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  1. It has been quite some time since I've been on here and I've added a lot of great readers to my Duck collection since my last post! For starters, I finally got a copy of Uncle Scrooge #1/Four Color 386. This copy is pretty rough, cover completely detached, centerfold detached, and I believe the top staple is completely absent. But it is complete, the whole story is there, and it's still not that bad of a looker, considering. One day I'll have nicer. Second I grabbed Donald Duck #35. There isn't really anything significant about this book, I just really love the cover. I mean, it's a duck in rain boots. What's not to like? Third up we have Uncle Scrooge #2/Four Color #456. This one has a really rough spine, but again, great for reading! To complete the Four Color Scrooge set there is Uncle Scrooge #3/Four Color #495. For anyone wanting what I believe has been determined as Uncle Scrooge's first cover appearance, look no further than Walt Disney's Vacation Parade #2. This really is a beautiful wraparound cover and I'm really happy I was able to add it to my collection. Not really Golden Age, but I did add Uncle Scrooge #219, first Don Rosa story, to the collection. And last, but not least, I added a copy of The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck to the collection, and it came with this card signed by Don Rosa, which I thought was pretty awesome. I got all of these for less than $20 a piece, other than FC386 and the Life and Times book. I've added a whole lot more than this to the collection, which I will share slowly over the next week or so.
  2. Thank you very much! I saw Space Jam fairly young, and from then on I was in love with the characters. I watched tons of Boomerang following that. Jetsons, Flintstones, Looney Tunes, Smurfs, you name it. Old cartoons are my favorite! Hence the two boards I really follow are the Disney Ducks and Looney Tunes boards
  3. That is super exciting! One of my favorite movies as a kid was Space Jam. It honestly is what sparked my interest in the Looney Tunes back then. I need to finish flipping through this thread and finding all the first appearances of the characters that appeared there. I know Merrie Melodies #1 is it for most characters, but there is more research for me to do!
  4. Thank you! I do want to be picky on grades, but owning the books is more important for me at the moment. If I can find a nice, complete copy that presents well for a great deal, like this Golden Helmet issue, than I will gladly pick it up. I would eventually like to have the books without cover stains or creases and a decent spine, but those copies will be ones I save up for and work toward. My hopes are for next year to find Lost in the Andes, Volcano Valley, Only a Poor Old Man, and a few other books for a decent price like I did this one. Though I will also be keeping my eyes open for nicer grade copies and trying to save up to afford at least one or two of them in a nicer grade.
  5. I got this a few days ago. It ended up costing me $20, which I believe is a decent price for the grade, but I'm unsure honestly. I'm new to discerning grades and values. I knew I wanted this book, so I got it while I could. I'll definitely upgrade when possible. Can you guys help me with with grading? I think this is somewhere between G and VG, but like I said, I'm new to that part of comic collecting.
  6. My only JSC book so far. I got this from an Instagram seller for $30, thought it was a pretty good deal. Up next is the classic MJ cover, number 601 I believe.
  7. Can the more knowledgeable Duck collectors help me fill in some of my research notes? I know Scrooge's first cover was FC #379, correct? What was his second and third? Any notable appearances/cover appearances between his first appearance and US #1? And what are some of the noteable one shots? I've done a fair amount of looking things up, and I'm slowly going through this thread adding to my notes, but that will take some time. Outside of the above listed, I'm working on joting down first appearances of Disney/Looney Tunes characters, so if someone can direct me to a proper thread or help me here that would also be helpful!
  8. Hey all, I'm Jordan. Just recently stumbled onto the forms here a few hours ago when researching Disney Ducks and Looney Tunes books. I'm interested in everything but the focuses are Disney Ducks, Looney Tunes, my favorite heroes, and Archie. SA, CA, BA Western, War, and Horror have popped up on my radar, but I don't know if I'll focus on any of these series. I'm in it for the history, the art, and the stories. Started dabbling a few years ago with moderns and recently started going to cons regularly, and it's been a slippery slope from there.
  9. Just joined to forums, and decided to start here. I've loved Donald and Scrooge for a long time. They are some of my favorite charcters of all time, and I've recently decided that I want to work on the Uncle Scrooge run as much as possible. I know my books are rough compared to some of the beautiful copies shared here, but I got the #15, first Flintheart Glomgold, for $6 and the #198 for $1.