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  1. I got both this and Hulk 181 recently in grades I could accept, but wish I had acted sooner to have possibly paid substantially less. I just wasn't as fluid with cash. Just to not torture myself, how much could I have gotten each for a year ago, or two years ago? In 7-7.5 grade as a median, I guess. I'm happy with the copies I got though and they present well, so it wasn't a total loss.
  2. Is it better to order with bags and boards, or not? Condition of the comics aside, it seems far easier to do this than buy them separately, unless they're so terrible they'd need replacing, like Midtown's.
  3. I went to Wondercon and they took care of it, I guess I explained it sufficiently. I hope it made it clear that I want them to just do whatever they think is necessary (rather than re-use the inner well or downgrade it), but they didn't charge me a fee so I can't complain. Thanks to everyone for their input.
  4. Thanks- I take it you're saying you weren't the original owner. How did you get in touch with them to make an official claim? I called but was at the whims of the one person I talked to, who wasn't exactly encouraging me to "Bring it in, we'll take care of it." He basically didn't want to advise me what to do at all, which was the worst answer. I'm going to be at Wondercon this weekend, but don't want to bring it if they'll just play dumb and I'll have to flip a coin as whether to pay to press or not. Advice on how to proceed, based on the pics etc, would be appreciated. TBH I don't know if a simple reholdering is even possible, as it's slipping in the inner well, and my impression is they just transfer the inner well without adjustment in these cases.
  5. Thanks. I'm assuming that CGC evaluates on a case to case basis what they'd be willing to cover. I don't think it's been "damaged" by the previous owner, but I have no idea why it's sliding (slightly, not like flubber or anything) the way it is. Maybe missing the microfilament? Can anyone tell, based on the pictures, that the mild creasing on the back would or would not be enough to bump it down half a point? Rest of the book honestly looks better than a 6.5, so I'm hoping it's not a case of the value stamp missing or anything
  6. It's flying around inside the case at the slightest tap, creating the damage at the top seen in the pics. I can move it just by shaking it slightly and I don't think it's supposed to do that. I've heard stories about people getting bumped down half a grade, so I'm not sure if CGC would just re-holster assuming it couldn't possibly be damaged in the case- since it WAS damaged due to not being secured properly.
  7. Do you (or anybody) know under which conditions they cover reholster-ing for extreme shaken cases, or do they never ever re-do a case for free even with obvious fault?
  8. Would CGC be willing to cover that? I don't really want to pay them to press and reholster and risk a lower grade (or lose the "White Pages"), since the case is technically not secured properly by them.
  9. Hi, I recently got a Hulk 181 6.5, for a fair price from a major comic vendor. Upon receiving it, it seems the comic is not just "shaken" in the mildest sense, it's pretty loose, as the slightest love tap on the top or bottom sends it flying all over the case. The top left corner of the back (as pictured) has been damaged by this in the case, as well as creasing one of the overlapping pages when it flew over the the other side. There's barely any room for the length of the comic in the case, as you can see. The good news for me is, the staples seem unaffected so the cover didn't come loose, and it was clearly this way when I bought it so the damage was already done, rather than occurring through shipping. It seems like it clearly needs to be reholstered, but I do not want to risk losing the current grade. The comic honestly looks better than a 6.5 to me, but is the slight damage enough to knock it down more than half a point? I would rather leave it and keep it static if CGC would be difficult about helping with this, but it's such a high ticket item that I would hope they would at least offer a free reholster as the problem is self-evident. I will be going to Wondercon later this month and can show it to CGC in person; it was graded in 2013 so hopefully a new case would help. What should I do?
  10. I have no idea where these pages have gone but I'm looking for something from this issue. There are a few for sale online with a private dealer, but the prices are way too high for what they are. Title page is what I'm most hoping for, just throwing it out there in case anyone has it. Thanks!
  11. Where are the shipping lists please, as opposed to the sales data? Can't find it.
  12. Mike's is great, but it has some inaccuracies, like going by cover date even if the comic shipped completely different from the date listed. For example, it's totally off about the books that were delayed by 9/11.
  13. Hi all, is there some site with an archive of comics that shipped a certain week, dating back to the early '00s? Obviously Previews had them at one point, but I don't want to do an internet archive search for every single week. If not the entire century, as far back as 2004 or so? I know it must be difficult, as we can't even come to a consensus on what the Birds of Prey first appearance was in 1996.
  14. So which are the most desirable of the blind bags, besides 19 of course? Is that the only one? My shop has a bunch of everything left, but there's zero info on what's moving. Ironically, the rarest issue by far seems to be the free one, I couldn't find it anywhere. People have no idea what I'm talking about. No big loss, I'm sure it'll show up for $1 online soon.