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  1. Terry's comics brought it to market around 2000 as a 9.9 from a stash of high grades he had, I think it's changed hands a couple times since 2000 when it was graded. Lastly being sold on ComicLink sa far as I know I held it in my hands at SDCC in 2000 and it is a stunner. Colors unlike any other 19's to say the least However 30+K for a 9.9? Not for me personally , I think those funds are much better spent elsewhere personally.
  2. Don't like the wrap on it, was offered on the market this year for 35k however, wouldn't surprise me if it broke that with the way that issues has been going. Just repeat after me there is no 11, there is no 11 :P
  3. Did the Twin Cities collection have 2 7's? 9.6 and 9.8? Looking at the scans they appear to be different , not a CPR book. Quite the collection he is selling this month
  4. As well as the torn piece off the back cover
  5. There is NO ASM 11 , I repeat listen to my soothing voice, there is no ASM 11. Look away!!
  6. Have it removed and resub for a 9.6 or higher, seems that CGC is fine with said removal as is apparent on several CPR candidates as of just recently
  7. I suppose they could just talk about the same book over and over again ................
  8. As I previously stated its a VF, Makes me even crazier I missed it...But sound like regardless of what I bid I wouldn't have snagged it anyway.hmmmmm, not sure if that makes me feel better or not..:0
  9. I knew this book would bump , it was a steal at this price as well.
  10. I have had it for for awhile, before all the hype . I would guess with all the movie hype some spikes have happened? I don't keep up with the speculation market very much, but it seems to me that many bronze keys are at an all time high. Perhaps this would be a good time to upgrade a few more of my SA with them. Although I am not very good at parting with anything :P
  11. When did this book become a 4k book in 9.0? Did I blink? What is it selling for in 9.8? On an unrelated note here is my ticket
  12. Looks like a 6.0 to me , I am not a fan of MC either but seems about right for the grade. I don't think 48-50k would be unreasonable for this copy.
  13. Looks like the same Brian had a pretty nice AF15, kid had great taste :P That 2 looks very sharp for a 6.5 to say the least
  14. And if a boardie offered you 30K each? In all seriousness I would hold onto both copies if they do not have any chipping. Makes me wonder how many inquiries are made on these threads though for those posting their latest acquisitions.