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  1. Absolutley agree with Lions Den! You can see how it is BADLY trimmed. When you hold the book open and look at the edge of the book versus the vertical comic panel lines it is obvious. Not going to be graded well. What a shame...
  2. Looks like there is some staining right below the guys hand and to the left and right. i know that will take it down a notch. I would say 8.0 but presents much nicer.
  3. Nice copy for which the biggest defect is a 'B-' written on the first page (no bleed thru), as if to grade the quality of the story (seriously, what a let down from AF #15!). Good colors and lays flat. About to send this into CGC along with my previously posted Amazing Fantasy 15 . Guess this one too in case you missed!
  4. I did TwoPiece, wanted to see if anyone could tell. for that, I declare you winner
  5. Thanks so much for offering me a prize, but the prize to me is the fun of the contest. Thanks again for doing this!
  6. Lower than I thought, but I missed a light water stain on the back. Still, what's the ROI on my 25 cents???
  7. Very happy with this grade! Made the top 10 graded books!!
  8. Hi Fellow ASM #1 owners! Here's my copy which I'll be having graded soon. Has a 'B-' written on the first page but a solid book. i wonder what this meant to whoever wrote it? Perhaps they were grading the story. Pretty weak compared to AF 15. Luckily it gathers steam quickly after that!!
  9. Here is a book that is really nice except for a small divot in the cover on the soldiers helmet. it does not go through any of the pages. Otherwise lies flat and good gloss. Should it be slabbed?