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  1. Of course they don't , I don't know any insurance that covers damage by another party . Just like they wouldn't cover damage you caused . Say you dropped a slab or tore a page while reading , etc .... perhaps I miss read the posters thread but he was concerned about shipping loss .
  2. Buy insurance , CIS covers all this. CBCS makes a better holder now period and they have no such disclaimer , makes me think about making the switch
  3. Great colors , the best characteristic of superb paper quality IMHO And you can't beat the dealer you bought it from He sure blows through the high grade ASM'S fast !
  4. 9.8's do not equate to a perfect book . This is not even close to a 9.4 as previous posters indicated . Would I love you have it , sure . Would I rather have 4 9.4's ,yes that is a no brainer for me . Paging @Colorado Comics . I would LUV your 9.6 when you snag this 😉
  5. Wonder who this really is . New to the forum , I don't think so .
  6. I know a comic shop that had a long box full of these all pristine . Mine all came back 9.9 with a red modern label , a 10 does not surprise me in the slightest
  7. Lot of thread carping on this sale thread , I think we can do better then this . He has offered some nice books and has references . GLWTS
  8. ICE is a local shop? Let me know how that ASM 10 9.6 looks in hand, if the L was a little more visible it would be off the market ;P
  9. Wonder who snagged this one, it did not go to whom I thought it would darn it as I really wanted his undercopy. But they got sniped , which is astonishing considering his collection I will be curious to see if we have another contender in this market or if its one of the usual suspects
  10. Every CBCS book I have submitted have come back from CGC at least 1-2 full grades higher. All early ASM'S in high grade
  11. I knew you would be grabbing this one ;P Selling your undercopy now?
  12. And after ALL that Dylan listed this today without denoting anything in the description https://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Spider-Man-7-CGC-6-0-OW-W-Marvel-1963-2nd-Vulture/224133719117?hash=item342f69244d:g:Mk0AAOSwYaZfFzvX I don't know what to say . Thoughts ?
  13. What did these close at ? Seems we are just seeing the spike in prices , everyone better buckle up And to think I paid a record high for my ASM 14 9.4 at that time . I can at least say that it doesn't come up in that grade very often .
  14. Forget Hamil, I would love to see what Bruce Peck still has......Pretty impressive runs and even more impressive storage
  15. Check mark is CBCS indicating that the book looks better then the assigned grade, similar to QES and CVA. Anytime you resubmit there is always a gamble , would there have been an issue if it came back higher? Or were you looking for the exact same grade between two competing companies using different graders?