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  1. Hi If anyone wants to sell a copy of this book please pm me! Thanks for your time!
  2. This sale is definitely less hyped up. Cool beautiful books here
  3. DingoDog

    BIRD's Kudos thread

    Purchased two books and everything was spot on! Shipping got to me safely and in a time frame we agreed on. KUDOS! Thank you so much!
  4. DingoDog

    Jordysnordy's Kudos Thread

    Jeff was a great seller for a newbie on this board. Sold me two cgc books from his spidey collection. EVERYTHING was spot on. Communication was excellent! And shipment came in quickly over the border from canada! KUDOS! THANK YOU JEFF!
  5. DingoDog

    WTB ASM 122

    Thanks! beautiful book . in a transaction with a seller. will lyk if Im still looking!
  6. DingoDog

    Cold Weather and Shipping

    Just be safe everyone. its arctic outside in the NE. Take care.
  7. DingoDog

    PGM Swamp Thing #9

    Wow TwoPiece good to see you! Thanks the both for you! I appreciate your time and your kindness! Always!
  8. I wanted swamp thing in my collection so I figured I practice with this copy: It was sold as a 9.0. My guess is its 8.0. My main concerns are the discoloration on the back cover near the spine. Also the front cover near top right edge. Any opinions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi chris could I exchange the moon knight #1 for this and pay the difference? @ 50% Thanks
  10. DingoDog


    Great pick up swamp thing 7 has eluded me.
  11. This is available. Chris let me do a swap! Thanks Chris!