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  1. Hello fans of underground comix. I have a story to share. one day in San Jose California I went to a flea market because I would usually buy and sell or trade things , but sometimes once a while you find something cool. that day I found a portfolio folder, covered in drawings titled “the unicorn prints pen an ink drawings by Joel beck” and it was signed , when I opened it , I saw 10 really cool fantasy drawings , each individually signed as well. Most had unicorns , I’ve seen 3 or 4 of them online while searching for this artist but the rest I have never seen anywhere else. Considering that they are prints tho they must be somewhere. anyways..... fast forward to today here I am in New York City wondering what to do with it , namely because it’s not helping anyone by sitting in a drawer and if it’s worth any money , that’s something I really need and now ! (Without going into details) Because I consider this to be a rare and cool treasure , I thought I would try my best to seek out the right person for this item. Anyone who may be interested feel free to email me and thanks! Hope to find some Joel beck fans !!!
  2. I have an art portfolio, decorated inside an out , signed and containing 10 art prints by Joel beck, each of which is also signed they are a collection of pen an ink drawings titled “the unicorn prints” pen and ink drawings by Joel beck i believe this to be a rare and significant portfolio because his art seems to be very sparse and hard to find these days. He was a cartoonist in the sixties from what I’ve read I want to sell it to a collector and so here I am! If you wish to contact me just email or simply find my Facebook or something using my name and message me. I am happy to go from there thanks!