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  1. I am thinking 5.0 OW/W pages. Not sure if I can go to 5.5 with a press and clean. What do you think ? Thanks
  2. Nice copy. I think it's a 7.0 CGC OW/W Pages. Maybe 7.5 when pressed and cleaned. What do you think ?
  3. Thanks for your opinion silversurfer27. I guess CGC would heavily penalize those pages that are semi-detached.
  4. No idea on the grade, the bottom left corner is the main issue... Thanks for your help
  5. Thanks for your input. I was even thinking 6.0. Of course cleaning the back will help and a press too.
  6. The main flaw is grease stain in back How does that affect the grade ? Thanks for your input !
  7. Thanks man. I won't click it. I did a pre-screen also so depending on the invoice amount, I will be able to tell how many were slabbed.
  8. Hi guys. So I submitted two seperate submissions of modern comics a month ago. I should be getting an update on the grading any day now. So my question is : How do I not spoil the results when CGC let's me know that the grading is done ? To that end, how does CGC let you know the results (by email or in the submissions tracking page)? I'd rather know the results when opening the boxes. Thanks
  9. Thanks for the info. Is there a chance CGC will downgrade from an old case? Meaning they grade again when re-holdering.
  10. Ok shame. So basically you have to crack open your slabs (PGX, CBCS) yourself and send them to CGC? If you have old CGC slabs and hand to have them slabbed do you use the Reholder service? Thanks
  11. Hi. Does CGC still offer this service? What's your experience having a CBCS silver age book go from CBCS to CGC ? Thanks