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  1. Greg bought a nice spidey off me and is a good dude to do business with 👍
  2. In need of a cash infusion right now but generally entertain trade offers.
  3. Crime suspenstories 22 CGC 6.0 OW/W only $4490
  4. Bump, FF48 and some other treasures might come out next weekend (October)... Keep the offers coming, getting close on some books.
  5. Weird Science Fantasy 29 CGC 8.5 White $3098
  6. Crypt of Terror 17 CGC 9.8 $12,998 Wire transfer only. Take its receive priority but further details required via PM to complete sale.
  7. Index: Spidey 9 5.5 - $900 Spidey 13 6.5W - $1650 Fantastic Four 49 7.5 - sold
  8. Feedback: New Rules: The books displayed are advertisements and act as an invitation for offers only. "Take it" posts should receive priority over PM's. Payment by PayPal, Check or wire transfer. Payment due within 5 days. Message if interested in time payments. I will only ship to USA. Will make exceptions for CA/UK with satisfactory feedback. Shipping in the US is $10. I can only ship on the following Saturday from payment. No probation members, hall of shamers or people of questionable character. Final determination to be made by seller. No returns on graded books. Check out my Ninja Turtles 1 sales thread:
  9. Book graded from CGC, had restoration and I will own that. Resto was not disclosed to me at the time of purchase but I am temporarily transitioning out of comics so no use going down that rabbit hole. I will discontinue selling raw books on here.
  10. Sometime in the past I purchased a book from them that was damaged during shipment. At the time, in my opinion, there were things that were incongruous to me and I left negative feedback on Ebay. They had some strange attorney contact me and it scared me at the time. I lawyered up and my attorney suggested to ignore them. This was a formative experience that lead me to take my civil engineering degree to law school.