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  1. I'm keeping the book so not an issue for me unless I decide to sell it and try for a higher grade. It just would be nice to know if it objectively stands at the grade it was given.
  2. Upon further inspection the inner well is completely loose and sliding up/down left/right, but only about in that millimeter of space. In fact, I'm not sure if this happened during shipping, but a small piece broke off of the very top of the inner well and is lodged on the side. It's not moving and is not really in the way enough to bother me though. Is this a major problem that needs resubmission, or more to the point is the well loose enough that this is going to cause damage over the long run? It's snug in the well/sleeve so I can't really see it personally...
  3. It's funny you bring this up as I also have a 300 with similar back cover issues, and I DID send it for a clean and press. They got the front cover looking practically 9.8, but the back has color break creases that did not leave, which leads me to think just didn't do the back since this same problem on the front was eliminated. It is possible, though, but I agree that it won't substantially improve as that book is a 7.5 dripping wet. I can try to take pics of mine later if it would really help.
  4. I honestly think so. I have a Giant Size X-Men 7.5 that looks like a 6.5 on a good day. I'd give a 6 or 5.5 if it were me. It has multiple creases on the cover itself, folded overlap and a spine tear, yet 7.5 it is. I'm fine with it if it's a legit 7.5, but it drives me crazy thinking if I send it for a press clean and regrade it'll get LOWER.
  5. Someone also mentioned Detective Comics 474 for first modern Deadshot- nowadays is 475 rarer/more key/whatever due to people going crazy for a classic Joker cover, or does 474 still beat it?
  6. Any GL and WW Crimebuster and the others didn't already list? I had thoughts on 1st Guy Gardner, and WW 199 seems to be the first Human Target.
  7. Was just going to post this, got a book graded in early 2020 where the inner well is loose on all sides. Sliding around about a millimeter like OP said. I don't know how much it "bothers" me as it'll just lay upright in a box unless i move again, but could it cause damage? Could it have come loose in the first place from a bumpy shipping transit? Not sure whether to let it go if it'll affect the comic at all, or not.
  8. I did see that. Anything more recent, or anyone have any thoughts?
  9. There have been many lists of Marvel Bronze Age keys and a consensus seems to have been reached almost, but I cannot find any good list of the DC Bronze Age keys. Most people just throw the Kirby books and Adams Batman into a list of Marvel titles and call it a day- looking for something a bit more comprehensive.
  10. Issue 40 - Issue 121 1973, with his appearance in the MAIN titles being 96-98. I love how you conveniently leave out the years after to breeze past the point you knew I was making.
  11. No need to show that like I'm ignorant. The GOBLIN appeared once in the main titles in eight years besides the tabloid book. Norman was around, which is not the same thing.
  12. I personally would probably rather own 13 than 14. I find the cover (and Mysterio) much more appealing. 14 has been way overvalued imo, mainly due to the Death of Gwen issues elevating the Goblin when he had appeared in the main title for one story in eight years, and then brining him back years later. If you're going by Spidey's archenemy/Joker, I would probably always consider that to be Doc Ock.
  13. What would you say are "keys" from 200-400? Or, 1-100, I guess? Everyone lists too many, but I'm curious to your bare minimum approach.
  14. We've really veered off course from the intended topic (as usual on this forum, no duplicate threads but endless pages of catty in-fighting) but I will say that like it or not, things just become keys for whatever reason and we can't control it. If something is heavily desired and valuable, it probably counts as a 'key.' I really like ASM 100 but if it was just me it would not be at all valuable, however there does seem to be outside interest in it. Where we really got lost was in debating Batman 227. I don't really like it and think it's a stupid reason to 'key' something, but it pretty much is one now based on how many people want it through sheer "this comic is rare, I have to have it" desire.
  15. I got a 5.0-6.0 raw for $10 from a guy who had half a box of them in 2004 or so. I would've bought more! There were collectors who were literally rejecting them when they saw the grade and scoffing at his box. Normally I'd agree, but for $10, jeez it was worth it.