLVERINE BATTLES SABRETOOTH Marvel Comics artist Carlos Franco ( worked for the both marvel and D.C. comics) original art drawn on 2 Marvel Comics paper taped together to form a huge 22 x 34 INCHES image . All X-men art is from an unfinished 4 issue limited series X-Men project entitled X-Men legends from 1995. Bob Harris was the editor at the time but due to a scheduling conflict the series was never completed since the artist Carlos Franco was working at D.C. Comics on other projects. Please see that this artwork does have multiple staining ,and some creases this is the norm with art over 23 years old. Sold as is so please look closely at the art! But absolutely gorgeous fully finished pencils !!!!!!!!!
  7. LAST 2 CONSECUTIVE PAGES OF THE GHITA STORYLINE !!!!!!!! THE DEFINITIVE ENDING! Frank Thorne Sexy Ghita original art September 2nd Heritage auctions ends tonight September 2nd EVENING (6-7:45 pm)! LAST 2 PAGES OF THE STORY / ENDING!!!!!