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  1. Can’t sing the praises of THECOMICMONSTER high enough! I’m a bit of a completist and without the help of Justin Hess I believe I wouldn’t have ever been able to accomplish my goals at ace in Chicago. Great facilitator all around! Kudos to Justin and a lot of stress and FOMO of my mind ???
  2. The comic monster posted in a thread on here that they will be there as CGC facilitators. I checked them out on Facebook and sent them a message. They had a post about a bulk signing so I would try to hit them up on FB. I’ll check back in on here if I find out any more for sure? Good luck and I got your 6!
  3. My father was a cabbage patch doll and he counseled me in the ways of the cabbage, always toss never throw. I’m trying to get the infinity gauntlet saga (?) signed starting with iron man 55, then captain marvel 33, avengers annual 7, silver surfer 34,44..Thanos Quest 1,2 and infinity gauntlet 1-6, it won’t be every last issue in the gauntlet run but I also have a death of captain marvel and very nice copy of dr weird 1 that Starlin did with RR Martin and the Texas trio. Ron Lim would be real nice to get on the surfer, quest, and maybe war books. I guess I never thought about a limit the creators would set? I definitely have budgeted about a grand just for the signatures if I can get them.
  4. I’m culling it down to around 15 for one artist to be witnessed and about 5 each for two others. The rest of my copies I just want to get signed with a coa as I don’t think they are going to be very high grade. I’m not trying to hammer anyone and will be seeking out the cgc table early on Friday to try and get set up with a time that works out best for the creators. Thanks for advice! I’m going to need to work on some of the logistics once the photo ops, programming, and celeb signings times come out. I’ll just have to coordinate a few runs through the lines ?
  5. ACE replied to my question on Facebook and said CGC will be there accepting submissions along with witnesses. I don't see the event listed here and was confused because CGC is listed on a flyer as an exhibitor and ACE has posted an update on their site stating CGC will have a table but CGC is not listed in the exhibitor section of the ACE website? I can only assume that since Starlin has a 20 fee listed for CGC signatures and 10 for regular signatures along with assurances by ACE that CGC will be represented at the convention that I can bring my books to the show and have the signatures witnessed.
  6. Hello all, I'm planning to get around 30 comics signed and verified at an upcoming convention by 2-3 artists in attendance. My question is about the best way to go about this? cgc will have a booth there and I want to know if I should set anything up ahead of time because of the volume and logistics of having both starlin and lim signatures witnessed? I'm thinking about starting the paperwork online to save some time. One book i want to get signed by cates, starlin, and lim. Anyone have experience doing this at a convention, any tips would be helpful thanks!