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  1. Hi I’ve recently got back into comic collecting and would like to CGC some books. This one I am not clear on. I’ve had this book for a very long time, I got it for 65.00 which seemed like a good deal back then. There was a company some of you will remember a magazine called Wizard, and they had a ‘more protective’ comic case available at the time, which had their logo on the bottom right. This prevented fading where the logo was. Now it’s very faintly visible. So it’s not ink that damaged the book but rather the sun damage didn’t hit where the logo was. I think I had this book on my wall for a bit in 2000-2002. there is also some sort of damage on the bottom left (if looking at cover). It hits the entire book. This was how I got the book, may have been a newsstand/packing issue. So I am trying to get a general idea on the grade. I’ve learned a lot the last 3-4 months on grading but not near some of the detailed feedback I’ve read. Im also curious if I should press this, and or dry clean. Thanks for any input. Tried to give a good amount of photos, can provide more.
  2. Again, there are multiple solutions and there is and obvious problem. Science, facts, creativity (solutions) were accepted. I noted I understood the issue, and noted some solutions like creating extrusions by .5 mm, and what do you know...cgc made an announcement 4 days ago, noting the problem, people are not happy about it, and that they are working towards a solution. And their solution is basically the first suggestion I made. Hearing about the problem and creating a solution, this is what good businesses do. So thinking that 85% (made up stat) of people are fine with it, no need for solution, science/facts denies a solution, were all wrong. Also, trying to convince the community that they should live with it hinders the company from hearing about the problem. Bring on the crappy memes while cgc makes improvements!
  3. What’s hilarious is you’ve resorted to making up stats to back up your ideas and now sinking lower to memes.
  4. I’m not sure where you are getting that I don’t care about science. I am not denying science, I am bringing up a concern with the product. Again, I think there is a solution. If you think science locks out any solutions, I disagree strongly. I’m also confused where I said I don’t care that CGC doesn’t care, but I am aware that they are closing in on a monopoly as others have mentioned, in my initial post. That doesn’t mean I don’t care. Can you share your source of data for that 85%? Generally curious where that conclusion originated from. Resorting to name calling is low energy, but if you feel the need to lash out, knock yourself out.
  5. Low energy response. I’m not bitter and angry, my life is wonderful. Poor products should be called out, this is how the world turns. If you cant understand why people would complain and scratch their heads about a paid service giving a product that has a valid issue surfacing over and over - I’m not sure what to tell you. Again, there are multiple obvious solutions. World improved by finding problems and giving solutions. This is a problem, period.
  6. Maybe the card grading companies don’t want their cases to look like mess so they don’t double plastic. Maybe if they did they would build out small extrusions to seperat the the two by a mm. There are a mass of smart solutions out there. Is it that complex to accept that there could be another solution? Should all businesses give up when they put out a product that receives complaints? your analogy with a popsicle box is moronic. I’m not sure it’s even worth entertaining since it’s so distant. Feel free to try again if you can muster up some more wit. If you believe there is no parallels to displayability to slabbed collectibles, I am not sure what to tell you. Good luck selling your dish soap slabs. You’re starting to just sound like some company shill. Yawn.
  7. I refuse to buy any slab with the defect. I would instantly return any book that has this issue. It’s a defected product. The service is to protect and to ensure a displayable piece with their grading and encapsulation. ‘Hey man looks like someone spilled some dish detergent in your slab.’ Awesome. If it looks like to some weird oil ring looking things, it’s a defective product and a failed service. The rest is poor excuses in this thread. I get that cgc has a monopoly ‘and the money keeps rollin in’ as others have mentioned but it’s poor business practice regardless. I have a very large collection of Beckett and PGS graded cards that use sonic sealing as well and I have never, ever seen this effect in graded cards. Ever. The problem is that there is a mass of collectors that just accept this - then offer solutions like shoving a piece of paper in the slab to fix it. Seriously? How about the issue gets looked at with some severity by cgc. Overall I like their services, but the ring issue is a very serious lack of care by the business.
  8. You guys are awesome, thanks for all your perspectives! I’m going to go with the 7. I’m still going to work on digging deeper into page/paper quality re:shelf life. If I find something worth noting I will share!
  9. Ha! Totally. I love the blob (and deathlok!). Thank you guys for your responses! It is for collection purposes, so it isn’t a value thing. Can’t say I hate value but this is something I will hold for a long time. The 7.0 is gorgeous, has no spine dents etc and very vivid cover- never seen sun. Corners are sharp. Reputable dealer who says he is only owner and just got slabbed. Looks like 8 or 9. But ya, cream to off white pages. I’ve heard that bad page quality can knock you out of higher numerical grades with cgc, but not sure on this. 6.5 has smaller spine dents and looks like a 6 or 6.5. Maybe someone could argue it’s a 5.5 because looks like it may have the shaken cgc syndrome. But of course, White Pages. My biggest hurdle is my lack of knowledge with paper quality. Since ‘cream’ is closer to brittle than white, should there be long term concern? With 10-20 years wouldn’t a cream start to get much worse? With the white grade it’s not necessarily about vanity to me, I’m more concerned about deterioation. But I’m not sure on page life (researching for info yesterday, no luck) so I’m really curious on shelf life and also what sort of protection CGC slabs really offer the comic. Thanks for any insight!
  10. I was wondering if you guys could help me out on a decision I’m making on a purchase between two different cgc grades. I have two options: CGC 7.0 Cream to Off White pages or CGC 6.5 White pages (less presentable cover) The 7.0 has a vibrant clean cover and clean back- beautiful...but cream to off white makes me worry that the book is on its way to deterioation. So maybe the 6.5 is the correct choice. I have read the book many times in the past so my only big concern with pages is deterioration. Tough for me to call it, so if you have a snap decision with reasoning I’d love to hear it. Thanks!
  11. Hi I’ve recently got back into comic collecting and would like to CGC some books. This one I am not clear on. It seems like some pages were trimmed, but not sure. If you look by staple there are some pages that look shorter, trimmed. I’m wondering if this book is a total failure grade wise- I’d like to slab but not even sure I’d get a 0.5. It does have MVS. More pics below. Thanks for any help, excited to be part of the community!