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  1. The first book I can recall owning as a kid was Captain America #163 which I am glad to own a page from. The first book my parents ever bought me was a British Annual that collected Avengers #110 - #112. I am pleased to own the covers to Avengers #111 and Avengers #112 as well as 12 pages from #111 and 3 pages from #112. C
  2. Pretty sure that is not Defenders #35. Sub-Mariner #35?
  3. EVS is running a bunch of auctions of pages featuring GL on ebay right now
  4. My art wins made it to Singapore 4 days back
  5. And now we're cooking with a full tank of gas
  6. I was just about to comment on that Felix. Where did they find this guy?
  7. While I agree that the Marvel movies have introduced a new audience to comics I do not think that the impact of the movies is significant in art collecting. The average movie goer who has not read the original comics might go so far as to buy a compilation or two but I don't see that same movie goer dropping a few hundred dollars on a 9.8 copy of a bronze age comic let alone a thousand or more on bronze age art
  8. Any thoughts on the Iron Man 55 page drawing 15K? I was second runner-up in the bidding and was not even close to the final price
  9. A few Kane covers I am happy to own Defenders 21 Defenders 35