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  1. bend top of back covercrease full left of back covercrease right top of front cover breaks colormultiple dent i didn’t scan before sending and don’t have them back yet, so no pictures at the moment even the ones that came in high (9.0) seem kinda low. I had multiple copies, one was carefully read, once, bagged and boarded =5.5 The other was never read. The nicest copy on the news stand 30+ years ago, never even opened, carefully put in in Mylar and that =9.0 ?
  2. I just got my invoice, Suffice to say ... I'm disappointed. I bought these books fresh and bagged and boarded them that day. That day. One scored as low as 5.5. I get it that mint might not be "mint". But fresh off the boat and 5.5? Come on. I was thinking of slabbing my collection, selling the excess. Now? Meh. Tell me I'm wrong, I bought a comic book 30 years ago, put it in a bag and its a 5.5? I'm not feeling objective ratings, I'm feeling upsell me high graded book that is no better than my book. Convince me. Cause I think this my last CGC submission
  3. RobZe


    The original post has lots of cool looking links ... but none of them seem to link to anything ... problem on my end, or are they dead? Thanks
  4. Karl, I sent you a personal message. Don't think I have anything you are look for ...
  5. RobZe


    Uncanny X-men 1-544 please
  6. RobZe

    Wonder Woman #156

    I guess it depends why you are getting them slabbed ... My first CGC books were sold by a guy who was kinda bitter they didn't grade higher. I feel like his bitterness infected his auction and I got em at a very nice price. They are still great looking books and I'm glad to have them. I have my first order in and I guess I'll be disappointed if they don't grade high, but it is what it is. It seems to me that CGC makes a book easier to display and sell, and in the case of a high value book like yours, insure. So maybe its worth it even when the books grade lower than expected?
  7. I notice that there is no "1-544" Uncanny X-men set. There are sub sets like "1-141" and the "complete" set which includes the 2011 book among other things. Am I missing something? Anyone else think that "1-544" is a reasonable set? Or even "1-544 + annuals"?
  8. I'm outta town, but I'll see what I have FF wise. Probably nothing that fits that bill, but its been a while since I looked. My main FF run is from when Byrne took over ...
  9. I have a veritable cornucopia of comics, and I've been schlepping them all over the world. Back in June we finally settled on a place to live after a year of aimless wondering, stuff comes out of storage, comic boxes go into the basement. Too many comic boxes. So I think, "what's the point?" I don't follow anything anymore, I'm never gonna go back and read em. The ones I love I know by heart and why have ones that I don't love? So I hatched this idea to finish my X-Men run and sell ALL (meaning most) of the rest. I don't need much: 3, 65, 69, 70, 72, 73, 75, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 91 and a handful in the 500s. Giant size #1 and Hulk #181 aren't "in" the run, but ... seems I should add those too I was kinda shocked when I made this list. I've been picking up odds and ends over the years without much of a plan. Stumble on a high grade book priced below value? Grabbed it. Wasn't very aggressive about it, or even organized, Just chipped away at it. I even have some SA books I got out of the ¢5 bin (back in the 80s). Unfortunately they marked the covers with a marker ... So here's the plan: I'm slabbing all my high quality doubles and selling them. If that goes well I'll attack the non X-men titles (Pretty typical hodgepodge for a marvel fan late 70's early 80s - Avengers, FF, Spiderman). There are some random SA books, but not much high grade. So even though I don't need a lot of books, I'm going to have to sell a ton of em to get high grade. I'm kinda vaguely considering upgrading the grade of some books I own ... but first, finish
  10. RobZe

    Just Another X-Men Full Run Dream

    A kindred spirit. I started buying x-men in 75 when I had the good taste/fortune to buy 94 off the shelf. No one else was into the book so I gradually picked up a ton of SA books at a relative bargain (seemed expensive in the baby sitting days). Didn't really think about a full run ... just kept looking for bargains, especially SA books. Kids got mildly interested so I kept buying books, but never really attacking the issue. Kids grew up and I kinda forgot about it. Soooo... don't hate me ... but after 3 moves and a ton of family drama I finally unpacked everything else and started going through my comics .... I'm missing 3, 65 a bunch of reprints and a handful in the 500s ... not sure whether it "counts" but I'm also missing Giant Size #1 and I think Hulk 181 just "fits" I'm going to get rid of everything else (OK, maybe I'll hold on to some Wolverine stuff). I'm currently slabbing my high value doubles. My collection is pretty high quality, but there are a few issues that are pretty ratty. My #1 is, unfortunately, not my crown jewel. So, that's the story. My advice is to go slow, have fun with it. Know what a deal is and take it when it's there. Even if it's a double, trades with individuals are much cheaper than buying from a store. Focus on the hardest stuff first, non key issues will work their way to you naturally and if they don't (like me and reprints) they don't go up in price like key issues do.
  11. RobZe

    Submission tracking?

    FYI, my books were delivered by FedEx on Friday and "verified" (showed up under 'my invoices') on a Tuesday. CGC also sent an email on Tuesday. I feel better already :)
  12. RobZe

    Xmen silver age only

    Working on a complete run. Including the non SA stuff. I guess I've been working on it since August of 75 when I saw an SR71 on the cover and had to have it ... without having a clue about the history. Just lucky I guess. I'm missing #3, most of the reprints and a couple of non SA odds and ends. I'm currently slabbing my high quality doubles which I'll sell. I'd like to upgrade the lower quality issues too, but first things first. The idea is to sacrifice the rest of the collection seeing as I'm not into it anymore.
  13. RobZe

    Submission tracking?

    Thanks, that's all Im looking for, some idea that this is a normal part of the process ... my first time. If it normally takes a couple of days I can be patient.
  14. RobZe

    Submission tracking?

    I sent in an order, FEDEX shows it was delivered yesterday, but I don't see it on my invoice list. Is this normal? Or should I start making phone calls?