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  1. Just wanted to give a quick update here. I was planning on coming on and finishing this list last night including the books but I came down with a cold. For those of you who PMed me last night I will get a list up as soon as I feel a little better. Thanks guys.
  2. I have another 10-15 books ill be adding to this page later. I have to go for a bit but off the top of my head heres a few more I have to trade New Gods #1 9.4 uncanny xmen #69 (green label) 4.5 Ms. Marvel #1 (green label) 9.6 Among others I also have a large box of graphic novels that I got in a collection deal I bought for a couple select books with some really nice stuff in it. Not sure how im going to do that but at least 50-75 books some really high end.
  3. Uncanny Avengers 12B sig series signed by Jeff Dekal cgc 9.0 Honestly I have no idea what this is worth so I’m going to put it at $300 until I can do some research a little later. If it’s way over priced I’ll fix it later.
  4. Ok here it gos, my first sale/trade thread. First off if I make any mistakes on how this is supposed to be done let me know and ill fix it right away. Second thank you to anyone who takes the time to look and comment. Third im not really interested in selling books (under certain circumstances maybe). My purpose for starting this thread is to 1. build up some kudos and get to know other collectors through trade and dialog and 2. Just have fun trading with like minded individuals from other places. If interested in a book or multiple books please PM me with trade offers. I will list books im interested in the best I can but being a new collector there are a lot of titles I dont even know I want yet. Shipping will be a split cost thing on any trades (you receive a book I receive a book complete shipping split between buyer and seller) unless otherwise agreed upon. Im in no rush but if you are please let me know before we complete the deal and ill make sure to ship as quick as possible. No Returns unless mutually agreed upon before deal is complete or if item was misrepresented by either me or you and in that case the misrepresentation needs to be pointed out within 5 days of receiving. SORRY IF MY PRICING IS OFF ON ANYTHING IM LEARNING A LOT AS I GO. IF YOU WANT A BOOK THATS PRISED WRONG PM ME. Im also willing to add cash to a trade for the right books. Books, series im interested in to start with (some of these may be items that are out of my price range and may need multiple books in trade to trade up) Batman 139, 155, 171 and any golden age batman ill consider but prefer graded copies (in the phase of collecting im in im mostly interested in lower grades because its what I can afford) Batman Adventures 12 Detective Comics 359 Haunted Thrills 10 Hulk 180, 181 (low grade copies, Just want a copy of both in my collection but do not mind grade or green label) Harley quinn, wonder woman, batman, flash Sensation comics, All Star Comics Golden age, Justice League I will add to this list as we go. These are some of my current interest to give a idea of what I like.
  5. Time to start building
  6. I know this is a old post but what a awesome cover. Just added this issue to my wants.
  7. I didn't want to spam the thread with quotes from each response but thank you to everyone for your comments and insight. This thread has made me think a lot about my words in the original post and realize that im way to new at this to even have a opinion at this point. I dont mean that in a bad way at all I just think I spoke before I should have due to excitement coming in here and posting. Im seeing that its a lot more of a personal perspective situation then a right or wrong answer. I can jump before I look its one of my downfalls sometimes but I own it when I do it. With that being said im going to leave the GA speculation to the pros for a few years and just enjoy the books im able to get as I learn more. thanks again to everyone for sharing your experience
  8. UPDATE. So heres what I decided to do for step 1 I just completed my first submission to CGC/CCS for pressing and grading. This first submission is group 1 of my testing. Group 1 consist of 3 total books, 2 golden age and 1 modern, all being pressed then graded and all mid grade FMV books within the 100-300 range. The modern book is a 9.4-9.6 grade before pressing, Marvel Team Up 95. This book was not originally a book I planned to grade as my personal grade on the book is a 9.6 and in my opinion the market for this book is a bit flooded. I did plan to keep this book as its one of my favorite 80s covers (dont know why I just like it). I will be taking detailed photos of each book and defect to be compared to finished product before sending. This book is clean but has a very slight bottom right non color breaking and also non impact corner bend and also two very slight indentations on the cover. Lastly and to be noted this book has a speck sized chip missing bottom center front cover that is pretty much not noticeable without close examination and is I believe a manufacturing defect. That defect isn't fixable through pressing and im hoping slides by due to being the type of defect it is. The golden age books are both already listed in the can you spare a grade section. One of which I had decided to keep as a reading copy but I changed my mind on because I didn't want to send a higher value key on this run (wonder woman 105). Both golden age books are mid to high grade books and both books have very different defects to give a better idea of different situations. Captain marvel adventures 145 and 92 In step two of this test I will select similar books of similar values and defects and send them to a independent pressor from this board and document those books in the same manners. In step three ill compare final products from both step one and two and post high res picks here with those comparisons for the community to see and then discuss in whatever capacity they wish. This test does not have enough books being submitted to come to any real conclusions but at least is good info to be compared to other like test.
  9. What would you guys say the FMV of this book is? Im trying to decide if I should submit it under value or economy. Thanks guys
  10. Thank you for the info. Most likely just added a couple books to my upcoming submission.
  11. I want to be a real part of the community and plan to collect comics long term so its like give a little respect and get a lot in return over time if that makes any sense. Plus with all the dinosaurs around here I need to mind my manners and respect my elders (just joking) Honestly its like anything else in life, if its worth doing its worth putting the time into. Im new and coming to you all for a service (knowledge) like with many other things in life you start at the bottom and work your way up earning perks along the way. I dont mind putting in my work and giving respect to the people who are showing me the way that's just how it has worked for years and years. Plus anyone who thinks they can just pop into a community of any kind and just demand what they want without playing by the rules isn't smart enough to get anywhere in my opinion. Thank you for your time <<<< (edit almost forgot)
  12. That's one thing I think I do very well at in this stage is that I really dont scour the planet getting advice on what to buy speculative. I do think anyone willing to spend the kinda money and time it takes to do this should have a certain amount of resources they follow and game plan for buying but I never let that dictate my style or likes. I follow the movies and read the articles on alternative investments to get my dose of speculation and I wont say I haven't bought books to sell later on speculation. For the most part I try and stay away from "whats hot" because 1. what gos up must come down 2. Following speculation takes the fun out of it 3. I dont get all giddy about a few hundred dollar beat up taskmaster coming in the mail when I could have had a Whiz comics 71 cgc 6.5 for the same money with enough searching. Im all over the place like you were for sure. Theres just so much great stuff out there, plus the heros I grew up with loving most of the books they have that I want are out of reach mostly (I will get them through trading up over time) so had to find other focusses I enjoy. I do have certain character's that I just collect though. I pretty much buy every Harley Quinn graded book I can get only because I like them. I think being a deallector is kinda a must for most people because of the cost of being in the comic collecting world can be high. I personally do not do ebay or any of that but I have one comic auction/store that im always doing business with because a lot of times ill buy a collection or lot of books just for a few of them so being able to send whats left over out and recoup some of the money is important. I just dont have the time to really do it myself so using one service works great for me. Thank you for the insight