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  1. If the foreign paper inside the book was oversized and sticking out of the pages then there would be nothing to indent. Or even if the foreign paper was nearly the same size as the book's interior pages. And as a previous poster mentioned, inserts can do the same damage. My presser mentioned a book with a well known insert and said he had a way to handle that.
  2. Because it took me an hour to remove mc paper from 25 books and the mc paper might be chemically inert and safe to be pressed?
  3. Yes I'm sure he does but I didn't want to put him through more work as he has done very good work for me and the price is affordable and fair. FC and BC are likely fair game but the centerfold might be a little much.
  4. Yes I took the paper out and did a page count on the better books. Thanks all for the common sense solution. It wasn't that bad to do, just a little time consuming!
  5. Ok, so I am giving my books to my guy to be pressed soon and I am in a bit of a pickle here. I am one of those nerds that drank the kool-aid and put microchamber paper inside the front cover, back cover and centerfold of most of my better books. I would strongly prefer not to take each book out of its bag to remove the paper before giving them to be pressed. Does anyone know if the microchamber paper is safe to be pressed? Maybe the press heats the paper and the microchamber paper coating reacts and chars or something along those lines.... I know it sounds like a long shot but does anyone have any opinions here? Not too big of a deal either way I imagine.
  6. Ah I can tell now with the border. I'm so used to seeing heads chopped off on the cover of ECs...
  7. Closed no longer for sale
  8. Hello! One book today. Rules First via timestamp wins. PM offers are fine. If you want to keep your purchase private, just pm me and I'll mark it sold for you. Shipping: Free shipping inside CONUS via priority USPS mail. United States buyers ONLY. Canadian buyers accepted on a case by case basis and MUST arrange purchase with me through PM's with strong feedback on the board or else I will not accept the transaction. Payment Methods Accepted: Paypal or check. No Returns on slabs. Probation List and Hall of Shame: Please move along!