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  1. Thanks guys, will wait to hear back from ze-man and 427impaler
  2. K thank you, have you used any other restore service? Or know of anyone that might be able to help out?
  3. I am not sure or aware of what is considered "top of the line" professional. Is CGC restoration considered top of the line?
  4. That is great news to hear! Thank you for your advice/opinion! Happen to have any suggestions on who i can use to check this book out?
  5. Hey everyone. So I have recently acquired a Famous Funnies 1 and I am wanting to maybe restore the back cover and wanted some of your guys opinions since I am pretty clueless on the restore process. First off, the front cover has clear restore done. You can see at the top, right and bottom of the comic is restored, amateurishly, but doesn't present bad at all in my opinion. The back cover didnt get that treatment so it appears that the back is missing a large portion from the top, left and bottom. The book is complete, and the pages are light cream and no brittleness. For a book from 1934 it appears to be in great shape. Here are some questions: 1) The front cover is clearly amateurly done, would getting a pro to restore it help raise the grade? (Like, get them to remove the portion that is already done, and getting a pro to re-do it....) Or is the grade as is going to remain the same either way? 2) The back cover, if restored properly, would it raise the grade? If yes, how much could it raise it by? 3) Now the other way around, if I could a pro to REMOVE the front restoration, would that bring the book to a universal grade? If yes, would that be worth doing or? Any help at all in this matter would be appreciated greatly!
  6. Thanks guys! I am glad its appreciated here! I of course was a bit hesitant about purchasing a golden-ager that doesnt have captain america, superman or batman on it lol. I am really excited to get it, as well as the envelope it originally came in! Since its heavily restored, I may look into restoring the back if it'll raise the grade as well.
  7. Thanks! I really wanted it and have wanted it for awhile but the book barely ever comes up for sale, never the less raw. So I decided last week I was gonna drop 1500 usd for it and thankfully got it for half of that.
  8. Anyone know a recent Gerber scarcity rating for Famous Funnies 1? I recently acquired a complete copy of it and was curious since it's the first monthly newsstand comic book just how rare/scarce it is. Heritage auctions states in a scarcity of 9... Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Hey guys, quick question for you all... I have acquired an action comics 4 that was coverless from PGX. Of course, I wanted it OUT of that slab and into a CGC slab asap. It is quite apparent that someone had glued a cover/back cover on the first/last page of the book (as you can see on the spine), then removed it and sent it to be graded by PGX . I have since then removed the comic itself from the PGX slab, counted the pages myself and can confirm every page is there, then I got a color xerox copy of the front cover/back cover (with interior cover) and attached it with archival tape because I looooove this cover! I know that if I sent it in to get universal grade it would get a "NO GRADE", but could I send it in to get qualified grade? If yes, would it be more then "NO GRADE"? I have uploaded pictures of the book, one with it in the PGX slab. Notes from PGX grading: (Coverless / Tape along spine & top edge, brittle at three corners), and the other pic shows it removed from the PGX slab, with the color copy cover attached. I can confirm that the book is brittle especially the first page, but the rest of the book is actually in decent shape. Please let me know! Thanks! -Ryan