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  1. I have not been able to find the answer, but is that not Deathlok on the cover and can anyone tell me is he actually in the book story wise. As he is one of my all time favorites( yeah I'm old school. any hints if he is as too any real story about him there. Thanks in advance for reading. Peace.
  2. its the one that allows you tp peel and then claim a digital copy of the or a comic
  3. I know it sometimes leaves a little square mark on the back cover, so I would love to hear someone that knows about this as well., I saw an article about it, when I re locate it I will get that link to you. will also ask a guy that presses for people in a comic shop near here and try to get his in put as well. good luck and you get a real answer before then please, share it with me
  4. you just gotta look over that part, comes with the territory. I have a few I got graded that is because I love the comic personally and wanted it graded since it was of my favorite character, some only are in for the profit margin, twhich is ok for them, but some collect what they want and means to them, like me. You want them graded, do it. now if they wanna pay for your bill?? hey then it may not be like the proverbial you know what that every one has.
  5. updates for those following 5 moderns- slow boat shipped - 6/23 received - 6/25 Received/CGC Submission Acknowledgement Email: 6/25 Scheduled for Grading 7/29
  6. is that not over the posted turn around time???
  7. it is what it is bro, I wish I had been able to get a signing myself,
  8. Well that makes my 6/25 seem even more hopeless,
  9. same here, been sitting in received since 6/25????