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  1. You can use the CrossOver service, link to article:
  2. I have a CGC Venom: Lethal Protector 1 Gold that was signed, but not witnessed. It was supposed to get a green label, showing as Qualified in the registry, but they put the blue label on it by mistake. You'd think that was good, but it's an awkward situation. Always draws a raised eyebrow. Maybe I can sell it as an Error copy, CGC's error.
  3. This sounds like the most plausible explanation - the married page theory. But if that is likely the case, shouldn't it say specifically "married pages"?. I can see trimming the pages if they are not lining up properly, to make the comic look more legit, but it should be disclosed and/or identified as such. A lot of collectors want the comic to be in original condition, not altered, and married would certainly fall into that category. Some won't care, but all should be informed.
  4. Yes, it's possible they just ran the wrong color label through the process. I just looked it up, and grade category is showing as "Apparent". That should be Qualified green label, I believe. Ooops.
  5. I hardly think CGC is giving any preference due to a $5 label purchase. Not a factor. I don't like the treatment of the grading on this comic for the reason you bring up. Restoration is usually defined as something added or removed to approve appearance. Trimming of ANYTHING meets that criteria. Having supposedly been given a restoration check, this comic should not have passed, given that the label states that they are aware of the restoration. Trimming is not a condition issue, as a torn page might be. It is a man made attempt to remove unsightly chipping, probably. This should be a Purple Label Of Death. Is this a comic you purchased? Was the fact that the label said "trimming" disclosed to you? Did you have photos to review before purchasing? Or is one you sent in, not knowing it was trimmed, and would have preferred it came back with the PLOD?
  6. I send comics in myself, but not usually anything over a $200 raw value, and usually post 1975. My understanding of the tier system is that you can send it in for the lowest it qualifies for, such as you mention on your ASM 300. If you think it is a low grade, and under $200 value, it can go as a Modern. I mean, how do you know? The prices go by grade, and THAT'S why you are sending it in - to get a grade! But, if it was a Silver Age book, you have to start with the Value tier, just due to time period. CGC will tell you, in general, it goes by your Declared Value on the form. That's there so they know what to insure it for while in their possession. If you have a comic that is worth $800, and submit it as Modern with a Declared Value of only $180, if something happens to it, you are only going to get $180 for it. A bit of a risk. Also, I believe they have the right to move a book to a higher tier if it is of obviously higher value. Don't worry, they won't forget to bill you.
  7. I was interested in this answer also, so I did a simulated submission of 25 comics. Nowhere BEFORE entering the comics' info did any choice of pre-screening appear. After putting them in my cart and going to checkout, a small check box appears at the bottom that says "Pre-screen comics". When I check the box, I can select my pre-screen minimum grade for that group of comics.
  8. Show interest in one of his higher priced items by sending a message like this: "I'm interested in bidding on this item, but I haven't heard back on combining the auctions I've already won. Wondering if there is some kind of problem I am not aware of." Maybe if he feels he will get a new, large sale, things will suddenly "change".
  9. And of course, the first appearance of the black costume itself is in Secret Wars 8.
  10. I have just 2 staples, slightly used, but not rusty, still bright. Do I have a 10.0 comic? There are absolutely no defects.
  11. It's not about gaming CGC. The grade is the grade, a professional opinion, but you can have a different outlook on it. He can call it a 10 if he wants to, but that is not the rub. It's changing photos and info to "match" the new higher assessment. That is what is misleading, and just plain wrong to do. That is not legit business conduct.
  12. Asked and answered, several time earlier by many. The practice is just fine, opinions differ. The embellishment with lies and probable photo manipulation to mislead well-meaning buyers is the crux of the problem. That tilts the table in the seller's favor unjustifiably. It's a form of a con. People fall for scams all the time, but that doesn't make it acceptable. We all have to watch out for each other. If I'm stepping into a trap, I'd sure like someone to tip me off. The best way is to rid ourselves of the landmines, and those planting them.
  13. You could make sure you have buffered acid-free backing boards. I don't think the poster board not being acid-free matters, since it doesn't come in contact with the comics. I'm presuming each is in a bag or Mylar holder.
  14. You ARE "missing something here". The seller is using likely deceptive methods to portray his advertisement of the comic. You can't hold a buyer responsible for information that is withheld, or overstated. It's presented under deceptive practices. As stated earlier in this epic long thread, the seller is manipulating the photos - lighting changes to wash out flaws, angle changes to miss them completely, etc. You are not being shown accurately what you are bidding on. The seller "is not a grading expert", but wants you to rely on his dubious photos to make "your own decision". Then there's the misdirection with the provenance of the comic, not at all this One Owner comic purchased off the newsstand decades ago, tucked away, etc. It was bought recently in an auction, cracked out, and re-presented. So those are what are known as LIES. No one would have a problem if he did what you say - buy it,crack it, ask if someone would like to buy it. But the listing is purposely meant to deceive someone, anyone, or everyone. It is at least misrepresentation, a form of fraud, or possibly worse. It's the type of behavior that gives all sellers a bad name, causes damage to a great hobby and industry, makes buyers withdraw from the marketplace, and has to be ridden out of town on a rail car.