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  1. I think Jittererer means the sticker is inside the plastic case. I've not really paid attention to that on mine, but I think CGC currently has the top sticker on the inside and on older cases, it was on the outside.
  2. I'm not sure if eBay tracks that like for buyer (non-paying event), but you should be able to leave feedback. I know when a case is closed due to non-paying, feedback can't be left, but if the payment was just refunded, maybe you still can. As far as trends, I can honestly say, I've been using eBay since 2006 and I've never had that happen, specifically in recent times. Sorry to hear about the situation as I can imagine it has to be frustrating (not to mention other opportunities you may have passed up for these two). DJ
  3. Cool...I would expect you'd see a status change any day now (keep in mind the holiday season CGC may have reduced hours of business), but it never hurts to call CGC. At best you know they have the books...that's always a plus. Keep us posted on your situation! DJ
  4. It really depends on a lot of factors. If you sent in for a CCS pressing as well, then your books will sit at "Received" for quite some time (about 16-18 weeks). After CCS pressing they will sit at "Received" until they move forward in the queue for grading. If you didn't send in for CCS pressing, then you could see a change any day now. It will also depend on the tier you signed up for. I only have experience with the modern tier (except for some pressing in the Value tier, and I mentioned pressing above) and the longest my books sat in "Received" without pressing was 36 calendar days. So it just depends on how busy they are. I can not stress enough how important patience is in this process. As long a time as I've waited for some of these, they always move forward in the process eventually. You can always call or write to CGC with questions and while they normally can't give you day-by-day estimates, they can give you a rough )weeks) estimate on workload based on how you submitted. Hope that helps and welcome to the boards! DJ
  5. A huge yell of THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS to Don (otherwise known as 707Comics). Not only hits a home run, with gift selection, but also wins the packing ingenuity award for using mini candy cases as internal packing. And to be honest, I did not buy candy canes this year and was talking about that last I have enough to get me to next year. As for the Star Wars goodies, I am a fan of Star Wars and I have no issues with any of the movies, shows, comics, books, etc. I find some good in all of it (and yes, that goes for the Holiday Special too). This was great as I don't have much Dark Horse material and I can honestly say, with the exception of one book, I didn't have any of these, so thank you SOOOOOOOO much! This is a great gift that will be treasured for a very long time! DJ
  6. I saw this earlier this year with circulated, ungraded 2019 W quarters. eBay had them for upwards of $150 each (going for around $15 now). Granted they are limited to two million each issue, but $150 right out of the gate? I found four of the first issue in my change in February and thought that the market must have been flooded and minting numbers were incorrect, but I've since found none of any issue, so who knows.
  7. Something arrived...and now the agonizing wait until Christmas Day!!!
  8. Sent mine out early last week...expecting it to be delivered this week...
  9. It's interesting that the eBay representative mention it's not a widespread issue. This similar situation happened to a friend of concerning a Tom-Tom GPS he sold on eBay. The buyer claimed it was broken and wanted to return it, however, all he did was stick a tracking number label on a small letter envelope and eBay stated that the tracking proved he sent it back. My friend was able to use the weight of the item he sent versus what was returned. Ebay originally provided a refund to the buyer and then sided with my friend and gave him his money back as well. In this case the item was only $62, and I assumed it was below the threshold of care (a term I use for when credit card companies will refund a buyers money and not seek reimbursement from the merchant as the cost to do so outweighs the refund). What is also interesting is during the discussion my friend was told "This happens all the time, usually for larger dollar amounts." It is so awesome that you got your money back...WELL deserved. Also sad that eBay is still enabling this type of behavior (I assume in their position of he said/he said, they could end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit from one side and probably figured it was financially prudent to keep out of that). I hope the police stepping in make a significant difference...gotta change it one buyer at a time.
  10. When I used to work credit card disputes, one of the key factors in "misrepresentation" was the description specific to the item. For example, you order a blue couch and receive a red couch...this would fall under the category as "Not as described". Unless the merchant stated "Couch color can be different then originally advertised based on stock" or something like that, and you agree to it, it's pretty cut and dry what "not as described" means. Also, this dispute works best when the merchant has been refusing to work with the customer...our first stop was always the merchant and most of the time they were unaware of the situation as the customer went straight to the dispute. if they refuse to work with the customer, we had dispute/chargeback rights and could intervene. Just looking the information you provided, if you advertised and presented images of a CGC Graded [specific comic book title] at 9.8, and that is what was delivered to the customer, there are no real chargeback/dispute rights as you delivered a CGC graded [specific comic book title] 9.8, regardless of the opinion of anyone else looking at the book in the holder (just because YOU don't think it's a 9.8, doesn't mean CGC has to grade along those lines). In that respect, there MAY be no dispute/chargeback rights for your customer. If the customer is claiming the comic book was damaged in the case during shipment, it now becomes "damaged or defective merchandise" and I don't think that can be "successfully" disputed 60 days after the transaction (although PayPal does have this 180 days thing going on. Doesn't mean the dispute will be successful). Of course after having written all that, those are the rules for VISA and MasterCard...PayPal may have other considerations, however, the credit side of the transaction is still subject to Federal Regulation Z, which allows the customer to dispute. I'd like to say that PayPal would do the correct level of investigation and make the right call (I'd like to say that). If it was insured for damage, I think the basic coverage is only good if your file a claim within 60 days (for USPS and UPS). My recommendation would be, when asked by PayPal, provide very brief points that describe the situation, if you provided insurance on the package, and the filling time for the insurance claim. Too much over detail will cause a lot of skipping over the words and may hurt your case (the PayPal folks who work these cases probably need to complete X number of cases per hour and reading a lot of information hurts the "completion rate"). I'm not sure if they will ask for pictures (we didn't do pictures where I worked as they weren't admissible to VISA or MasterCard during arbitration, at the time), but if they do, just send the ones that support the case. I've read that some people have been swapping out comic books from the CGC cases fraudulently. I'm not sure if PayPal would cover that type of issue should they find in favor of your customer and then you receive something you did not originally send. Best of luck on this and I do hope they find in your favor! DJ
  11. No, these were in standard comic book bag and boards. And you are right...I will probably call. I was just wondering if anyone else had experienced the lower grade books with no graders notes. The damage was a little something extra (that I was not aware of on the send). Definitely justifies the grade though.
  12. I'm hesitant to do that, as I know it's my word against anyone else, and I have no photographic proof. Just that I would not send a newer book out damaged, for grading. But thanks very much for some great advice!
  13. It looks like one of those wedges they sometimes put in. Kind of a long straight line to be a crack (but then plastic is funny that way).
  14. Well (just in case anyone is interested), I did get the CGC Graded books back yesterday, and my book that was graded 8.0 without Graders Notes is well looks like it was starting to be folded based on a crunch about 3/4 of the way down the spine. HOWEVER (and I'm not blaming CGC, or the post office, as I have no idea what the box looked like when it was delivered) THAT "crunch" was not on the book when it left my place (or it would have stayed) and it was buried deep in a cardboard sandwich of seven other books (thick cardboard between each), and that "sandwich" was double wrapped in bubble wrap. It is odd that this one did not receive graders notes. I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but I'd love to know what happened to it. I may have to use it for a TV dinner food tray now. Thanks for reading! DJ