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  1. Thanks @revat, of course I don't expect to get a definitive answer and I'm not looking for an easy cash, just trying to understand what are the possible sources.
  2. I've tried to search through forum but couldn't get good answer.. Can you please share,. If it's not a secret, where do you hunt for a good deal to buy a key back issues What I'm trying to learn is where apart of eBay I can find best deals? 1)comic shops are a big no no i think, they just want rip you off always 2) even used book stores seem to overprice eventing 3) comic shows? 4) garage sales? Please share your secret knowledge
  3. It looks like someone tried to use hot tool ( flat screwdriver or knife ) to seal the case, rest of the slab is ok
  4. I could believe that corner was damaged during shipping but what is this strange welding mark ( like with hot tool ) on the edge? is this normal for CGC case? Edit : both are on the same edge - top left corner & left edge - I guess someone opened the box, but comic inside looks flawless Thank you