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  1. I've tried multiple browsers and cleared caches to no avail.
  2. Nothing yet. I'll reply back when they do.
  3. Finalized on 7/24 22 out of 25 at 9.8's. Came in under the current 42 day TAT. For my first prescreen submission, I'm super stoked with 88% meeting the mark.
  4. Yeah, there is no way they could have been evaluated in a little over a week of being received and scheduled for grading in the system. Unless, they were like, "Dang, so impressive! These have to all be 9.9's and 10's for sure cause this dude knows how to pre-screen the pre-screen like a mo fo riot!"
  5. 25 Books for Modern Pre-Screen at a 9.8 - Update: Delivered to CGC on 5/21 Scheduled for Grading on 5/29 Credit Card charged on 6/7 for the full amount (as if all 25 were 9.8's - I called and they said they'd refund the money once all is said and done. Is that weird to anyone?) Grading/Quality Control on 7/19 Only 3 rejects showing so far. I'm hoping that of the 22 remaining, they all stay at 9.8 (or higher, lol). The highest the TAT got during this period was 57 days; lowest, 40. Now it sits at 42. Will update when they ship.
  6. Thanks. Idk...weird. I guess I'll just keep an eye-out and update here for data's sake once I know more.
  7. First Modern Prescreen batch I've sent (looking only for 9.8's). 25 books. Was an insufficiently_thoughtful_person and didn't get them sent out til the Monday after MegaCon in Orlando. Mailed them on 5/20 and were signed for on 5/21. Scheduled for Grading on 5/29 (accepted the fact that I'd see them when I'd see them; was 45ish days TAT at the time I submitted, then bumped to 53) My card was charged on 6/7 for the full amount of the invoice (as if all 25 were 9.8's - probably not the case since I had to add a book to make 25). Normally I'm used to being charged closer to the time books are actually a little further along. On a Modern Prescreen, do you receive a credit back to your card once they determine the rejects? Will I be able to see the rejects through my online invoice prior to them being Finalized/Shipped? I was hoping when I was charged I could do some algebra and figure out how many were rejected, etc. Many thanks!
  8. What's up with this? Did I pay extra for nothing? Regular and Fast Track are the same turnaround? 3 books subbed for Economy Fast Track; Scheduled for Fast Track on 3/22, went into Grading/Quality Control on 4/17. For anyone wondering, it's two EC horror books and Ghost Rider 1.
  9. I emailed Dena right away and she was super helpful and attentive. She even checked back with me today.
  10. I'm having this issue right now. Chrome on both my desktop and mobile. Website works fine on Safari, but who the heck uses that?
  11. Verified books on 10/30/2018 (16 to go to CCS for Quick Pressing and then Modern Grading) Invoiced on 12/3 for the CCS pressing work. Books moved to Scheduled to Grading on 1/28 Books Graded on 1/28 Have not paid for CGC grading at all yet. I called a few weeks ago, just to check on the process and was told that the invoices are authorized for payment by the business office whenever they receive the paperwork from graders. So there could be variation.