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  1. It looks like one of those wedges they sometimes put in. Kind of a long straight line to be a crack (but then plastic is funny that way).
  2. Well (just in case anyone is interested), I did get the CGC Graded books back yesterday, and my book that was graded 8.0 without Graders Notes is well looks like it was starting to be folded based on a crunch about 3/4 of the way down the spine. HOWEVER (and I'm not blaming CGC, or the post office, as I have no idea what the box looked like when it was delivered) THAT "crunch" was not on the book when it left my place (or it would have stayed) and it was buried deep in a cardboard sandwich of seven other books (thick cardboard between each), and that "sandwich" was double wrapped in bubble wrap. It is odd that this one did not receive graders notes. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but I'd love to know what happened to it. I may have to use it for a TV dinner food tray now. Thanks for reading! DJ
  3. That's what I was hoping...either that or the "defect" will be very evident when it arrives (which will be very surprising to me considering what it looked like when I shipped it) as I'm not sure if there would be something written down and available when I call to inquire. Definitely new territory for me.
  4. Looks like we posted replies at about the same time. Thanks for adding the "request Universal Blue Label" clarification. I've read in other posts that you may be able to ask about this, but never saw for sure if that kind of request would be honored.
  5. Actually, there is really only one way to have a comic book graded on the Signature Series label, and that is to have it witnessed by a CGC rep who ensures chain of custody from the singing to CGC for grading. The Certificate Of Authenticity does not give CGC any guarantees on the signer of the book and as such is no help in trying to get a Signature Series label. This witness rule is (as far as I've seen and experienced) no open to exceptions. Which actually lends significant credibility to CGC graded books with Signature Series labels. At best, you will get a Green Qualified label with a statement of something like "Name written on front cover in marker" if the book is graded high. You could get a lower grade and be given the Blue Universal label. I understand that you can request the book to be graded in the Universal label category and accept the lower grade, but I've not actually had that done, so I can not confirm. I hope this helps you decide what to do. DJ
  6. Greetings Everyone. I was wondering if anyone would care to chime in on the lowest graded comic they received that did not have grader's notes. I have an 8.0 modern (2017 Star Wars Action Figure variant) coming back (expect delivery next week) and I was very surprised to see this as I take super good care of all my books. As far as I was concerned, when it left my house, it was easily a 9.6 if not a 9.8. I was a little surprised that no grader's notes were made available as I've gotten notes for books with 9.4 grades. I know I can call CGC to ask them about this and was wondering if anyone else has made this call to CGC (when graders' notes were not available) and what kind of response you received. Thanks for the input! DJ
  7. Congrats! Always a happy day when they arrive (unless the box is crushed...then it's a whole new ball game...)
  8. That's interesting...maybe give it another try on Monday. Every time I've gone in to USPS for a missing package, they have been able to do a different type of search that tells more than the tracking I see online. I have had some of the post office folks tell me there was nothing THEY could do, but I'm always referred to someone who does have access to internal tracking. Best of luck, I do know how very frustrating this can be and is! DJ
  9. I didn't see any announcement, but I also had a "Scheduled for grading" invoice revert to "Received" and the inventory for that invoice was removed (or rather the hyperlink is no longer available.)
  10. I had a very similar situation back in April. The package left Sarasota FL and arrived in San Antonio TX (was shipped UPS). Then I waited for delivery and it never showed up. 3 days went by and it still never showed up, so I called UPS (in your case, I recommend contacting USPS to have them look at it using a different system then what can bee seen on the tracking) and they put a missing package notice out (I think that's what they called it.) Even though it was showing as in San Antonio, somehow it ended up in New Jersey but it was not showing tracking updates UNTIL they put the missing package notice on it. I then took 10 days to make it back to San Antonio as it was misrouted to Indiana for a few days, then back to New Jersey (tracking NEVER updated until the day before it was finally delivered). When I finally received it, there was nothing wrong with the box or the label...just UPS mishandling. Outside of calling UPS, I contacted CGC as (according to UPS customer service) they would have to file any insurance claim on the package. CGC was very open to whatever could be done to help me and I kept them posted the whole time. I'd recommend calling USPS first for ANY information they can provide, and then contact CGC in case an insurance claim needs to be filed. The sad part is I'm sure the claim can only be for the stated value when you sent the comic books in, so if you didn't list it as over $10,000 pre graded, it can only be covered for the stated value. Of course if you DID list state the value of over $10,000.00, you should be ok. Best of luck on this and keep us posted on the outcome. DJ
  11. There is not a formal shipping label. When I ship USPS, I just print the CGC PO Box (found in the "How to Submit" section) on the front of the box. Since you are using UPS, make sure you DO NOT use the PO Box (UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes). Here is the address to take to UPS when you have them process your package: 5501 Communications Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34240. Best of luck! DJ
  12. You should be able to go to the initial email you (should have) received after you submitted the form. In that email there should be a link to the packing slip. If you don't have the email, I'd recommending calling CGC Customer Service and ask if they can send you the link again. Best of luck and let us know what happens! Welcome to the boards! DJ
  13. I've never sent in any silver age books, so I don't know if that style increases the wait time. Maybe someone else can share some experience or information on this. Hope you see/hear something soon. DJ
  14. If the collection is in NM condition, I would have bought it for $700 if was looking for a complete collection of the original books (and the new 108), but not as an option to resell. That's about $6.50 a book and I've seen some comic book shops pricing the "common" issues at $10 starting (and not always in the best condition). So, I'd see it as a good deal to add to my Star Wars Collection. Great find! DJ