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  1. Thanks for you input guys. It was actually damaged when I received it. Thank god the seller accepted a return. Damn shame for such a classic comic.
  2. The corner dent is a bummer. Has some spine creases also. Grade (with press)? Slabe worthy? How much to sell raw? Thanks !!!
  3. Thanks Joey (and theCapraAegagrus). The book is probably at worst an 8.0, at best a 9.0. Another question: When I submit to CGC should I choose Pressing (as opposed to QuickPress) for such a defect? All the best !!!
  4. Hi guys, I have a nice copy of X-men 129 but it has one major flaw a corner dent. From experience, do you think pressing the dent will make it much better? Any way to save this beauty? Please see pics Thanks for your input !
  5. When you guys say Modern books what year does its start at? I have consulted a few sites and I never find the same info on ages. For me the 1980s is not modern but for some collectors it is. 30-35 year old comics are not modern to me LOL
  6. Sounds right. I would have thought maybe prevents it from grading no more than 9.6. Thanks I will investigate
  7. Hi guys. I have a Hulk 377 with the top part badly cut when it was printed. As you can see, the title is slightly cut off at the top. My question is how will this affect the grade of the comic (if at all)? Anyone have experience with this issue when submiting to CGC? Thanks
  8. This eBay seller burnt his membership pretty good and is selling it : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Spider-Man-300-1st-Appearance-Origin-of-Venom-McFarlane1988-TRASHED/254094053038 I laughed pretty hard. Some folk are actually bidding LOL
  9. You're right. Probably 90-100 $ slabbed in 9.0. Around 140$ in a 9.4 Might just keep it raw if pre-sreen is less than 9.4. Great book anyways. Signed the gambling man
  10. Hi guys, I won an auction on ebay and took a gamble for a nice X-men book that needs pressing. By experience do you think the book will turn out good (meaning no visible wrinkles in the back)? Also if I submit it to CGC should I rather to a QuickPress or normal Pressing? I'm hoping for a least a 9.0 grading, hopefully more. Btw I paid 40$ for this X-men 164 issue. Thanks !
  11. FYI, the comic in question was ASM 194 and sold for nearly 200$ US on ebay (with the stay). Here is the cover. I didn't bid on it because of the stain. Otherwise very high grade copy. A shame...
  12. Ok thanks. Man CGC has some good detectives in house
  13. Hi everyone. Is it possible to clean a stain that's probably been in the comic since probably over 30 years. Can anything be done such as cleaning? The comic in question is a key marvel book...
  14. Anywhere in Quebec or Ontario would be awesome as well. Does anyone know of a place to get my books pressed? Thanks!