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  1. Submit them yourself. You have more control. The less hands on your comics, the better. I would not send more than 4 comics the first time. You will have to do some homework- e.g watch youtube videos and research other forums. I actually did not submit my first comics till a couple months after buying my CGC membership - I had thousands of doubts and questions! Also- as you go through the process, don't hesitate to post any questions or concerns on this forum. There are some very kind and helpful people here. After you get past the first sub, it will be MUCH easier the next time! Good Luck!
  2. You are right, Arak. In fact, migmtl should wait till Christmas is over and gone. Early sales for Black Friday have already started, and people will be spending most of their money through on-line and store front retail venues. After Black Friday, everyone is focused on gifts for Christmas (again retail)- clothing, electronics, etc (very rarely slabbed comics!). Then, in January, everyone will be experiencing "credit card shock" when they receive their bills, and they won't be spending because they will be reevaluating their financial situation! Best bet- wait till February or March to start selling your slabbed comics. Now is the time to BUY slabbed comics! Of course, if you really need money, then by all means sell. I would definitely use the minimum 70% FMV starting bid, and end Sunday late evening. You may want to consider 10pm EST. Most people on the east coast are still awake at that time, and you'll give the Central and Pacific timers an extra hour to wrap up their Sunday activities.
  3. Thanks for the entertainment , everybody. Funny stuff! But all jokes aside, it's appears to be a pretty nice looking 8.0.
  4. This comic was just given a CVA Exceptional sticker a few days after the auction started. I'm not real familiar with the CVA sticker. Can anyone offer info? Thanks.
  5. Yeah, I'm probably missing something simple. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for your replies. Hmm.....I'm having trouble figuring out why this got a 6.0. Cover looks better than several of my other graded SA that received 8.0 and higher. No grader notes on front cover. Back cover- light crease right top of back cover multiple creases left top of back cover. But I've had those same grader notes on other SA comics that have graded higher. What am I missing?
  7. Thanks for replying. So if I'm understanding correctly, it's two separate defects- 1) Staples in the wrong place, and 2) A misrap. Any idea how much these defects affect a grade? Which one is considered more severe?
  8. What is this printing defect (or defects) called? I posted some pictures, hoping they are clear. The staples are in the back of the book, not on the spine. And the spine is folded so that part of the cover is on the back of the book. This comic looks like an 8-8.5. I'm guessing it received a 6.0 because of the mentioned defects.
  9. Hello. Does anyone have a checklist for buying a CGC graded comic at auction? Also- What is your checklist for buying a graded comic out of, face to face, etc? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  10. Regarding your first question- You asked a "why" question, as I did in my original post. Your answer regarding the bidding process answers a "how" question, not a why question. Regarding your second question- Nope, not my book. But I have one in similar grade and I'm trying to get ideas on when to send it to auction. Looks like everyone else got the idea of my OP and gave me some good info. I hope I continue to see more informative responses. Have yourself a great weekend, my friend!
  11. Yeah, this crossed my mind once or twice- seasonal effects on prices. I'm still new to the auction side of CGC comic books.