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  1. Still looking, something like the gsxm above would be great but international shipping is required as I live in Australia. Edited the original post to reflect this.
  2. As per the title. Hit me up here or in a PM if you're getting rid of one please edit: raw is fine 😁 Would also entertain the idea of a mid grade xmen 94 Edit: I'm located in Australia, so international shipping is required.
  3. I feel like this comment was overlooked. Well played sir.
  4. This is not mine (I saw it on reddit a couple of days ago), but I'm planning on doing something simmilar when I get a chance: My missus really doesn't like longboxes either so this should keep her and me happy. As for cgc comics, ikea has photo rails that look like they work fairly well. I'm sure someone has a link for the CGC case wall mounts that are around too - I couldn't find them.
  5. I think it has more to do with it being a recalled comic more-so than the content... But because it's such an unusual content mishap, that definately adds to the collectability. It doesn't bother me either way though. There will always be a niche market for recalled comics.
  6. Came home to another one today. Looks like the same postman, this bloke has to be having a lend. Left out in the rain also. What a joke
  7. Maaan, international shipping is rough. I grabbed some books the other week from the US and by the time shipping and import charges to Australia were factored in it was an extra 80ish as well. Things is rough for us overseas collectors. Import charges kill my soul.
  8. Yeah, I'll take some propper shots when I get it in hand. Cheers.
  9. If it sits in the 9 range I'll be more than happy for the price. I thought it had a shot in that range, but again, I'm pretty rubbish with grading, hence why I'm here. There's no spine ticks that I can see, the corners are sharp aside from the bottom right which looks a little blunted (this may just be the photo, I won't know until it's in hand) And the staining on the back. Cheers for that link.
  10. I just grabbed a secret wars lot from ebay for a decent price. They all look in great shape, but just wondering what number 8 would grade at if submitted. There are some slight stains on the back cover These are just photos from the listing. Any advice is appreciated!