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  1. Two key “collecting milestones” for me were getting a hold of a copy of Hulk 181 (a 3.0 SS signed by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe), and later on, one of the Sideshow Collectibles diorama statues based on that iconic cover. Showed both here side by side with a graded 7.0 I’d acquired more recently, amidst a backdrop of 181 facsimiles and other slabs in my custom display cabinet/ drawer.
  2. Thanks! Yes I LOVE pairing books with statues/ figure!
  3. Haven’t posted a journal here in a loooong time, and have never attached a hyperlink to a journal post before (so not sure if this will work). Below is a link to a Custom Set I’ve been trying to update for the last several months. Focus is on comic books signed by celebrities (actors/ actresses). Another thing “unique” about it (I think!) is that I’ve also been trying to create photos to go with each slab showing the comic book along with a few of my other collectibles (statues, figures, etc). Still havent been able to complete shots for all, but getting close and hope to get this done
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