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  1. CT removal masked as wear? https://www.comicconnect.com/bookDetail.php?id=859966
  2. CGC shipped the other book overnight today at apparently their cost . Seems to me if should have shipped before the encapsulated book and still do not I understand why they didn’t ship them together as both were ready . But they made that part right . Still no communication in regards to the damaged graded book , the marred images and the scratched holder or why they charged a CGC MEMBER for grading notes ? Just one of many times the billing has been off . Watch out for the lower dollar adders is all I can say , the right hand is not talking to the left to say the least at CGC. 2 and a half months for two Express submissions , damaged books , holders , MIA subs and no cust service . If this was any other company doing this to their customer base I don’t think they would be around very long or they would find themselves facing a class action suit . Honestly I am pretty easy going and hate drama , so they will likely get away with it . I miss 2000 , when they were hungry !
  3. So here is an interesting update on my most recent submission 2 books submitted Aug 28th keep in mind these are both Express Submissions both ways (CCS and CGC) CCS receives 9-16-19 Gets to CGC 10-8-19 Both Prescreened One is upgradeable the other is not despite the only primary defect being a back cover wrinkle ( Scans coming if I ever get it back,really thought it would jump at least 2 grades) Okay I say press the one, other labeled do not encapsulate CGC imaging sends scans 10-10-19 NO reply to numerous emails and contacts through online contact us form..Case has a huge scuff in the images Send Donell at imaging a direct email asking why is the case scuffed, no reply Books sit until 11-4-19?? Received yesterday ONE book out of the TWO Holder is scratched , no HUGE scuff (reholdered?) , and book has deep color breaking stresses on the spine that were not present prior to submission Call CCG today , Chris says dunno where the other book is, our guys will look into it. Look at my billing statement and it is $195 for one book ($60 for Overnight, so $135 for grading) Call Accounting, ask why $135? They aren't sure, go through the billing and says that grader notes cost me $30 , huh?? For real?? I can buy them on the site for $15? Aren't notes part of the submission process? This is new he says , not sure of his name, nice guy though I ask what about the MISSING book? Says not sure why we didn't ship that overnight with the other, we will look into it. Should be updated today 11:22 PM now, still shows DO NOT ENCAPSULATE No replies to any emails , no response from CGC in regards to the MISSING book I know this is a lengthy message but if anyone read it all the way through perhaps my fellow forum members can assist me with this? I am not independently wealthy and giving CGC a 1k+ book and getting another similar book damage in the process really hurts my collection Thanks in advance for lending me your ears and any advise is greatly appreciated
  4. Grading delays, but plenty of time to create and market new labels that will make many reholder ......
  5. Have an old label 63 in 9.4, looks 9.6+.. See Jordy's accurate account of current market and message me if your still interested
  6. If you know of any high grade SA ASM'S that are CBCS graded for 30 % lower than CGC please let me know, I would happily buy them all at that price.
  7. I hope your not trying to get a 9.9 out of the ASM 300 I sold you If it happens don't tell me! :P
  8. Books finally went too imaging and are now sitting in QC for the last 8 days. This makes roughly 3 months on an Express submission I will NOT be using this service for awhile , any books that I am looking at selling will go to CBCS , as even if there is a loss in margin the time will make up for itself no question. Very disappointed in the lack of any customer service or CGC caring at all about contacting me, or sticking to their advertised lead times by any measure.
  9. Quite the press on the ASM 27 9.8 , from a 9.6. Wonder what that will sell for? Makes me wonder how many of these flips are internal purchases, pretty hard to assess a NM+ press into a NM/MT from only a front cover scan
  10. Well presently its a 10 day turn for grading, no newton rings , or SCS issues with their inner well and free grading notes. Also they respond to my emails, so seems like a feasible alternative
  11. A very nice early ASM , CCS received 8-16-19, to CGC 8-28-19 , STILL sitting received as of today. NO communication or movement for an EXPRESS submission. I will be using another service moving forward I am pretty well done with this company.