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  1. I sent an ASM #10 to CGC a while back. They declined to C&P it, then got it back with a dissapointing 4.5. I forgot about the smudges on the back. Otherwise seems solid, deserving of a better grade. Would a C&P help this? Grading notes: crease left top of back cover stain full top of back cover stain left top of front cover black light shot included to try to highlight smudging Thanks!
  2. 3.5 not sure a press would help but i would do it. but WAIT! What is she going to do that will get his attention? is the nude painting in the background a clue?!?!
  3. Wait... why would you put a target on your chest?!?! Just sayin'. (Cool book!)
  4. Seems pretty solid except a bit of a ding in the back lower right...
  5. Value stamp intact! (i was afraid to open it for about a year )
  6. Hoping a C&P will remove the wrinkles and a bit of surface dirt...
  7. Maybe it's the perspective, but is it trimmed? seems to taper at the bottom a bit... Nice book though!
  8. I bought this in my nieve days from a 'Terry C Lutz' on ebay who listed it as unrestored (shame on you Terry!). Besides the tape, there is color touch on the edges. Worth getting slabbed? Should i have the tape removed? Not even sure what i would insure it for...
  9. My favorite muderous Santa cover, by far...
  10. Some weird stamp issue on the front? on the back a folder corner but doesn't break color so i assume it can be pressed out???
  11. Who knew science could be so fun??? a bit missing on the bottom left, and a bit of fading near the spine. although the spine is pretty good othewise.
  12. What's with the green ink on the edge? Drunken printing press operator? Will it detract from the grade???
  13. Some light tanning (apologies small bit of back cover edge not shown but no defects)
  14. Spidey appears with some light tanning and a sloppy date stamp...