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  1. Wow this Thread is Jedi mind melt I just wasted more time reading it and with no resolution as far as pics of the book and there is no way I would grade a book with out a scan and that is not always accurate either nothing like having the book in your hands to grade it ! Seriously though I Love CGC and have had Grades not go my way with more going my way then not I mean when you send books expecting 9.6 and it comes back 9.8 you always smile but when you send in thinking 9.4 and it comes back 9.2 not smiling quite as much I have done many victory dances and I can assure you its more times then not ! The grade on your book and its a wag its a 7.0 to a 9.2 but I guess that is what you are not looking for ! My first Post in what feels like years LOL Davidking623
  2. Wow Mike is a super Responsive guy to work with and Lightning Payment seriously, on a Marvel Spotlight 5 ! Appreciate working with this Super Buyer ! Thanks Mike ! David Davidking623
  3. Hi This a Nice Orginal Owner book that I picked up locally here in my area in Coeur D Alene Idaho the book looks unpressed to me as I am sure he never did press it ! That being said the Price Shipped Priority insured is 1280.00 Personal Check or Postal Money Order No Returns Rules and trumps all in my thread No Execptions Thanks Davidking623
  4. That 4.00 dollar does surprise me but Cool ! Davidking623
  5. Especially when your selling them that low ! Davidking623
  6. Well that is nice advice and I probably maybe kinda knew where I could find them but moved a little 5 months ago and am a little unsure where to start right now I have so many Comics in my house I have put myself on slow buy this year ! Thanks for the advice !
  7. Me Too seems to be 1 in every other collection I buy . Davidking623
  8. I ship bulk books Media Mail its almost as fast as Priority mostly they really improved it !
  9. Great Deal obviously to the buyer I never find stuff like this on craigslist anymore and if I did they would want more then this Davidking623
  10. I think as a seller your always Cherry Picking yourself ! David Davidking623