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  1. Saw this one at a shop today and I couldn’t pass it up for over half off cover. My omnibus purchasing has really been Guardians focused recently.
  2. I went hunting this weekend and brought home some fun stuff. Double Cover Sword and Sorcery, Megaton 3, and First Beta Ray Bill were the highlights, but the others are fun as well
  3. I bought a lot of M.U.S.C.L.E figures from Srezvan and it was a great transaction. He gave me a good deal on them and shipped quick and safely. Would definitely do business with again!
  4. This one showed up today! Got a spot for it right next to my New Warriors Omnibus. Can’t wait to dig into this 90’s awesomeness.
  5. 19-26 I was cleaning up today and forgot about these. I read them right at the start of the year and then set them aside to be filed. Maestro: Great ending to this Maestro origin tale. Already signed up for the next Maestro mini. I love Peter David’s return to the Jade Giant. Marvel: these are fun. I’m typically a fan of anthology style books. Bounty Hunters: I was losing interest but 4Lom and Zuckuss joining the fray have kept me into it. I’d be happier if the main character was “retired” so we could get more of the Gand and Droid duo. Tr
  6. Scored this for a buck today. I didn’t realize it was a flip book until recently and remembered seeing the other side showing in the bin the last time I was there. I swung back by today and it was still there.
  7. 1-18 Finally getting around to logging my reads this year. I’ve been working on a long series that I’ll log at a later time, but in between chapters, I’ve been trying to keep up with my 2020 pull list. Future State: So far this has been fun. I’ve been grabbing as many as I can, though I won’t be reading all of them as my income isn’t that disposable. So far, my favorites have been Wonder Woman, Justice League, Next Batman, and Justice League. Superman/Wonder Woman was also pretty good. While being dropped into the middle of a new setting isn’t typically a problem to me
  8. It’s on my to-read pile.
  9. I scored a couple fun ones today. The Wonder Woman cover is very striking and was in pretty nice condition for the price.
  10. Score this at thrift shop for a buck. Thought I was getting a cheap GN, didn’t realize it was a scarce printing.
  11. Hit up another antique mall yesterday and the single issues were priced at fifty cents and magazines were $1. I think I made out pretty well.
  12. Hit up a shop that’s off my usual path. Scored these putting me closer to finishing the Cates Venom run and my Harbinger run. $30 for the stack seemed pretty fair.
  13. Hit up an antique mall today and I found a few cool books. Nothing over the rainbow valuable, but some to keep and a couple that I will flip. Most expensive book was the Beetlejuice at $5.
  14. Could you do $20 shipped to Oregon?