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  1. What a deal! Someone will be very happy to grab this set.
  2. Go to Valiant forum now. CKB is selling his collection. 98% of his collection is CGC 9.8.
  3. You are killing the Crow series. All of the issues you have are 9.8 except for Crow # 3. I am also looking for Crow # 3 but not as high grade as 9.8. If I see one I will let you know. Good luck searching.
  4. What a beautiful copy. This is my holy grail book that I wanted for a long time. I wish I have the fund to buy it.
  5. Now I am hesitant to return this comic back to the seller since Umbrella Academy is now heating up on eBay. A raw VF/NM copy was sold for $150 on eBay. Crazy!.
  6. I bought this from eBAY. However, I tried to return it but the seller refused to give me a refund. I guess I have to wait out and settle this through eBay customer service.
  7. Here is another 1/16" of spine tick that breaks color on the front cover of Invincible # 1. There are also another spine tick that doesn't break color and a blunt corner. Even with these defects, this book got a 9.6 from CGC. Now I begin to wonder if CGC grading criteria are no longer strict.
  8. Here is one 9.8 that I recently got with roughly 2" crease on the back cover of Umbrella Academy. CGC is getting very sloppy lately.