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  1. Exactly what this post/thread is for. Love looking at/learning about variants I didn't know about.
  2. Awesome ones! Going to grade the #19? I have that IVX 2, too, that was a 1:50 I think, Adams cover! I was going to put this one, but didn't because I sold it...but here it is anyway heh
  3. come on, let's get some variants on here come out you undiscovered gems lol
  4. Thanks Jas! Yeah I love it, but might want to get something else.
  5. Another two that I like... for those Green and Red She Hulk lovers out there. Red She Hulk 62 Lightle Variant and a juicy Vis #1 Sook 1/25 Variant
  6. yes, but it also can mean they are hard to find variants... and that is what I'm talking about. Ps- I give acrap hahah, that's what we/I'm here for and made this topic look at people's hard to find variants, that they like, and that I do or don't know about.
  7. Would love to look at some of your incentive variants that you really like and that are/can be considered "ghosts" ( possibly under 5 or 10 copies in highest grade/with low numbers on the CGC census? Or never listed on e bay/no where to be found, etc.). Show off your hard to find books (if you want lol). Doesn't have to be super expensive, but should be an incentive= 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, etc. Here's mine that I'm so effin fond of! Also, I'm curious if anyone has this one ungraded or have ever came across it. It is never listed on e bay. Came out in 2013...a 1/50!! Really like the C.A. Allred cover. There's only one other one graded. So, this is 1 of 2 copies graded, so far. I would say that qualifies as a ghost Thanks for looking and looking forward to looking at yours.
  8. More pictures added! Clean back. Get in touch if you are interested.