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  1. Picked up Supergirl's first and second appearances from Top City Comics. Really quick communication, good pictures, and friendly. Shipping was fast and the books were packed really well to survive in the mail. Thanks again!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for one the books I've always wanted to own...Supergirl's first appearance. Either a raw or graded. If raw, the book should be complete with no major water damage. Thanks. ACTION COMICS #252 Grade Range: RAW 0.5~4.5 CGC 2.5~4.5 [Edit: Found! Thanks, Top City Comics.]
  3. I played through Spider-Man PS4 over the course of a week and loved it. I love how they spaced the open world elements out enough so that there was motivation to not just grind through them all before continuing with the story. The story itself was really well done with more than a few pleasant surprises to be had. I'm looking forward to this version of Spider-Man showing up in the Spider-Geddon event. By the end of my first playthrough, I was at 88%. I still need to go back and finish up a few street crimes to unlock the final costume.