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  1. Hi, Please add Daredevil #2 (614 Legacy) Matteo Scalera Variant Cover (example CGC 2027900006) to: Set: Daredevil (Complete with Variants) also (if any cover version is acceptable for the registry slot) please add Daredevil #2 (614 Legacy) to Set: Daredevil (Complete) Thanks, Nathan Slot added to both sets. The "Complete" sets will have one slot with all variants sharing that slot.
  2. Thanks @Xenosmilus!!! I'm super excited to have finally finished it! I saw #16 and #24 pop up on eBay last Friday and I hit BIN as fast as I could!
  3. Hi Matt, I'd like to request updates to scores for Brick Bradford 6 and Chamber of Chills 23 (Harvey, 1954) Brick Bradford 6 is an Alex Schomburg robot cover in high demand. I think an 8.0 deserves at least 5 times the 420 points currently allocated to it. From GPAAnalysis 8.5 Sold Feb 2020 for $3600 8.0 Sold July 2020 for $2280 8.0 Sold Feb 2020 for $2040 8.0 Sold Dec 2017 for $2000 7.5 Sold August 2019 for $2520 6.5 Sold Nov 2019 for $1680 6.5 Sold Feb 2019 for $2000 6.0 Sold July 2020 for $1260 6.0 Sold June 2020 for $1680 Co
  4. Hi, Please add Set: Lady Death (Coffin) Book: Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem #1 Deathzilla Edition Certification Number: 2112556018 It might also be appropriate to add this to Lady Death MiniSeries & One-Shots and/or to create a Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem set. Or, all of those things Cheers, Nathan Slot added to both sets. I am not able to created a new set for this as there is only one issue released so far. Thank you
  5. I'd like to have a "Complete" set so that I can track the variants. Can you update it? The Elektra (2017) set which was released at the same time and part of the same "Running with the Devil" story line includes all the variants. I was hoping to get similar sets setup for Bullseye (2017) and Kingpin (2017).
  6. Can you create a set for Something is Killing the Children from BOOM! Studios? I think issues 1-5 so far.. Something is Killing the Children #1 (Jae Lee Virgin Variant) cert #2075935008 Something is Killing the Children #1 (Jenny Frison Unlocked Retailer Edition Virgin Variant) cert #2075935010 *BONUS POINTS* if you can also add this to the Jenny Frison Cover Set? Cheers, Nathan
  7. Set: Kingpin (2017) Please add the variant covers to the set Example #1 Chechetto connecting variant cert# 1220402021 Cheers! The variants are correctly under the slots so any one counts towards the collection. To have them individually listed, a "Complete" set will be created or this set can be updated to a "Complete" set if majority of collectors agree.
  8. Please add sets for: Bullseye (2017) 5 issue mini series with variants. All issues have copies on the census Kingpin (2017) 5 issue mini series with variants. All issues have copies on the census Scarlet Witch (2016) 15 issue maxi series. 14 of the 15 issues are on the census. Thanks, Nathan All sets added.
  9. Hi, please note that there is a gap in the Wonder Woman covers issues 62-69 that are not Jenny Frison covers. These should be excluded from the Jenny Frison Cover Set and seem to have been added by mistake. Thanks! Corrected. Thank you for the catch!
  10. Hi Mollie or NewMollie, Can you please update SET: Alex Schomburg Cover Set ISSUES: Please add Brick Bradford #6 - 2042049001 Cheers, Nathan Set updated
  11. Hi Mollie Can you please update SET: Jenny Frison Cover Set ISSUES: Please bring current the Wonder Woman issues in the set #40 (Frison Variant) - 'Swan's Song Conclusion' #41 (Frison Variant) - 'Amazons Attacked Part One' #42 (Frison Variant) - 'Amazons Attacked Part Two' #43 (Frison Variant) - 'Amazons Attacked Part Three' #44 (Frison Variant) - 'Amazons Attacked Part Four' #45 (Frison Variant) - 'Amazons Attacked Finale' #46 (Frison Variant) - 'The Dark Gods Part One' #47 (Frison Variant) - 'The Dark Gods Part Two' #48 (Frison Variant) - 'The Dark Gods Pa
  12. Hi Mollie, Please update Set Type: Groo the Wanderer (Marvel/Epic) Add Groo Chronicles 4 Groo Chronicles 5 - Cert 1177949004 Groo Chronicles 6 The current set listing has Groo Chronicles 1-3. But, is missing Groo Chronicles 4-6. Thanks, Nathan Set updated.
  13. FYI - I bid $252 on the #12. Not sure why I wasn't offered a second chance at that price. But, I'm happy to have grabbed if for $175. My losing bids were #12 - $252, #13 - $225 ( I have a CBCS 9.8 WP at CGC for crossover regrade now. So, I wasn't as committed to this one), #18 - $185. All of those were last minute snipe bids that weren't good enough to win. There was just more competition among a very few of us who we're willing to go well beyond GPA to lock up books that don't come up often. As I said, I felt pretty confident those bids we're well more than enough and it turned out some of yo
  14. Hey guys, I won the #8 in 9.8 and the #17 and #23 in 9.6. The seller relisted the #12 9.8 immediately after the first auctions closed that I grabbed on buy it now for $175 (ouch). All of those listings went for well more than I expected. I missed out on several that I'd felt confident the bids I placed would stand up. My #8 9.6 WP will be for sale if anyone is interested. These books don't come up often in 9.8 WP so I imagine it's some tightening competition for the few showing up.
  15. Hi Mollie, Please add the following: SET: Jenny Frison Cover Set BOOK: Hex Wives #1 CERT: 2032562008 Thanks! Nathan