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  1. Something from Batman Annual 2...
  2. Hey All, Does anyone live near Madison, NJ and can interface with Lee Weeks on my behalf? I’ve been trying to reach him to purchase some OA but he’s been elusive. There’s a signing at Dewey’s comic city coming up in a couple weeks if anyone is in the neighborhood and can hook me up. Thanks. JH
  3. I really enjoyed the recent War of Jokes and Riddles arc. Alas no original art from it exists...
  4. I’m a fan of this book and of Sean. Very talented guy, taking a new approach to tried and true characters. Always welcome in my book! God bless him if he can get those prices for some of the pages. There are certain pages I would go to the mat for and others that I think have rather pedestrian content despite his talent. There should be more flexibility in pricing, with some pedestrian pages priced accordingly but that’s just IMO. If he would rather hold on to pages than sell them at lower prices, it’s up to him. I’ll be reading, and hopefully will grab the right page at some point. JH
  5. Some great comic art in that collection! Was psyched to see it in person on my one trip to LA this year...
  6. Saw it on eBay. Couldn't place it either...
  7. Thanks for the feedback so far all. I found an art storage location that also allows antique furniture to be stored so I am keeping everything together. The rest of my furniture I'm parting with. As much as I like some of my friends I don't want to burden them with the responsibility of holding onto valuable pieces of art. I can only imagine if "something" were to happen its an easy way to cause stress in the friendship. Maybe in a year or two I would be able to conceive of selling more but for right now I couldn't do it. If the move became (semi) permanent I would just find a way to ship everything over. I have to come back to the US from time to time so maybe the Cartoon Art Museum will find a new home in a few months and can display the art after that...
  8. Hi All, I have a first world problem I could use some advice on. I have a great opportunity to travel and work abroad for about a year or more if all goes well. I am wrestling with what this means for my collection of about 15 or so framed pieces....Advice appreciated. All my options seem terrible. I will be based in Budapest and currently live in LA. I am putting some furniture into storage. Here are the options I've considered so far: 1) Ship everything overseas in the frame - Costly and puts the art at great risk of loss, damage, or customs. Not sure what could happen and frankly will not have space for everything once I arrive. Also would prefer not to be a target as a tourist abroad with an art collection in tow. 2) Remove everything from the frames and hand carry the art while shipping the frames. Huge hassle and still has some of the drawbacks of #1. Plus have to reframe everything once I arrive. 3) Put everything into storage here in LA. Typical storage places aren't necessarily climate controlled and have heard some horror stories of break ins. 4) Put everything into art storage. More costly but this is currently the front runner. 5) Tried to put my art on loan to the cartoon art museum in San Francisco but they are in between locations. This would have been my preferred solution. Would love to have the art on display somewhere while traveling so others can enjoy while I cannot. Any other ideas? I feel like I'm in between a rock and a hard place...seems like it will be a great life experience but it's incongruous with owning a physical collection of treasured objects. Thanks. JH
  9. Brett where are you? This thread is for us. My very first OA purchase was a hard fought eBay win over Brett. A Thompson Sandman page which went for $1000 back in 2005. I then discovered this board where he mentioned he lost out on the page. Friend/nemesis for life after that. We went on to overlap on Sandman, Ex Machina, Preacher, and Y the Last Man. We even got caught up in a blind bidding situation on a Sandman cover which cost me about $7K and led to my first retirement from the hobby I was so butthurt. (Not Brett's fault) He still has a cover I would kill for. Since I buy so much less these days we haven't gone toe to toe in awhile but we had some good times.
  10. Thanks man. I will make a decision on this in the next week or so.
  11. As I took a bit of a step back in volume this year, I sold two pieces to pick up two pieces. They are great ones though. My entries for the "Best of 2015" are: In the "Cover" category: Batman #438 & Portfolio Cover by George Perez And in the "Interiors" category: Sandman #19 page by Charles Vess Thanks for checking them out! J
  12. Hopefully it will be a happy 2016 and I will find one of these pages...
  13. Aww I am no longer the high bidder. Was fun while it lasted...