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  1. Hi guys, Is it possible to get a 8.5 grade with a corner crease ear flap like this one? Look at this comic. Do you think it was damaged in the slab or the slab was tampered with ? Thanks for you help, I don't want to get scammed. I added pics of another comic as well from the same seller. Was CGC less strict back then when grading? Can the god fathers of grading on this forum tell me if there is a scam here or aret the comics legit? Thanks !
  2. Ok quick follow-up if anyone ever read this LOL So created a new order and this this no custom labels. When I reached 25 comics, I saw the option for pre-screen appear bellow the list of my comics. I check the box and specified the minimum grade. So lesson learned, custom labels will set you back $$$. So either get them all customed or none at all for me haha. Thanks for reading !
  3. I placed my first order for 25 comics Modern-tiers. I chose to have 6 labels custom. The problem is that results in two INTL shipping returns (so more costs !!!). I'd rather remove not have custom labels if its going to cost me alot more. I already placed the order and can't change anything. Do you suggest I just start a new order ? I suppose I have to contact CGC to cancel the initial order. Also, how the heck do I tell CGC that I want a 9.8 pre-screen on the comics ? Do I leave a note in the box with the comics submitted ? Thanks alot for your help !
  4. Hi everyone, I just purchased a FF50 signature series slab signed by Stan Lee. It has a scratch on it however (see pic). My question is, can I send it to CGC to replace the slab ? Also how much does that cost ? I want to evaluate if it's worth the trouble. Thanks !
  5. Makes sense. So for insurance purposes basically
  6. By max value, does GCG mean Max Value unslabbed or Max Value slabbed?
  7. Thanks for the info. Did you check on Sold listings from eBay to get the information?
  8. Hi guys. I use Go collect to look at prices of sold Slabs. Does any one know how to filter by UK variant (or canadian variant for that matter) the data ? I ask because I want to buy Werewolf by Night 32 from someone but it's a UK 9p variant. I have no idea how much it's worth when compared to the US version. Thanks !
  9. Great response thanks Andy ! I listed Ms Marvel 1 raw (probably 9.0 wp) on eBay 7 day auction at 10$ last year (when still popular). The winning bidder got it at 34$. I got burnt so that's why I start at 70% FMV now with an option to buy now at 100% FMV. I get it that very well known seller will have more interest than me (whom no one knows on eBay). The popular seller can start at 0.99$ and will wind up getting rarely bellow 70% FMV. It also doesn't help me that I live in Canada. Unless I sell bellow FMV or if I have a super hot or rare book, most US buyers don't want to bother buying from me. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. Sunday auctions ending in the evening are great for sellers. You are right you can get deal when auctioners end auctions sometimes at silly hours like 7 am.
  11. Hi all, I am hesitating on auction length for listing CGC slabs on eBay. Option 1 : 7 days starts at 9pm EST (bad idea to end a thursday evening?) Option 2: 10 days starts at 9pm EST (too long?) Has anyone on the forum tested both options ? Also I want to start the auction at 70% of FMV with a possibility to Buy now at 100% of FMV. Is that a good strategy? Thanks
  12. that would heaven sent ! how much do they go for (6.5, 7.5) on the market when slabbed (with the green label) ? thanks
  13. So I received the comic in the mail today. I looks even better than I hoped. I'm thinking maybe 7.0, but that would be a stretch because of the spine crease and corner folds. What do you think ? Here are some better pictures :